Friday, May 21, 2010

How To Figure Out Your BaZi 八字?

This post is written with the assumption that the readers have at least some basic knowledge of BaZi. In this post I will not touch the method of finding the strength of the Day Master as there are many books out there teaching you to do this. Instead I will talk about something else. 

Below is the example of a BaZi Chart, born in 22 May 2010, female. I will call her Candy.

The Day Stem represents your Day Master while the Month Branch is the innate character of a person. The Month Branch also represents your main profile besides your Day Master. Each person may have one or two profiles of characters. There are all together five main profiles:
  • Influence Profile is the supporter. They are good at being the manager or CEO.
  • Output Profile is the creator. They are good at creative and innovative works.
  • Wealth Profile is the capitalist. They like to be in control and are good at pulling all the resource together to form and run a business.
  • Resource Profile is the thinker. They are good at statistic work and are also good at coming out with new ideas all the time.
  • Companion Profile is the connector. Social networking is their forte.
Credit/Source: The above profiling method analysis is the work and ideas of Joey Yap. More information of the five profiles is available on Joey's BaZi Wealth Profiles Seminar.

In Candy's Bazi chart shows her Day Master is Ren Water while the Si Snake on Month Branch shows that she has a wealth profile. Ren Water people are already an in-born capitalist couple with a wealth profile; Candy can be quite successful if she runs her own business.

The Stem on the Month Pillar represents a person ambition. Candy's BaZi Chart shows that the Xin Metal residing there. Xin Metal represents her Resource Star. Hence, we can deduct that she wants recognition of her idea she contributed to forming her business. You can also presume that the seed of her idea attracts investors into her business.

By just looking at this three information [Day Master, Stem and Branch of the Month Pillar], you already know what to do in your career. Simple… J


Anonymous said...

SUPERB your article Josephine, really illuminating...I´ve been hoping for someone to show me a way to interpret the month pillar in relation to day master pillar and you did it now. God bless you always! Best wishes from Lima-Perú.

Josephine said...

Hi Lima,

Thank you! Glad that you like it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Josephine
I was reading your posting and I wanted to know would the profile change as the snake and monkey combine to create water changing the profile to companion profile

Josephine said...

Nope, profile will still be the same but with the combination you have an additional element to take into consideration like a bonus. :D))

Zenda said...

Hi Josephine,
what the diference between Structure and Profile?And is Subprofile important too?When I would like to buy a Joeys book to know more about me and where I can work, should I buy a book about my Profile oder about my Structure?

Josephine said...


Structure is your behavior & attitude – how you use your personality, while
profile is about your abilities and skill – your role in life. Sub-profile is you intimate self – how you behave in term of relationship.
If you want to know more about yourself, buy the books on you Day Master, your Structure and the Profile with highest %.

Deryk said...

Hi Josephine,

Great article! I do have a quick question:
Besides using Joey Yap's calculator, how does one derive the "main" and "sub" profile? I noticed it is not always the case that the month EB is the main profile.

Thank you and more power.