Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sandra Bullock, The Latest Victim of Oscar Jinx!

According to news, Sandra Bullock seems to be the latest victim of the Oscar Jinx. On her Golden Globes acceptance speech, Sandra Bullock thanked her husband Jesse James for having her back. But it turns out Jesse James have been cheating on her when she was away taping The Blind Side, which brought Sandra her first Academy Award. According to some tabloid news, it seems Sandra has moved out from the couple's home in California.
Sandra Bullock's Oscar

Besides her, Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Swank, Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts, to name a few, are those who had also faced the same situation after winnig the Oscar.

Is this an Oscar jinx? Or is it the men just can't handle their women overshadowing them? The later holds more ringing sound of truth in it. Traditionally, men are expected to be more successful than their lady counterpart. They are the one who are the bread winner, the protector, and the commander in the family. They are expected to be in the front, with the limelight while their women at back in waiting. Over the centuries, situation, expectation and point of view have changed. But the underlying male chauvinistic ego and pride still lingered till this 20th century. And not that any of your lesser success will prevent them from straying either. 

Let's take a look at Sandra Bullock's BaZi Chart. She is born on 26 July 1964 at 3.15 a.m. Notice the Fu Yin on the Day and Hour Pillar with the 10-Year Luck Pillar and also Annual Pillar of 2010. Fu Yin almost always relates to a sad event in a person life.
Sandra Bullock's BaZi Chart

Besides this, there are also a harm relationship between the Spouse Palace and Month Branch. It involves the Direct Officer Star [Zi Rat] and the Hurting Officer Star [Wei Goat]. This is one of the indications that her spouse may have problem with her work and the success it brings along.

This article reminded me of a recent email to me, asking that during Fu Yin year, there are people experiencing good luck and happy news like a mother giving birth to a wonderful child, a newly married couple and a person who got a job offered. Where is the sad event then? Well, there are thing you and me, the outsider, never know. A lot of people just show their surface to other people and acquaintances. They hardly want to tell their life story to a stranger even so when it is a problematic one. 

Back to Sandra Bullock...

With the Luck Pillar of Bing Zi and Annual Pillar of Geng Yin, wouldn't you says that she is going through a period of good name [Zi Rat contains her Direct Officer Star] with admiring friends [Bing Fire, the Sun, is also a Friend Star] as well as extra income [Geng Metal represents Indirect Wealth Star] from unexpected sources [Yin Tiger contains her Indirect Resource Star]. Winning an Oscar is a great achievement in an actress' life. However as a simple woman, wouldn't you say relationship is also as important as winning the Oscar?

And at this juncture, wouldn't you say that good luck and bad luck happened to her at the very same time? Well, this depends on what she focuses on. After all she is a beautiful woman. She can always walk away with her head held high of an Oscar lady. There is always another man [Bing Zi of the Luck Pillar did show another Direct Officer Star besides the one on the Spouse Palace]. And if she plays her card right, she may have a tidy sum of divorce settlement [Geng Yin, income from unexpected sources].

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