Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Year of Metal Tiger, Geng Yin

Earth Day 2010
A quick reflection on what is happening to the world. Just a quarter over the year, the ferocious Metal Tiger shows it wrath. The battle of Metal and Wood (Heavenly Stem crashes on the Earthly Branches) is a great one indeed. Nope! This Tiger is not the kitty cat you all saw during the Chinese New Year cards or banners.

A recap of what has happened in the world so far when the tough ox year end and the fierce tiger take over:

Natural Disaster and Accident

12 January
A 7.0 magnitude earthquake slammed into Haiti at 5 p.m. It was the most powerful one in a century.

24 January
An Ethiopian Airlines flight crashed with 90 people aboard.

19 February    
A 400-year-old minaret collapsed Friday on worshipers in Meknes, Morocco, killing 36.

20 February    
The Madeira floods and mudslides were the result of an extreme weather event that affected Madeira Island in Portugal.

27 February
A massive earthquake measure at 8.8 magnitude hit Chile at 3.34 a.m.

28 February
A winter storm named "Xynthia" battered the western coast of Europe Sunday, its high winds downing trees and power lines and leaving as many as 55 people dead.

22 March
Hail storm hits Perth, Australia causing massive power outages, flooding, and mudslides.

26 March
South Korean navy ship sinks near sea border with North. At least 40 sailors are missing.

06 April
After the most torrential rain for decades caused landslides and flooding at Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro.

9 April
President Lech Kaczynski and scores of other senior Polish figures have been killed in a plane crash in Russia.

13 April
An earthquake with magnitude of 6.9 hit Jiegu, China at 8 a.m.

17 April
Volcano grip on Europe's airspace. The volcano eruption began March 20 beneath the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in southern Iceland, blowing a hole in the ice. It worsened this week, forcing local evacuations and eventually affecting European airspace.

Volcano Eruption in Europe

20 April
A magnitude of 5.2 earthquake hits Western Australia at 8.17 a.m.

Note that there is hardly water element in the year 2010 Chart below. Then why is there heavy rain that cause flood, hail storm and winter storm still affect the Tiger year? You may say that the effect of the Ox year which belong to the winter stage still exert it presents early of the Tiger year as the Qi takes time to slow die off. Another attribute is that the Tiger year which represents the early spring actually contains water. This theory greatly believed and advocate by my friend, Ailing. The explanation goes that as the ice during the winter starts melting into water during early spring that is on the Tiger month or year. Hence, the strong water Qi is present especially in the month and year of Tiger.

BaZi Chart For Geng Yin


08 February
Toyota recalled thousands of Prius cars.

21 February
4,000 pilots of German airline Lufthansa had gone on strike for four days in a dispute over job security.

20 March
British Airway's cabin crew on strike due to downsizing.

22 March
Google stops censoring search results in China.

21 April
Goldman Sachs faces a lawsuit that accused Goldman of bundling bad mortgage securities to clients, in the knowledge that another client, hedge fund manager John Paulson, would bet against these toxic assets by shorting them.

Apple soars with 90% increase in profits.

Apple products


13 January
Google reports China-based attack evidently to gain access to the e-mail accounts of Chinese human rights activists, says pullout possible.

23 February
Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has signed a framework ceasefire deal with one of Darfur's main rebel groups, the Justice and Equality Movement (Jem).

25 February
Afghan flag was raised over the battle-scarred enclave of Marjah, a ceremony symbolizing the presence of the Afghan government in the Taliban stronghold.

03 March
Greece debt and budget crisis had caused strike across public sector.

09 March
Israel has announced the building of 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem, in a move that threatens to overshadow US Vice-President Joe Biden's visit. The move has also angered Palestinians.

20 March
Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal goes global.

22 March
U.S. passed a new healthcare bill.

29 March
Moscow's subway attacks by terrorists.

07 April
Political unrest and uprising in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Prime Minister, Abhisit, declared state of emergency in Thailand.

9 April
President Lech Kaczynski and scores of other senior Polish figures have been killed in a plane crash in Russia.


Josephine said...

An email that I received says:
from now til 28th, please avoid coming in contact with rain. it's the acidic rain that happens once every 750 years. Chances of getting skin cancer is very high. This is related to the volcanic eruption in Iceland and it has caused the air to become very acidic.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

25 April
A magnitude of 5.2 earthquake hits Western Australia at 8.17 a.m.

R u sure?

Josephine said...


It was reported as a magnitude 5.2 on the earlier news. But the recent news reported it at 5.0. check this out:

If you are living in Australia, maybe you can let me know what's the situation there.


怡保老世 said...

The earthquake at Australia is a fact - check here on 20 April 2010

Josephine said...

Thank you.

Andy said...

i think what she meant was the date of the earthquake, not whether it actually happened.

25 April is tomorrow, still in the future...

Josephine said...

Hahaha! Now I see. Actually on 20 Apr. Will changed it.

Chris Chan said...

I have a theory regarding this. If a chart consist or LACK an element that is requires (in this case water is important for strong wood) that element becomes very 'unsentimental.'

I have been observing a 'bully' in my son's class. Ding fire person with very little wood. Born in the year of the goat. Everything tells you that should be a non aggressive person but he is definitely otherwise.

Last year was bad. Compounded by the strong earth, you see the aggressive character emerge. This year, was a lot better, because of the presence of strong wood.

So for strong wood year, water and maybe earth becomes aggressive. I haven't had time to test this theory because you can plot it over the timing that the event occurs and extrapolate the outcome.

Happy Mother's day everyone.

Josephine said...

Good theory! Will try it out on my chart. Hahaha! Thanks.

Zenda said...

Dear Josephine,

I want to know if October dangerous days has especially if the days 08., 17. and the 20. of October dangerous days are because we have (!) to make important things in these days.

Thank you sooooo much!

Josephine said...

In year 2010, 4th and 6th are considered Ferocious and Disaster Days so the two days are very inauspicious.

8th Oct is an Initiate Day and according to Dong Gong Date Selection (DS) it is an excellent day.

17th Oct not a good day.

20th Oct is an Initiate Day too and according to Dong Gong DS it is a good day too.

You should have a proper date selected base on your DOB as well, if you are planning some important matter or event.

Zenda said...

Dear Josephine,

thank you for your answer!For the bad days I want to use Dzi Beads...I holpe it helps!

With kind regards!

Josephine said...

I am not a believer of wearing those Dzi Beads but I do hope and wish it can helps you. Good luck.

Zenda said...

Well Josephine, in Tong Shu Diary is the 10.10. a Danger Day, but I must fly...What can I do?!?

Josephine said...

Hi Zenda,

Don't be too sensitive with every date that is a destruction or danger day. First check out whether you have any clashes on your chart with the annual pillar. If not there shouldn't be any problem.

Zenda said...

Yes, Josephine.I'm Monkey in year and month and you know Monkey and

Josephine said...


Although a danger day, Dong Gong still consider it a fair day. If you can chose a good time to travel then it would be better. Do take extra precaution.

Zenda said...

Dear Josephine, just now I changed the day I have to fly and took the 15.10.I would love to know your opinion...

Josephine said...

15 Oct is a normal day. Neutral. I guess its okay for you.

Zenda said...

Thanks!I pray by hook or by crook...

Zenda said...

Dear Josephine, my daughter is Monkey in month and year like me but her Day Master is goat and she will be operated (teeth) on 20th october 12am. Do you see any danger for her?


Josephine said...

Not to worry. Operation also relates to clash so her operation is mitigated by the clash in the chart.

Zenda said...

...I feel relieved!

I thank you so much!