Thursday, October 23, 2008

The U.S. Presidential Election & Outlook

It has been sometimes now and the news is still hot on the topic of U.S. Presidential Election.

I am not a fan of any political parties, especially the one that is so far away from my home. However you can't help but notice it as Obama Barrack, John McCain, Sarah Palin and Ben Bernanke (the guy who is now in charge of Federal Reserve in US) keep popping out and glaring at you at most of major news columns every now and then.

If you like to read some of Bazi Analysis being done on them, I would recommend you to these two website; Bazi Diary and Bazi Buzz. One belongs to my course-mate and friend in the Bazi Module 3 class while the other belongs to Bernice, BaZi Instructor at Mastery Academy. They have very interesting articles written on their blog about the presidential candidates and those related to them.

Obama Barrack vs John McCainOutlook for 2009-2010

However no matter who wins the election, it would be a tough job a head. United States has already gone into recession late last year although a lot of the policy makers maintained otherwise. As we pass Wu Zi year, news of credit crunch, insurance and banking crisis leaved a chain-effect around the world especially to its neighbour Europe.

Looking at the Day Pillar of both Obama Barrack and John McCain, they are both yin Day Master. Hence, it is very hard for them to ride through the crisis and survive. John is more stead-fast in taking action compare to Obama. However his Day Master is sitting on Wei Goat. When you picture water with soft earth the murky water came to mind. Thus, he may not have the right mind or strategy to run a country. As a Ji Earth person, Obama has the advantage of being perseverance and power to succeed. His productive and nurturing personality are the qualities needed to heal a nation from the current financial turmoil.

The coming years will decide the faith of the powerful US.


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