Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't Sweat What You Don't Have

This BaZi Chart belongs to a boy boy from Singapore. His name is Fredrick. 
BaZi Chart

Looking over the chart, if we use the Useful God method to do the analysis the most needed Stems are the Bing Fire and the Jia Wood. Bing Fire is our first priority while Jia Wood is the second. As you can see, Bing Fire cannot be found anywhere in the chart while Jia Wood found inside the Hai Pig is off little help because it is a piece of wet wood.

No Useful God wor! How leh?! Cannot be Bill Gates lor! Most people out there always want Bill Gates' wealth but let me ask you, do you want his trouble as well? A lot people want a piece of his pie by the easy way that is through suing him. So if you not interested with his kind of trouble then don't ask for his amount of wealth. 

But without the Useful God, what does it mean to Fredrick? Those who do not have a Useful God or the Useful God are weak in the BaZi chart, usually lack the focus and direction in life. They may float from one job to another or keep on changing the company they work in. They may also become a wanderer going from place to place without a specific destination. Some may interpret this type of person as happy-go-luck without a care for the world.

So what can Fredrick do? Set a goal. Set a destination. Spell out what he wants to achieve in life stage by stage. Then relentless pursue it until he get what he wants. The elements that have the persistency and a stubborn will that would not give up easily are the Bing Fire, Jia Wood, Wu Earth and Geng Metal. In his BaZi chart he still has the Wu Earth and the Geng Metal couple with discipline [Direct Officer represents by Yi Wood] to help him forge ahead. The Yi Wood rooted on the Jia Wood allows him the flexibility to adjust and adept to situation easily.

Fredrick has a Companion Structure [Chou Ox on the Month Pillar]. This means that he is a good connector. He has an excellent sociable skill and come across as a friendly individual. He can be very persuasive and has the ability to win people over. Together with the Yi Wood as a Direct Officer means that he is excellent at networking. The networking brings him recognition and status. It also means that he has the chances to befriend people with status and wealth that will be his noblemen every now and then. Boy! Just make sure you connect to the right people.

So Fredrick, do you want to sweat and worry of what is not in your BaZi chart? With a couple of friends who have deep pockets and from high places to help you along and bring you up, does it matter that you do not have comparable wealth to Bill Gates? Not having Bill Gates' wealth also translates into "not having his kind of troubles and problems". And with the Wealth Star at the Year Pillar penetrate to the heaven you can earn more than decent income too. 

What else? The Bing Fire may represent one happiness and satisfaction in life. Without it does this mean Fredrick needs to be unhappy, discontent and moody all the time? If you believe in God, you will know he is fair. Well, if you are a free thinker, every BaZi has it niches. Chinese meaning of prosperity and good fortune translates into happiness, contentment and satisfaction, and not necessarily money. It means having no worries, in good health and the ability to self-cultivate. In simpler term it means quality of life. For better quality of life, we look for Fortune Virtue Star. For Fredrick, he has a Fortune Virtue Star in the Shen Monkey. My dear friend, smile to the world and the world will smile back at you.


weikee said...

Maybe he can use Ding to craft the Geng in his Day and hour.

He also have output, which he can produce wealth. perhaps he can be in IT line which is fire to warm the chart.


Wei Kee

Josephine said...

Not luck with the Ding Fire as well. He can try IT but don't think he like doing that.


Erna said...


Random question. What do you think of Bazi readers who insist on converting local times to 'real' local solar time to calculate the hour pillar?

They didn't need to do that in the old days so why do some readers insist on doing it now?

Josephine said...


I'm not sure why they do that but I used the hour as given in the birth certificate. No conversion what-so-ever.


Potato said...

He should find a partner that has lots of fire in the chart, this can help him in alot of ways.

Spouse chart which has fire and wood will be compatible with him

Josephine said...


Compatible with Fire and Wood people ;)