Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reckoning of the Blue Ocean Part II

Following my previous post of "Have you found your Blue Ocean yet?" this post shows some examples how it may relates to the BaZi.

The BaZi Chart below belongs to Bill Gates born on 28 October 1955, estimate time of birth at 10.00 p.m.
Bill Gates's BaZi Chart

From the chart we can deduct that, Bill Gates Useful God is Bing Fire. Bing Fire can be represents by the Fire of the Sun. One of the sun natures is it bright shining light touching every surface of the earth. The sunlight is also easily available when the sun rises every morning without fail. Look at what Bill Gates has done to Microsoft products so far. It has shipped the Microsoft Operating System to every part in the world for personal computer users as well as office users. One of Bill Gates key vision when he started the company was to have his software running at a workstation on every desk and eventually every home in the world.

Another feature of the sun is that there is only one sun in our solar system. It is a monopoly system where one can only exist. In the latest record in December 2009, Windows market share stand at 92.21% almost dominating the whole world market. If you look at the Month Pillar, where the Jia Zi Bing Xu reside represent a warrior stance. It has never been any mistake that the Microsoft under Bill Gates' leadership is always heading toward monopolization. Microsoft has been known to practice the principle of being genuine, effective and powerful by the strategy of "embracing and extending". Later Microsoft had been criticized for its business tactics with the motto of "embrace, extend and extinguish".

If your Useful God is Bing Fire, besides easily availability of your product, your marketing technique or strategy should be unique and different from others as well because there is only one sun no other replacement.

Another software giant BaZi belongs to Steve Jobs who is born on 24 February 1955 with an estimate birth time at 6.15 a.m.

Steve Jobs'a Bazi Chart

Instead of using Useful God like Bill Gates's BaZi above, I am going to use the Day Master to illustrate Steve Jobs' BaZi. Again we are looking at the Bing Fire with similar natures of Bill Gates' BaZi:
  • One of the sun natures is shining its light at every corner of the earth.
  • One sun in our solar system represents monopolization.
  • The Jia Zi Bing Chen like the Bing Xu also represents a warrior stance.
How Steve Jobs' BaZi differ from Bill Gates in term of products and goals? The Chen Dragon is the earth element that produces thousand things and its represents the Eating God Stars to Steve Jobs. On the Month Pillar in Steve Jobs' BaZi chart the Wu Earth, again the Eating God Star, appears on the Stem. This represents creativity and innovative, and it is Steve priority in his product whereas Bill Gates' BaZi shows the Wealth Star on the Stem of Month Pillar. Bill Gates' Day Master, the Ren Water, which is always reflecting the Sun show that profitability is the main concerned to Bill Gates.

The Chen Dragon also shows that Steve Jobs ability to create variety of products that range from computer hardware to software and to consumer electronics like the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Why did the Apple recent products and its partnership with third party is such a success compare to Microsoft especially in term of its mobile OS collaboration of with other mobile manufacturer where Microsoft is least successful?

In Steve Jobs' BaZi, he is in the Luck Pillar of 47 which show a combination of Chen Dragon and You Rooster that form his Wealth Star. Hence you know any collaboration or partnership will be successful during this period of his life. It all started in the year of Ding Hai in 2007 following its success of iPod in 2006 where its saw sharp competition with Microsoft. Ding Hai was the year where the iPhone wave began and became popular. On 9 January 2007, Steve Jobs announced that Apple Computer, Inc. would from that point on be known as Apple Inc. at the Macworld Expo because computers are just one part of the company now. The event also saw the announcement of its iPhone launched on 29 June. The Hai Pig which contained the Ren Water was pulled in by the Yin Tiger on Month Branch as well as the Mao Rabbit on the Hour Branch and Wei Goat on the Year Branch in his BaZi Chart. The Ocean represent by the Ren Water here reflecting the rising Sun, Bing Fire.

Whereas in Bill Gates' BaZi, he is going through Luck Pillar of Geng Chen, a clashed on the Stem and Branch of the Month Pillar of Bing Xu. This is an indication of many obstructions to his work and products during this period of his life. Bill Gates's also at this point using the Bing Fire and Wu Earth element, where he is trying to establish himself philanthropist. Bing Fire is also known for its generosity. This partially has salvaged some bad images that hit Microsoft lately.

Bill Gates & Steve Jobs

George Lucas is born on 14 May 1944, an estimate time of birth at 5.40 a.m. Thanks to his Day Master of Wu Earth, his Star Wars has made a long lasting impression on everyone. On my earlier post, Wu Earth need to promote on it iconic image and loyalty. This was what George Lucas created with his Star Wars, loyalty that lasted for decades.

George Lucas's Bazi Chart

Star Wars was released on 25 May 1977 by 20th Century Fox. No one was expecting this low budget movie to be a hit. By looking at George Lucas' BaZi Chart, you know that it was not an easy feat to pull off. The Shen Monkey did combine with the Si Snake to form wealth and on the Stem, the Ocean reflected the Sun light of the Bing Fire, an indication that during this period of his life his creative and innovative ideas and works will be recognize and became popular in the industry. At the same time, the Shen Monkey also clashed with the Yin Tiger indicating that he had faced many rejections and scarified many things.

George Lucas

In 1971, Universal Studios agreed to make George Lucas' films American Graffiti and Star Wars but Star Wars was rejected at an earlier conception stage. It was only because Alan Ladd, Jr. at Fox Studios liked American Graffiti that he forced through a production and distribution deal for the film. Lucas waived his up-front fee as director and negotiated to own the licensing rights—rights which the studio thought were nearly worthless because no one would have know the success of Star Wars was not just in the film industry but it also hit the street of the younger generation who love the Star Wars' games, toys and collectibles. This decision earned George Lucas hundreds of millions of dollars, as he was able to directly profit from all the licensed created for the franchise. It was also because of the success of Star Wars, Century Fox was saved from its financial difficulty.

Where Bing Fire industry is concerned like the IT and film industries, the present of Ren Water is important. They bring out the best of each other and capture the attention of people just like the picture below.

Sparkling Sea


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I loved this posting Jo! The best you've got this year by far! Keep it up...

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Chris Chan said...

For CEOs, I cannot stress the importance of the 7K. Better if it is located in the branch, hidden from others.

My brother has been in Microsoft US for over a decade. Bill is a ruthless entrepreneur. They are out there to win, and only with that type of perseverance they get so far.

In fact, of you read abt Steve Jobs, he is also quite a fanatic when it comes to product development. While Bill is more a strategist, Steve focuses on innovation.

Josephine said...

Hi Chris,

Good to hear from you. Truly agreed with what you say.


Kathlyn said...

Hi Josephine, I read from another Bazi analysis for Steve jobs that he will face challenge that 1 of his supplier next year may face financial/legal issues. I notice next year it's Fu Yin of this hour pillar. Also at the transition to next LP. Can you share what the Ren Shen LP clash in to the Tiger would affect him? I have Apple options, so I must get prepared better :) Thanks.

Josephine said...

Next seem to be a hand full for Steve with the Fu Yin and Fan Yin from the Year, Month and Hour. I believe he may not only face supply problem but also customers problem but Ren Shen Pillar contain his Useful Gods. I think he can pull it off. However, health maybe be his major issue.