Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Importance of People

Someone says a relationship end when you outlive your value to your partner
Everyone has it worth, it price and it usefulness
Or the least, has it entertainment value

I wonder then and I wonder now…
Everyone that has passed to my life
I have not put a price tag on them
I have not measured them in term of their worth to me
I have not question what benefit they can bring to my life
Nor it occurred to me that connecting with people with status and wealth matters

May be that is why I'm not some successful big shot calling the deal right now
May be because of this, it has already sealed my fate

A fate that I gladly walk on…
Because little did I know I'm into people business by blogging
Little did I know that a simple "mouse click" matter
Till I saw the little red dots clutter all over the world map

Geolocation Statistic of BaziChic

You have made my day effortlessly …

You are the swarm of faceless people out there that I did not know, that I did not measure and did not know how to
Neither your status nor your wealth has little meaning to me

But your simple little "click" has made me feel "Wow! There are people out there reading this."
It is a wonderful feeling

Everyone has its moment, has its place at different time in a different setting
Like the swarm of faceless people out there,
In the same instances, I'm also may be one of this faceless people to another person
It may be the singer in a concert, the speaker in a seminar or in an event
While it is, of course, important that all the tickets had to be sold, profit to be made
However, to the singer or speaker standing up on the stage the defining moment comes
When the swarms of faceless people below the stage that you hardly know
Clap their hands together and give crystal clear sound of applauses
To welcome you, when the event begin, and to thank you, when the event end


It is a simple gesture of recognition, appreciation and admiration from the audiences
This simple gesture does not add any extra profit to the organizer
Nor does it add any value to the personal development of the singer or the speaker
It is neither use to measure benefit or the entertainment value of the whole event
Because the value already capped on the price of tickets

The same goes for a person, who won an award,
It is not the award that he or she bring home to display in the glass cupboard which is important
But it is the moment that the MC announces that he or she had won,
The moment that everyone applause to give him or her the recognition
That he (she) work so hard for that really matter
Exhilaration of that particular moment will spurs him (her) on,
Make him (her) want to do it again and does it better

Down to a personal level, simple gesture matter in relationship as well
An appreciative glance, a smile on the lips,
Attentive mind and heart
When someone important, someone dear reach out to grab your hand pulling me along for the 1st time
A Hug
Nope! No added value whatsoever
The moment!

Holding Hand

Where personal relationship is concerned 
It is not about one outlive his or her value in a relationship
When you want to start putting your expectation, putting price tag and a value into relationship 
See only what you can get out of the relationship
It become meaningless

While all sentiment aside 
At every level and every part of our life we are dealing with people

One's success greatly depends how good he (she) handles each relationship comes into his or her life…
A successful individual is not only able to perform well himself (herself)
But also able to bring out the best quality of the people around him (her)

Connecting People

The Companion Structures ask
"Do you want to connect to a powerful tycoon?" or
"Do you want to touch the heart of the mass?"
It is all about people's business.

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