Friday, May 21, 2010

Crime Scene Revisited

I always feel that we can use BaZi to analyze a lot of stuffs from one personal life, business, and stock markets to world economy. If you have been avid reader of my blog, you would already know I have attempted many different ways of using and analyzing BaZi for personal uses, and also looking at things and situation in a big picture.

So here I am trying to decipher the BaZi chart of Elizabeth K Otlen in another angle. I'm trying to piece all the information available together and reengineered the crime scene.

Nope! We, the BaZi consultants, are not god. We only able to guesstimate that there may be certain danger or difficulty faced by a person at a certain point of time by analyzing the person's BaZi. Given the level of expertise of a consultant, he or she may even able to roughly pinpoint a time that the person should take more precaution from the person's BaZi chart. That's all we can do. No one in his right mind would want to visit a BaZi consultant who bomb-blast you with every possible manner till minute details of the crime that going to befall on you. It is downright pessimistic and just weird. I don't know about you but I dislike pessimistic people. I have enough of my own to contain with. Hence, I always try to shift the focus of the consult to the positive matter or action the person can take or do.

So the story below is for BaZi analyzing for the shake of… ANALyzing. Nothing prickles my interest at the moment. Suffice to say I have nothing better to do and I'm looking something to occupy my mind so I won't miss… Or at least redirect my thinking and focus to something more positive that is to entertain readers of my blog. It is a pleasure to make you all think more than I do. :Þ

Spin-Off from "Tell Me Why?"

Elizabeth K Olten was a happy nine year old child who always happily played around the woods near her home in Missouri. She was born on 15th December 1999. Below was her BaZi chart.

On 21 October 2009, she went missing at an estimated around 6.15 p.m. At 7 p.m. her parents contacted police and mounted a search party when Elizabeth was not home yet from her usual outing. According to her parents, Elizabeth was afraid of the dark and would not stay out so late.

Elizabeth's body was found two days later on 23rd October behind the woods four houses down her home. She was the victim of a cruel and callous murder by Alyssa Bustamante. It was indeed heartbreaking to see a young innocent child died from such cruelty at the hand of a neighbour that you had always know but had never cross your mind that she was able to commit such an act of brutality. It was also appalling to know that the murderer was just another teenager, not much older than the victim.

Crime Scene

Elizabeth's BaZi chart showed a combination of Chou [Day Branch] and Zi [Month Branch]. This indicated that she was quite attached to her home and parents, and would not wonder far away.

Her BaZi chart also showed uncivilized punishment [Mao Rabbit (Year Branch) –Zi (Month Branch)]. She was in her Luck Pillar of 7 [Ding Chou]. The incident happened in the year of 2009 [Ji Chou]. It was reported that her body was found in the wooded area. To be more précised the crime scene happened at a placed covered by heavy and sturdy bushes. The lands around the area were also wet and muddy with some higher and uneven ground. The Elizabeth's Day Master, Xin Metal, was buried as shown by the heavy earth elements in Chou Ox [Luck Pillar and Annual Pillar] appeared in her chart at that point of time. Inside the Chou Ox also showed two other Xin Metals which were friends to Elizabeth.

The BaZi chart for 21 October 2009 at 6.15 pm also showed a similar surrounding. The BaZi chart below showed the wooded area on the rough terrain [Jia Xu and Ji Chou] and at the inner woodland there are tough bushes [Mao Rabbit (Hour Branch) combined with Hai Pig (Day Branch)]

The BaZi Chart only showed the Ding Fire in the Xu Dog while the Day Pillar showed the Ji Hai. This indicated the day was cold and wet, the ground slippery and muddy. The sunlight at that time was deemed and clouded.

Elizabeth may be lure into the thick bushes as indicated by the only Ding Fire element available. The Ding Fire offered a child, who was afraid of dark, the comfort of safety. But the Ding Fire [7 Killings Star] was also a controlling element of the Xin Metal Day Master. No Amber Alert was issued as there was no evidence of abduction. Hence, it can be deducted that Elizabeth knew the assaulter.

In the above BaZi chart also showed two graveyards that were the Chou Ox and Xu Dog which formed the bullying punishment together with the hidden Wei Goat [Hai-Mao-Wei]. According to the Sheriff two graves were ducted out. One was buried with Elizabeth body while another was empty. The Xu and Chou also contained another two Xin Metals. This indicated three possibilities:
  • There were two assailants on the crime scene.
  • An eye witness known both to Elizabeth and Alyssa.
  • Another possible victim.
Elizabeth's body, when found, was covered with strangulation marks and cuts. 


leegiat 理解 said...

I knew, I knew there was something to do today. Drat it, I just miss your party. My apology, anyway, again, belated Birthday greetings, : )

Mmm, i actually like mystery thriller but not for this, just an opinion, should be Weak metal, Hour Wei clash the combinations of Zi and Chou for Earth. Competing Month Xin breaks original lock of Bing Xin in chart. Bing released rendering Daymaster weaker. Three ingratitude penalty of Yin Si Shen, 3 travel stars in clash, metals suffers again among the three, good-will in search for playmate but met an unhappy teen waiting to vent frustrations. LP Chou Grave for metal as it is no longer a store house.

Just an opinion, cheers.
Anyway, like your present day sherlock holmes analysis for bazi.
Mmmm, have to visit here more often. : )

Josephine said...

Thank you but my birthday tomorrow. Thumbs up for your view. :)

Josephine said...

Pasted in the wrong chart for 21 Oct 2009.Just noticed and corrected it.
Sorry! If I confused anyone.


Boon said...

Hi Josephine,

Good analysis, very interesting way of finding clues through bazi. Just a quick question though, is the hour pillar for the crime chart correct? It took place at 6.15pm, shouldn't the hour be gui you instead of ding mao? Or was there a time conversion used?

Josephine said...


Thank you for alerting me.

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Glad you had fun with the rest as I can see from the chat. I just put a link to your blog as I just saw my comment had a link back after your mentioning it.
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