Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peach Blossom Destruction (Part I)

A special request from my Sis to study the Bazi chart of a person. My sis is very secretive of his identity. Maybe she wants to test my skill. So I oblige. Here is his Bazi Chart. He is born in 15 Sep 1984 at 4.20p.m. He is 24 years old now.

Bazi Chart

He is a strong Ren Water Day Master born in the Peak of Autumn, and in the Jia Zi Year.

At his Bazi Chart Year Pillar stands the Eating God Star supported by Zi Rat on the branch. This shows that he comes across as an intelligent, refine and highly cultured person to the outside world. The Zi Rat is also a Peach Blossom Star which means he is very popular and greatly admire.

lthough he appears to be popular and surrounded by lot of friends, he is a lonely person at heart as his Day Master sits on Yang Ren Goat Blade. It also denotes a very self-opinionated and egoistic nature.

What stand-out in his chart is the Zi Rat-You Rooster Destruction. It appears twice his Bazi Chart. In addition, there isn't any fire element in his chart. Fire element is very important. It represents passion of a person. Since it is missing in his chart it means he has no passion in his life. He is unenthusiastic and not interested about anything in his life. He is also lack the will to make positive changes for himself as fire element also has the power to inspire and influence other people as well as impact a change within self. Bazi Chart

Life during childhood for him was difficult. This is indicated by Zi Rat – You Rooster Destruction Formation. His childhood experienced would affect his view on issues related to marriage, family and life.

His father as represented by the Fire element is missing in the chart. It is a very important element as his chart is cold. This means that he has no affinity with his father. It is also an indication that his relationship with his father is distance, cold and lacking.

At the Luck Pillar of Jia Xu (during the Luck Pillar of age 7-16), his chart met a harm formation between the Xu Dog (Luck Pillar) and You Rooster (Month Branch). The Month Branch represents the parent palace particularly the Mother Palace. Xin Metal in the You Rooster represents his mother. The You Rooster was also a Peach Blossom Star to Zi Rat (Spouse and Year Branches). This denotes that his love and admire his mother very much. Earthly Branch

How did Xu Dog came to harm the Xin Metal? In the Xu Dog, it contained the Ding Fire and Xin Metal. The Ding Fire element in Xu Dog represented his father and the Xin Metal in Xu Dog represented another woman in his father life. It was clearly a case of extra marital affair that caused harm to You Rooster and subsequently caused the Zi-You destruction. His mother became depressed and self-abusive. It was during this period that his family felled apart. The Destruction-Harm formation affected his mother and leaved a great impact on his life.

The Zi-You Destruction also appears gain later part of his life. It involved the Spouse Palace which means his marriage may be affected. The Rob Wealth Star in Zi Rat is also located in the Spouse Palace, an indication of third party involvement. He will likely go through what had happened to his parents and faces the same problem.

The coming year, 2009, 己丑, will bring much recognition and noble status to him. The Ji Chou is a very powerful Officer Star to him and it comibine with Zi Rat in the Day Branch and the Year Branch. The Day Branch beside being the Spouse Palace can also be the Home Palace and the Year Branch is refered as the Grandparent Palace. Hence, the noble status will be bestowed by the family member and likely from the Grandparent somehow.

As I checked through the "God and Sha", I found out that his Bazi contained a General Star and it is also a Rob Wealth Star. This denotes that he has the power to decide the life and death of a person.

Does this person exist or it is just a fickle of my sis imagination. Would you be able to guess who he is? I will find out from my sister and let you know whether he real.

To be continues…



geo said...

You are very good in your analysis. I hope that you can share more case studies in your blog. Good work and best luck.

Josephine said...

Hi Geo,
Thank you for your encouragement. Hope you will drop by my blog more often. I have check out some of your blog as well. It is quite interesting.

Jie Liang said...

Hi Josephine,
Could you elaborate on the analysis below for this person,
He was born in june 13, 1978, not sure exact timing, but its from 9am till 11am around that time.
What does all the following stuff mean? Could you explain things like Golden Lock etc, general star etc, grand dude, Many thanks. If i could repay you in any way for your advises, please do feel free to let me know, i don't mind doing a donation :)

Death God (Hour Pillar)

The General Star (Day Pillar)
Goat Blade
Golden Lock
Year Punishment
Grand Duke

The General Star (Month Pillar)
Goat Blade
Golden Lock
Year Punishment
Grand Duke

The General Star (Year Pillar)
Goat Blade
Golden Lock
Year Punishment
Grand Duke

Josephine said...

Hi Jie Liang,

Looking at the questions tat you have, maybe you would like to do a full Bazi consult. At the moment I am only charging US$48. If you interested please email me at