Sunday, February 20, 2011


Okay! Valentine’s Day over…


You must be wondering what this was all about. Why the ULTIMATUM?!

While on facebook, 15 February 2011 during the night, I came across this page with the name “I’m done trying. If you want me in your life, let me know. Bye!” with more than one million fans. One million fans, that’s a nice number. I want a million fans on my fan page too. Hence, I quickly took the quip and posted it into my blog to see if I can get that amount of fans instantly. Hehehe! It seems I was hoping too much far too early. Well, I’m an ambitious woman. I can’t help it! Especially with the Xin Metal appearing on the annual stem this year.

A part from this… Yeah, there is another reason for this. I didn’t get my dark chocolate on the Valentine’s Day. I am very, very, SERIOUS! about my dark chocolatey. Now I think of it, the picture above was too sunny for that statement. Ceh!

Anyway, the important reason for the statement is; when should you issue out such ultimatum?

If you plan to start anew after a rough patch in your life be it relationship matter, your career or lifestyle, most of the people will select a good date which most probably fall on the Open Day or Success Day.

There is a day that not many people will use. It is the Close Day. When you want to close a bad chapter in your life or shut out the scandalous rumour that has been circulating or simply want to forget some unpleasant event in your life, then maybe you want to consider a good Close Day for these purposes.

Yes, you have guessed correctly. On 15 February 2011, was a Close Day. Although it was not a good day according to Dong Gong Date Selection but it suffice for me to use this as a grounds to write this article.

One find example of using a Close Day is our current Prime Minister stepped into his Prime Minister’s office on 3 April 2009. It was a Close Day, and according to Dong Gong it was a good day too. What he wanted to put into past or which part of the chapter in his life he wanted to reset, those who were in our generation need not wonder much. It was all over the headline then. When he walk into his Prime Minister’s office, everything had bygone.

Although many may feel that a Close Day may not be such an ideal day to use, however, if apply correctly the day is very effective indeed in closing the door to the unpleasant past.



Anonymous said...

Yes i want, no i don't want, yes i want, no i don't want. Hah i can't make up my mind.

Anonymous said...

A gem, absolutely!

Tracy said...

Hi Jo,

Happy CNY! When I typed in your website I instantly thought, "Oh no! No more blog?!" But at the same time very happy to see you on a new venture.

Hope this year is a good one for you! And I hope you got your dark chocolate! =)

Best to you,


Josephine said...

Hahaha! Sorry if I frightened you all. The blog post will still be flowing...

But before you decide anything, I will be very happy to receive a box of Godiva Carre Dark 72% Chocolatier. :P Kekeke!

Tracy - Happy CNY to you too. :D))

Jeff said...

Hi Jo,

What is the significance of Xin metal and why does that make you "over ambitious"?