Monday, May 17, 2010

Blowing My Own Trumpet!

I believe most of you all will know the mean of "Blowing Your Own Trumpet". For those whose are not familiar let me clarify. The idiom means the person boast about his or her talents and achievements. While it always better for other to blow the trumpet for you because besides sounding better and more believable, it also denotes your achievements or talents are also well recognized by others.

Today I like to blow my own trumpet of my little achievement. This may not get far nor may be heard by everyone, it may not sound genuine and believable to you, and it may even irritable to some but I am happy just doing that. Happily blowing my trumpet away! I know! I know! This is so awfully and dreadfully Rob Wealth… but… but…
Blow My Own Trumpet

A re-cap of my earlier post in January, using the theory of Three Harmony Combination of Metal, I had said the stock market correction will take place in May 2010 which arises from an eclipse of the metal frame formation due to the Xin Si Pillar for the month. Well, I can't really call the deep of recent stock markets of the world a correction because it was not the usual case of profit taking by investors but it was a fall nevertheless. The recent descend on most of the world stock markets were due to looming European financial crisis and the bailout of Germany debt ridden government followed by the rumour of Spain is in the midst of bailout discussion with IMF. The European crisis raised caution throughout the stock markets in the world on the first week of May. However, stock markets had since pick-up.

The Indices charts below showed the recent plunge of stock markets. Although market seems to recover few days later, I believe the European crisis may have long term repercussion on the world economy. In this kind market "Precaution" is the word. South-East Asia stock markets seem to fair better. China stock market seems to fair the worst but it was triggered tough policy to cool the property market and to curb inflation on April 2010.

Chart European Stock Markets

US Stock Market

North Asia and Australia Stock Market

South-East Asia Stock Market

Hurray! Hurray! My theory works. But still I like my disclaimer.

Disclaimer:The accuracy of the above theory is still under research and scrutiny. This post should be read with great interest. Should you decide to use it with great interest, it will be at your own risk. Don't say I didn't warn you. 


Katherine said...

Dear Jo,

"Jackpot" keep up the good work. Was and am still wondering, what you meant by eclipse. I could not visualise it. Any way, you do not have to be so humble. You took Bazi to a higher level and that is a very great achievement indeed. Wished I could be at this advance in Bazi "Congratulations".


Josephine said...

Hi Katherine,

Thank you. Will let you know when we come out for "yam char".