Thursday, March 17, 2011


My Dear Readers and Friends,

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I have Great News for you! Our BaZi “Live Chat” service is now available. This means that you can perform BaZi consult online with anyone of our consultants through instant text messaging.

We are offering BaZi “Live Chat”at SGD5.00 for a 10 minutes slot for 5 days. You will never see the offer again after this.

Why so cheap? What’s the catch? No catch at all. The offer is only available during our trial run for 5 days. What’s even better? We will guide you to maximize the 10 minutes BaZi consult with our consultant. So keep a look-out on our articles on asking questions effectively and ways to work around our system to get MORE benefit. You can use this tips for future consultation too or with other Chinese Metaphysics Consultant Company.

When is the offer start? We haven’t decided yet. You may want to check out our website’s announcement from time to time or subscribe to our newsletters or check-out our local business page on facebook for the offer.

In view of the current Japan disaster, BaZiChic is donating SGD1.00 for each time slot sold.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Okay! Valentine’s Day over…


You must be wondering what this was all about. Why the ULTIMATUM?!

While on facebook, 15 February 2011 during the night, I came across this page with the name “I’m done trying. If you want me in your life, let me know. Bye!” with more than one million fans. One million fans, that’s a nice number. I want a million fans on my fan page too. Hence, I quickly took the quip and posted it into my blog to see if I can get that amount of fans instantly. Hehehe! It seems I was hoping too much far too early. Well, I’m an ambitious woman. I can’t help it! Especially with the Xin Metal appearing on the annual stem this year.

A part from this… Yeah, there is another reason for this. I didn’t get my dark chocolate on the Valentine’s Day. I am very, very, SERIOUS! about my dark chocolatey. Now I think of it, the picture above was too sunny for that statement. Ceh!

Anyway, the important reason for the statement is; when should you issue out such ultimatum?

If you plan to start anew after a rough patch in your life be it relationship matter, your career or lifestyle, most of the people will select a good date which most probably fall on the Open Day or Success Day.

There is a day that not many people will use. It is the Close Day. When you want to close a bad chapter in your life or shut out the scandalous rumour that has been circulating or simply want to forget some unpleasant event in your life, then maybe you want to consider a good Close Day for these purposes.

Yes, you have guessed correctly. On 15 February 2011, was a Close Day. Although it was not a good day according to Dong Gong Date Selection but it suffice for me to use this as a grounds to write this article.

One find example of using a Close Day is our current Prime Minister stepped into his Prime Minister’s office on 3 April 2009. It was a Close Day, and according to Dong Gong it was a good day too. What he wanted to put into past or which part of the chapter in his life he wanted to reset, those who were in our generation need not wonder much. It was all over the headline then. When he walk into his Prime Minister’s office, everything had bygone.

Although many may feel that a Close Day may not be such an ideal day to use, however, if apply correctly the day is very effective indeed in closing the door to the unpleasant past.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pictorial Image of Ding Chou 丁丑 and Ding Wei 丁未

Hi Bella,

This is what I think.

Ding Chou makes me think of the Aurora Borealis or popularly known as the Northern Lights. Chou belongs to the winter season where it is cold and damp, with solitude and loneliness nature, very similar to the Northern Hemisphere of the earth. The Ding Fire is not able to bring warm in this cold weather nor can it act as guidance at night like the Northern Star. However, it lends a mysterious look to Chou. According to the legend of the Eskimos and Indians, it was believed that Northern Lights were the souls of animals dancing in the sky or the souls of fallen enemies trying to rise again. In the Roman mythology, aurora is the goddess of dawn flying across the sky announcing the arrival of the sun. In Chinese Metaphysics, Ding Fire and the four graveyards are always relates to matter of religion, gods and goddess, and spirituality.

Ding Wei reminds me of the Northern Star or Polaris in the desert at night. It served as a directional guidance for traveller especially sailor and nomad to find their way around at the night. Learn to see the Northern Star in sky, and you will not get loss at night again.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

BaziChic is going for a soft-launch on 20 January 2011

We are going for a soft-launch on 20 January 2011. Meanwhile you can get to know our team of consultants in our facebook group and our business page for updates and promotion.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pictorial Image of Ren Chen 壬辰 And Ren Xu 壬戌

Hi CiCi,

Here is the pictorial image for Ren Chen and Ren Xu. The Ren Chen image is like a lake above green mountainous plane.

The Ren Xu can resemble a lake on the high mountains too but take a look at the pictorial image below.