Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Boss is back to work

On the 17 September 2008, my boss was back for a half day work from his two weeks long of medical leave. He went for an operation two weeks ago.

I must say it was good to see him again although it had been two peaceful week without him around. When your Bazi chart had the element clashing into your Direct Officer, it's a bit worrying.

Direct Officer in a Bazi can represent your Boss Star or Husband/ Boyfriend Star. I have been thinking to myself that I wouldn't want anything to happen to the person who is dear to me although I am still single and have no idea who the fellow is.

Since that fellow doesn't exist yet that means it is likely that my Boss is affected. Sure enough, things happened. I am working in a big corporation, which boss then? There are so many. I have thought the Chairman would have the problem since he is the one who authorized the big chunk of bonus to us every year. As a result it will indirectly affect my cash flows. Since the clash is in my chart, I must have feel it somehow or affect by it. But all is well for him. He was travelling here and there visiting the oversea branches. I must say he looks great, healthy and vibrant from the company newsletter.

So I have totally forgotten about the clash until the morning of 2 September. I was informed that my immediate boss went into the operation theatre on Saturday and will not be in the office for two weeks. Everyone in my office seems to be surprise and relief at the same time. Yep! Relief because the coming weeks will not be so hectic and busy. Oh! Don't get us wrong. Me and my colleagues do like our boss. He is a good boss although he can be better. He had helped me out during one of the most trying moment in the office.

The clash had taken place but it has been a cool peaceful weeks for me. So shall you be worry if there is clash in your chart. Maybe not…When there is a clash to your Direct officer it can also mean that you are going to change job.

When you go for a bazi consult and you are informed of this kind of clash. Do you need to worry? You may have been planning to change to new type of field or higher ranking position or you are coming out to be your own boss. Then you just need to take the action as planned according to the timing of the clash in your chart. A CLASH doesn't necessary mean unhappiness or painful event.

This is what I call doing the right thing at the right time. This is how a Bazi consultant is able to help you in making certain decision according to your chart.

As for those who are reading this article right now, you don't have to search my blog. You would not be able to find which company I am working in.


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