Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ten Golden Years

Today, I have received a service recognition award for the 10 years I have worked in the company.

A quick flip through calendar shows a Xin Si day and it is a fair day according to Dong Gong Date Selection. I was given the honour of receiving the award at Jia Wu hour whereby the Heavenly Noble and Green Dragon exerts it presence.

It has been a long way. Time has pass by so fast that I didn't even realise it until today. It is an award that received with a heavy heart. Ten long years, I have been to nowhere and with not much achievement to attach with. Day in, day out I am doing the same thing. I feel I am still in SQUARE ONE, walking around it and never when out of the square.

“我从那里来, 又要从那里去...”

I have never believes in working for people and never will but here I am still working for other people. The award is really a sign to make a move.

I do hope the coming ten years will be much more rewarding in a truest sense.

Red RibbonJosephine

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