Thursday, March 17, 2011


My Dear Readers and Friends,

My blog URL has moved to

My website URL is now.

I have Great News for you! Our BaZi “Live Chat” service is now available. This means that you can perform BaZi consult online with anyone of our consultants through instant text messaging.

We are offering BaZi “Live Chat”at SGD5.00 for a 10 minutes slot for 5 days. You will never see the offer again after this.

Why so cheap? What’s the catch? No catch at all. The offer is only available during our trial run for 5 days. What’s even better? We will guide you to maximize the 10 minutes BaZi consult with our consultant. So keep a look-out on our articles on asking questions effectively and ways to work around our system to get MORE benefit. You can use this tips for future consultation too or with other Chinese Metaphysics Consultant Company.

When is the offer start? We haven’t decided yet. You may want to check out our website’s announcement from time to time or subscribe to our newsletters or check-out our local business page on facebook for the offer.

In view of the current Japan disaster, BaZiChic is donating SGD1.00 for each time slot sold.


Anonymous said...

i've been reading the whole of your blog until here which was sort of gutting :) it is soooo goood ur fan!!!!

Josephine said...

Thank you. Glad that you like my blog. By the way my blog has moved to

Anonymous said...

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