Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Need To Progress In Life

It is 6.09 p.m. I have just got home from my last Mian Xiang class today. It rains heavily outside. And it is raining many times harder in my heart.

Mian Xiang is considered the easiest to learn among the Chinese Metaphysics studies because everything is written on the face. You basically just have to match or apply what written on the ancient Chinese text with the face, and the worst you can do, you will still have at least a minimum general understanding of that person.

But it is the most difficult information to stomach when you have a self inferiority complex. Yes, this is what I face, inferiority. It is very difficult when you have to look into the mirror and see so many weaknesses on your face. This is worst when couple with a shy and sensitive nature. It is because of knowing my own sensitive nature that makes me go to this course in the first place. I know pretty well that I cannot let my inferiority, shyness and sensitivity hamper my progress in life. What is better way to get over it than having so many people poking on your negative points? I can only be in denial for so long and I believe not any longer. I better deal with it sooner. Being a resource structure it is better to see the reality than always leaving in a dream. Life is not always centre around me. It is better to open my eye wide see what is wrong and accept the facts. From this awareness, make changes and adjustment in life.

Like I have said, Geng Yin year is a time to be brave. And I feel it is the best time to take some drastic measure to make changes to one own flaw in characters.

Oh! Don't get me wrong, the Mian Xiang it is not such a dreadful class. In fact, I highly recommend it. They are a lot of nice people in the classes. I met many new friends as well as see the old one too. I even met my mum ex-colleague, Elsie Lee who has known me when I was just a little girl. It such a small world. My apology that I can't really remember her but I think she must have remembered me the cheeky little girl.
Me, Cheecky Little Girl
And my sifu, Joey, as always, is his usually self, being charming and energetic while dispersing his knowledge and wisdom to all of us. By all mean it is most enjoyable and fun class to have. You can check out a short video clip of the class here.


jfook said...

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Josephine said...


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