Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey! Lets Party…

Are you free? You are cordially invited to My Birthday Virtual Party on 22 May from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.(GMT+8.00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore.

What to expect and bring along?

You can bring a backlink to my blog here and also my another blog, Gem of Intuition.

Chit chat with me at MSN Messenger from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. [Messenger Address: bazichic@gmail.com]. Ask any questions you like. Yeah! Any question. Free of charge.

Yep! Since there is a FU YIN on my Month Pillar might as well. Yeah! You can bash me up all you like. Fill in the comments of your likes and dislikes of my blogs. For a starter let me help you with a few; 
Hmm! I hate it when you didn't update your blog regularly.
Hey! You were supposed to update Weekly Update on weekly basis on every Monday. WHAT HaPPen?
Gee! You are running a BRA Ad. Thought this supposed to be a BaZi blog.
[Sorry guy! There is a RM2,000 cash to be won]
I'm sick and tired when you blog about shopaholic self. Don't you have any better to do? [Do you have to remind me? Ceh! :-P]

Drop in some suggestions on what you like to read on this blog too. Your suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated.

For your information, because of the FU YIN I will NOT be accepting any consultation during the month of May starting from 5 May to 6 June.

Cheers! See you all on 22 May.


Anonymous said...

for me and i guess everyone that follow this blog wouldn't have the heart to bash a nice practitioner lady that willingly to share openly in the net.I don't find much practitioners sharing openly, maybe i am wrong.

Take care,

Josephine said...

Thank you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

why not accepting any consultation on month fu yin if it's not anything too serious or life threatening.you may able to find out what you have predicted will happen on consultation issue.it may happen on other areas.
it could be connected to 1)your home/family with your behavior.2)your work place with career/colleague.a sudden/unexpected relationship matter due to your expression, thinking.
if you drive a car or plan to travel this year, need to take extra caution cos 7k meeting SG.
Please pardon me.

Take care,

Josephine said...

Hi Misty,

Fu Yin on the month is nothing serious compare to the Year or 10-Luck Pillar.

Usually during Fu Yin, a person mind is clouded and also more emotional. Hence, a tendency to make wrong decision or for my case, I may give a wrong judgement or advise to my customers. Better not send people to "Holland". So I take a month vacation. Hurray!


leegiat 理解 said...

Fair enough, Virtue. HURRAY.

: D

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you , happy birthday to Josephine.....

A song for you,


Anonymous said...

Maybe you could share an article on Fu Yin on your blog. Although it may have been said that Fu Yin is not something one would like to see on a chart or luck pillars, I have come across cases on positive outcome on Fu Yin like career promotion, successful job contract assignment and coming of a new born baby during the Fu Yin luck or year period. Maybe you could clarify more on this from your expertise. Many people seems to get overly worried whenever they see a Fu Yin on their chart or one of the 10 year luck pillar. Please care to enlighten.

wishing u in advance a Happy Birthday.


Josephine said...

Hi Jnee,

I hope I have the experience to blog about FU YIN with positive outcome but I have none.

I do come across a BaZi chart that a Master says the person will become extremely rich this year. Her chart has the FU YIN & FAN YIN. Anyway, she is already rich by my standard. I am waiting for the outcome.

FU YIN is about a feeling of sadness and loss. A person can have career promotion but still feel unhappy. Successful job contract assignment? Maybe he did not like the job but it is an opportunity to him. A mother may have depression after giving birth to a new born baby. We always view a person from the outside and judge their success by the norm of the society. But how does this FU YIN person really feel? Only he or she will know.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jo

What is Fu Yin. How do you know there is a Fu Yin in the chart?

THanks =)

Josephine said...

Look for similar Pillar in your BaZi happen in the Luck Cycle or Year.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo

When is a clash/harm etc for the better?

Will this apply to unfavourable element in bazi clash with favourable element from yearly or luck cycle pillars?


Happy birthday by the way. Hope this year brings you lots of guidance.

Josephine said...


It is how you deal with the harm/clash etc that makes the difference. Of course if you are in your favourable luck cycle, you will bounce back faster.

Thanks for your birthday wishes.