Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup 2010: France’s Dramatic Exit

Although not a football fan myself, the World Cup FIFA 2010 event would not go unnoticed easily by myself or anyone else. Furthermore, the France's team dramatic exit from the World Cup added some interesting gossip to the sport arena.

World Cup FIFA 2010
France's World Cup 2010
All the bad performance and the fall out seem to pointing to the Coach, Raymond Domenech. He has been criticized for many things since he became the Coach. Firstly, it had been rumour that he consulted astrology to choose the players for the France's World Cup. He left out many of experience players in favour of new one had mystified the fans and players alike.

He was also pictured dimly by the press, Le Parisien, for his refusal to shake South Africa coach Carlos Alberto Parreira's hand at the World Cup tournament.

Raymond Deomenech

He neither help his image by his remarked "I come from another world to you" in his final press conference.

What happen to the France's World Cup as seen in Domenech's BaZi Chart? He is born on 24 January 1952 at an estimate time of 9:00 p.m.

Raymond Domenech's BaZi Chart

If Domenech's BaZi Chart is the France's World Cup team, it proved to be as chaotic as the event which has taken placed. At the age of 58, he is in the Luck Pillar of Yi Wei. The Yi Wei Pillar is a Heaven and Earth clash to his Month Pillar whereby it represented his working environment. Furthermore the Luck Pillar Yi Wei also formed the wood element with Hai Pig and Mao Rabbit which clashes and controls into the earth element, his Friend Structure. The Hai Pig Branch represents his subordinate and co-workers, while the Mao Rabbit represents the outside world he need to deal with. This shows that he had little power over the event that had unfold although he was the coach. At the same time, his team under his coaching represented by the Si Snake, Xin Metal and Chou Ox combination clashes out to the wood formation. This was a clear sign of the team is going against the authority. His BaZi chart show that the France's team was heading for some serious battle internally and externally. What better place to play out the external battle than the World Cup 2010. While the World Cup started off poorly for France with a flat performance against Uruguay which earned them a draw, and a 2 nil shock defeat against Mexico, it was the internal battle and disharmony between the coach and the squad that kill the fighting spirit of the team.

At a first glance, there were already discord among his team and players because of the Hai Pig and Si Snake clashes in the Subordinate and the Team Palaces respectively. The discord may arise from the unhappiness of his management and coaching style as well as his incoherent strategy.

While all is this said, the problem cannot rest solely on Domenech as the football game is a game of as team spirit as well as team work.

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