Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Walter Owen Bentley

Yes! I'm writing about my dream car. J Walter Owen Bentley was the founder of Bentley Motors Limited. He was better known as W.O. Bentley or "W.O." Born on 16 September 1888, at an estimate time of 6 a.m., below was his BaZi chart.

W.O. Bentley's BaZi Chart

W.O. was more of a pioneer than an entrepreneur given the very prominent Rob Wealth Structure on the Month Pillar although his Day Master did sat on an Indirect Wealth Star.

W.O. was an engineer by profession. His designed of a high-tech four-cylinder engine and sturdy chassis, the Bentley 3 Litre, earned him widespread acclaim for its durability. In my weekly update, I have mentioned that Geng Wu is the Jia Zi for automobile company. The Ding Fire in the Wu Horse was needed to forge the Geng Metal. W.O. had strenuously working on the speed, the horse power and the durability of his engineered car. Founding the motor company [Geng Wu] had given him the opportunity to make connection with high status and wealthy people whereby his Rob Wealth Structure as well as the Geng Metal played important role. While Geng and Xin Metal were about branding, the Xin Metal showed his ambition and ultimate goal to lead his Bentley brand into the high-end luxury car sector.

However, being a strong Geng Metal person [born at the peak of autumn], more metal element means negative outcome. W.O. launched his luxury cars at the most wrong timing ever could be, U.S. went into Great Depression! Rolls-Royce [Rob Wealth Star] took over his company. There on Bentley brand no longer in the hand of W.O., was made famous by his Xin Metal brothers, the Rob Wealth Stars.

W.O. Bentley
He founded Bentley after World War I in 1919 which was the Wu Wu year. Notice the important element of Ding Fire in the Wu Horse. It was used to forge the Geng Metal into an axe and chopped the wood in the Yin Tiger.

The Tiger in the Spouse Palace represented the Heavenly Noble Virtue. It indicated nobleman in W.O. life and Woolf Barnato was one of his noblemen. Bentley cars set many records at Le Mans under "Bentley Boy" which was a group formed by wealthy British motorists. Woolf Barnato was the only driver in "Bentley Boy" to win on all three times he entered, giving him the highest victory percentage. The racing success failed to keep the company afloat. In the Luck Pillar of 37, the half combination of Chou Ox [Luck Pillar] and a combination of Zi Rat [Year Branch] indicated the need to source for partnership because the company was short of fund [Xin Metal (Stem on Month Pillar) clashed out the Yi Wood (Stem on Luck Pillar)]. W.O. turned to millionaire Woolf Barnato to raise cash, which resulted in Barnato effectively became the major shareholder. A great deal of Barnato fortune was used to keep Bentley afloat.

In the year 1929 [Ji Si], the Wall Street crash affected Bentley's business badly especially with it launched of the ultra-rich model car at that time. The Si Snake [Annual Pillar] was in a harm relationship with the Yin Tiger [Day Branch] which was W.O.'s Nobleman Star. The Wall Street crash was followed by the Great Depression, resulted the demand for high-end expensive cars dropped in the 1930s. In the Luck Pillar of 47, the Bing (Stem on Luck Pillar) and Xin (Stem on Month Pillar) involved in a combination to form water to grow the Jia Wood in the Yin Tiger. This indicated funding was needed by W.O.’s partner. Both W.O. and Barnato were force to sell-off Bentley in 1931 to an unknown buyer, which turn-out to be its arch rival Rolls-Royce. Again there was a harm relationship between Wei Goat [Annual Pillar] and Zi Rat [Year Branch]. W.O. later leaved the Bentley Motors after Rolls-Royce closed the racing department. Bentley was resold again to Vickers in August 1980 and fell under Volkswagen Group ownership in 1998. Rolls-Royce also fell under the same faith.

W.O. Bentley & Wife, Leonie

Bentley Continental Supersports
Although W.O. was no longer the owner of Bentley Motor Ltd, his Bentley brand until today never failed to achieve the motto he set-out, "To build a good car, a fast car, the best in class."


Wendy Phangg said...

Hi Great article and very antique car, worth a fortune

Lim said...

Hello-I am new & this is my 1st reading of your many articles. Does it mean that geng metal needs to be forged only once to become a useful metal as there is no metal in his natal chart. What industry would be better for him - fire or wood? His useful God? Is his wife his nobleman? What if he does not marry?

Josephine said...

Hi Lim,

1) Yes, Geng Metal needs to be forged to be useful.
He was in the month of Rooster with the pure Qi of Xin Metal penetrated to the Heavenly Stem. His Day Master was Geng Metal. Metal was definitely present in his BaZi.
2) Ding Fire. You do need fire to forge the metal. Hence, the automobile industry which is Geng Wu contains the Ding Fire that was needed by him.
3) His BaZi indicates Nobleman Star, it can be anyone. Not necessary his wife.
4) If I remember correctly he married three times. I am not sure what would happen if he did not marry.

Lim said...

1) sorry, i meant no fire in his natal chart. so he has to go into fire industry to find the metal that he needs? otherwise this metal will be useless or does it mean that metal needs only to be forged once only to be useful.

What do you think of his relationship with parents, workers & wife. Do you think he controls wife & do not get along with parents & very strong minded person?

Josephine said...

1)Yes, he need the Fire to forged the metal.
2)What do you think since he already married three times? What does a Rob Wealth Structure tells you about him? May be you would like to think it over. :)

Lim said...

RW means many competitors? Very unstable.

Josephine said...

Yes, it can mean that. It can also mean partnership, siblings, fans, etc.

Lim said...

Can a strong DM like him enter into partnership? Is it not favorable as there will be competitors.

Josephine said...

Whether a strong DM when into partnership or not there will be still competition.

I always think if you cannot beat them, join them.

Lim said...

I think friends mean more to this Bentley than his family. Can a strong DM with wealth stars be a homo as well....!

Josephine said...

Really need to see overall chart to decide. Can't tell by this. But usually a guy chart with Wealth Star around, chances of "homo" is lower.

Lim said...

Why is a chart with wealth stars not so much chances of being a homo? Would like to see how a homo chart looks like. Any chances of you posting such a chart in your blog? TQ

Josephine said...

Will write one, when I come across homo chart.