Thursday, October 2, 2008

First Day of Embrace your Destiny

Welcome! It is 2nd October 2008 1.16 a.m.

According to Dong Gong date selection method it is an excellent date. It is a Yi Hai day and blessed with Literary Star. The Heavenly Fortune Star and Heavenly Virtue Star is also present throught the month.

Since the Literary Star is present and blogging involved a lot of writing as well as publishing, I decided to launch my blog today. My blog is called "Embrace your Destiny".

How far would you go and do thing at the right time? For me, as you can see which I think is pretty far enough. It is 1.16 a.m. in the MORNING! At this god forsaken hour, everyone should be sleeping but it is the best hour for that day.

I am beginning to think this is a not so good an idea after all. Actually, when I selected the time few weeks ago I already had this tedious feeling inside me. So early in the morning, woh! Want to be so hard working, meh!

I decided to pre-write some of the stuff and post it at 2nd October 2008. At the right time I just have to click on a button it will all be posted in my blog. Then I can go back to my slumber. This is what Information Age is about. It is to make life easier.

mythought As for the contains of this blog it is mostly about Bazi, me and anything I find it interesting enough to post it here. You will get to know how Bazi can help you make better decision in life. What type of choice you have. Along the way you will also get to know me better.


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