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A Lighter Sight of the Four Graveyards (Part I)

In Bazi analysis, the earth element is represented by the four branches; Chen Dragon, Wei Goat, Xu Dog and Chou Ox. They are called the four graveyards. It main function is stored excess Qi.

If you are a great fan of Joey Yap, then you would have come across Nina Wang's Bazi in his book, More Stories and Lessons on Feng Shui and Princess Diana's Bazi in his book, Bazi the Destiny Decode Revealed.

Bazi The Destiny Code Revealed More Stories & Lessons on Feng Shui

For Nina Wang's Bazi, her husband star represented by Yi Wood was found only inside the Wei Goat. Furthermore, she was born at the height of autumn which means her husband star, Yi Wood is extremely weak. In autumn season the metal element is the strongest while the wood element is considered dead. In addition, an element is considered buried inside the graveyard when it does not appear on the branch or stem. Such is the case for Nina Wang's Bazi, whereby she countered his husband element. On April 1990, her husband, Teddy Wong, was kidnapped and never appear again. He was declared dead in 1999.

It is well-known that Diana, Princess of Wales had died in a freak accident in Paris in the year 1997. It was Ding Chou Year. She was also going through her 10 year Luck Pillar of Wu Xu. The Luck Pillar of Wu Xu and Annual Pillar of Ding Chou together with the Wei Goat in her Bazi form a Bullying Punishment. Three branches out of the Four Graveyards were involved. Guess what? The accident happened in the tunnel.

In both cases the earth elements proved detrimental and brought about a sad outcome.

So are you going to worry every time you go through an earth luck cycle in your Luck Pillar or Annual Pillar? Well, not until you have your Bazi chart consulted, then you decide.

In our ordinary day to day life, the four graveyard can simply means you are some sort of a collector especially when the Chen Dragon, Wei Goat, Xu Dog or Chou Ox is located in your Spouse Palace. This is because the spouse palace can also represent your home, the place where you stay. As I mention earlier the four graveyards are the storage of excess Qi. This means that you have a tendency to store or collect extra things in your home whether you do it as a hobbies or it is just a plain bad habit.

So what kind of stuff you like to collect? Then we have to look at the extra Qi that found in the four graveyards. Each the four graveyards store beside the main qi also store two secondary qi in its branches. The qi is represented by the stems in the branches.

If you look at the secondary stems in the four graveyards, Gui Water, Yi Wood, Ding Fire and Xin Metal, are all yin elements in nature. Yin element carries the nature of softness and gives the impression of daintiness. Because of this, there is a desire to own and protect it. It is also beautiful and elegant to look upon. It also carries sentimental values by those who admired it.

So what can these yin elements say about your collection?

Those who have Gui Water as a hidden stem will likely find an aquarium in their home that contain pretty fishes and bubbling oxygen. However nowadays it is hard to tell whether it is out of pure love of rearing firsh or the "kiasu" feng shui believers who try to find every way to fit an aquarium into their home as water to them are equivalent to wealth.

You can also be wine collector and have wine cellar at home. In the olden China, there were people who buried a large bottle of wine in the ground outside the garden of their home. If their home had a daughter the wine was called "Nu er hóng" (女儿红) while for a son it will be called "Zhuàngyuán hóng" (狀元红). The wine will only be taken out for serving on the day the daughter was married and for the son when he passed the Imperial Examination and became an official of a state in China.

During the olden day of China, people hardly move or travel about as much as the people today. They were more grounded at a place. Thus, it is likely that you would find an earth element in their Bazi charts although there isn't any historical record on the matter. As wine is a beverage and therefore it can represented by Gui Water as well as xin metal element because of its addictive value. Both of the elements can be found in Chou Ox.

Yi Wood can represents art collection like painting, books, stamps, earthenware and fashion.

Those who have Ding Fire hidden element usually like to collect antique firearm or the latest model of hand guns and shot rifle.

For Xin Metal hidden element, they are likely love to collect jewellery, coins and watches. Action figurines also come under Xin Metal element.

As for me, I love books. My collection range from: fengshui, motivational, financial planning and investment books written by Joey Yap, Dale Carnegie, Robert T. Kiyosaki and Jim Rogers respectively.

Every time I flip through the books, the authors never fail to enthrall me with their rich contents, many ideas and deep knowledge on the subjects they had written on. Each and every book has shown the authors' passion as well as their belief on their works. It is like reading part and parcel of their mind and thought.

Beside the heavy and serious stuff, I also enjoy romance novels. It contains heartfelt story that sometimes make you wanna cries, other times it bring a smile that spring deep from heart.

Out of the five elements the water governs the intelligence, feelings, thoughts and emotions. Wood can represent innovation growths, publication and books. If you combined all those qualities that I have mentioned you will most likely see it in the Chen Dragon's secondary hidden stems.

The Xu Dog collectible can be antique cars. In the Xu Dog it contains the secondary element of Xin Metal and Ding Fire. These two elements are best represented by car as the car is power by the engine (fire element) and made of steel (metal element). Those who like to collect sport cars or antique cars will likely find the Xu Dog is in their Bazi chart. Those who like to collect antique firearm will also find Xu Dog in their Bazi chart as it has the same elemental value of a car.

Do you see the beautiful photos below? Do you know how to capture such a stunning pictures? Do you see the light that plays across the pictures?

SceneryIt required skill photographers to capture such a spectacular photos. The camera filtered the harsh sunlight and only allow softer and gentler sunray to pass through and to capture the image into a photo. Can you see the Ding Fire and Yi Wood element in the picture? If you like photography and like to collect photos then you most likely find the Wei Goat in your Bazi chart.

I will write about a person collection that lands him into deep trouble, later. So stay tune…

Part II to be continue…


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Anonymous said...

thanks for that nice explanation of the "extra elements" in the four earth elements. Since they represent "death" in some cases, it always makes me feel bad reading about them (since my chart is literally full of them).

I have a crazy obsession for collecting things... like jewelry, dolls, coins from different countries and whatnot... although i don't have an aquarium (for some reason, I just don't really want it)... and they're all just for my enjoyment, really... but then I'll get emotionally attached to them...

Josephine said...

Hi Jin Ju,
Yep, those whou have earth element in their branches tend to like collection and they are emotionally attached to their collection. However, the good news is sometime the collection can be valuable and fetch a good prices. Cheers,

Anonymous said...

i have a whole chart full of earth in heaven stem - wu ji ji wu and chen wei wei chen (earth branches). what do you think of that all graveyards. no collection whatsoever. wei chen is destruction? what do you think of this person's life full of earth - buried?

Josephine said...

Wei Chen is not in destruction. Too many earth means you are very quiet person who would not and hard to reveal much of your emotion and feeling to others.

Anonymous said...

This person is actually impatient and of course when angry would not hesitate to give his mind and is loud. Opinionated, proud but generous person. He is not rich but has money to spend, I don't understand how or where he got his money from. What do you think? His life was not easy younger days?

Josephine said...


Are you referring the comment from the person with full of earth in his chart? Proud, yes. Angry would not hesitate to give his mind, don't think so. Impatient, hardly. A lot of money to spend, I think it is better to let this person answer you this question. :)

Lim said...

Does a chart with so many of the same element special?

Josephine said...

Maybe! Usually there are not many special charts today. Bill Gates' chart is not.