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Bruce Lee, A Martial Artist of His Time

Bruce Lee

The lot of us, ordinary people, hope for many things in life. Some of us hope to be famous. Some of us want to become wealthy and some just like to be an outstanding individual in the society. So what does it take to standout and become famous, particularly, to be an outstanding martial artist? Well, a lot of hard work and some luck maybe or you are just simply lucky enough to be born one! In Bazi, a typical outstanding martial artist usually has the formation of "Hurting Officer controlling Seven Killings". This is especially so when he is born in a wood Day Master.

Bruce Lee's chart had exactly what it takes to be one. The Ding Fire and Geng Metal on the Heavenly Stems formed the "Hurting Officer controlling Seven Killings". As we all know, Bruce Lee is famously regarded as an exceptional martial artist cum actor through out the world.

Lucky fellow isn't he. Maybe not…

Bruce Lee's Bazi Chart
The making of the Martial Artist…

So he had what it takes to become a famous martial artist. Then what???

In Bruce's chart, the Hai Pig contained a very strong Ren Water, Resource Star. Resource Star denotes Bruce was intelligent, enjoyed learning and was focused on self-improvement. Furthermore, it was an Indirect Resource Star that means he learned thing in non-conventional way and able to see thing differently.

Bruce was first involved in martial arts through his father. He was later formally trained in martial art by Yip Man, a Wing Chun Master. Subsequently, he also took up Boxing training and fencing, all activities that linked to sportsmanship and martial art work.

The strong Indirect Resource Star had helped Bruce exposed to multi-fighting skills and learned from it. It also influenced Bruce in creating and developing new fighting techniques from the West and the East.

However, an overly strong Indirect Resource Star carries the negative quality like insecurity. It is this insecurity that made him constantly improve himself and constantly fighting to prove that he was good.

In Bruce's chart, there was also a clash of Chen Dragon (Hour Pillar) and Xu Dog (Day Pillar). There was also a punishment of Chen Dragon (Hour Pillar) and Chen Dragon (Year Pillar). In Bazi view, this kind of chart is not stable whether in term of personality, relationship and health issues.

In the year 1959, Ji Hai year, when Ji (earth) mixed with Ren (Water) contained in Hai Pig, water become murky and contaminated. This indicated an irrational thinking and unstable emotion. The Year Pillar in Bazi Chart represents you to outside world. It is the Pillar whereby other people first come in contact with you. This was where Bruce's Seven Killings Star located. The Seven Killings Star when negative carries the nature of aggression, rebellious and competitive. This mean Bruce was easily stoked or provoked as a person by other people. It was during this year that Bruce's got into a fight and badly beat his opponent, getting into trouble with the police. His father concerned of Bruce's safety, send him to the United States to live with an old friend. The Hai Pig (Annual Pillar) was also a punishment to his Parent Palaces (Month Branch). His action must have caused great emotional distress to both his parents.

The Seven Killings Star also bring along many petty, people, critics and detractors. On top of this, Hai pig also contained a Friend Star. A Friend Star to a strong Day Master means competition. This had put him in collision with numbers of street thugs, stunt men and martial arts extras, all hoping to make a name for themselves. However, none of them will ever able to replace Bruce as indicated in his Bazi chart. The Friend Star was hidden in the Hai pig and never emerges out to other Branches or Stems. There was only a Jia wood tower on the Stem that was Bruce Lee Day Master.

The Seven Killings Star does not necessarily always mean a negative nature. When a person's luck is smooth it will manifest good quality. The Seven Killings Star in Bruce's chart had showcased him to the world as a charismatic, daring and bold person. His lightning speed and unconventional martial art movement were many attributes of the Seven Killings and Hurting Officer Stars at worked. Bruce's high-profile martial arts demonstration at the 1964 Long Beach Karate Tournament, was seen by some of the nation's most proficient martial artists.

The Seven Killing Stars of Geng Metal sitting on Chen Branches forms a Special Gods called "Chief". It gives the impression of a strong life force, a tough guy and a fighter who love to win which was exactly what Bruce Lee always represent.

Bruce's Hurting Officer Star was Ding Fire element. Ding Fire carries the illuminating quality in the darkness. It spread knowledge. Hence, Bruce's worked, Jeet Kune Do. It was a martial art school that spread the martial art created and developed by him. Bruce emphasized on practicality, flexibility, speed, and efficiency in his martial art teaching. He called his fighting technique "the style of no style". All this are the facade of Ding Fire that flickers in the darkness with no exact body shape, the ability to change and transform. Bruce also improvised his own kicking method from Wing Chun and Northern Shaolin kung fu. This showed the Hurting Officer Star and the Indirect Resource Star exerted it influences.

The shooting star…

At age 3, the Father Star appeared on the stems of Luck Pillar. The father figure was important at the time while his Hurting Officer Star, Ding Fire sited on Father Palace in his Bazi Chart. Hurting Officer as fire element can also represent acting, showmanship, performer as well as film and entertainment industry. Hence, his father had helped Bruce jump started his acting career besides introducing him to martial art at a very young age.

Although Bruce had started off a career as an actor, it didn't go smoothly. At the age of 18 due to a fighting incident he has been send off to United States. From then on he has stopped acting and pursued martial arts up to 1964.

In the Luck Pillar of Geng Yin, the Seven Killings Star appeared on the Stem while the Branch contained Jia wood - Friend Stars. Friend Stars to a strong Day Master means competition and rivalries. He was only noticed by William Dozier at the Long Beach Karate Tournament. Dozier later invited Bruce for an audition, where he earned the role of Kato alongside Van Williams in the TV series The Green Hornet. The show lasted just one season. During this period although Bruce had involved in many films, none of it has make him a star yet.

The pictorial image of the Pillar Geng Yin shows a Wood that has been chopped and is ready to use. Further the Ren water, Resource Star, in Hai in his chart produced out to the Friend Star. Basically it means the ideas of the person is being used and taken by another person. As the Seven Killings Star shined on this Friend Stars, the person definitely had more say or power. It was on this Geng Yin Pillar, Bruce's concept of a television series tentatively titled The Warrior was purportedly retooled and renamed Kung Fu by Warner Bros however no credit was given to Bruce.

Bruce only made it big when he returned Hong Kong and starred in The Big Boss in 1971, a Xin Hai Annual Pillar. Xin Hai Pillar was a beautiful pillar. Imagine a pearl discovered at bottom of sea shining brightly. It brought good status and reputation to Bruce. It's no wonder the film, The Big Boss, was an enormous box office success across Asia. This was followed by another two more box office hit: Fist of Fury (1972) and Way of the Dragon (1972).
Bruce Lee Bazi's Chart
In 1973, Bruce's entered the Luck Pillar of Xin Mao. Xin represents the Officer Star and it brings good reputation and status. Mao contain Yi wood was a Rob Wealth Star to Bruce. Rob Wealth Star can mean many things but to Bruce it had brought him enormous fame. It was at this juncture that Bruce starred in Enter the Dragon jointly produced by Golden Harvest and Warner Bros that shoot Bruce to fame in the U.S. and Europe.

Although Xin Mao Luck Pillar brought Bruce tremendous fame and recognition, it was a very difficult pillar to cross. Mao Rabbit was a punishment to Chen Dragons in Bruce's chart (Hour and Year Branch). It also combined with Xu Dog (Day Branch). Further more it was a half combination of Hai Pig (Month Branch) and Wei Goat of the Three Combination. When all the Branches Pillar is touched or moved one way or another by clash, combination or punishment in the Bazi Chart it signals danger and likely death.

Bruce never makes it. In 20 July 1973, at the age of 32, a few months after the film's (Enter the Dragon) completion and three weeks before it was released he mysteriously died.

1973 was a Gui Chou year. Gui (water) sit on Chou Ox (earth) Luck Pillar can be viewed as contamination or poison of the mind. Water mixed with earth, it become polluted and murky. Bruce death was reported as caused by an allergic reaction that resulted in brain edema (swelling of the brain).

Unfortunately, Bruce never knew how famous he could be. He struggled and worked through his life like many ordinary folks do. He was never able to see the fruit of his work. His legacy was leave to his family.

Bruce Lee is a star that never sees the brilliance of his day.



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great write up, some interesting info that you have higlighted.

One minor typo error in the para "In Bruce's chart, there was also a clash of Chen Dragon (Hour Pillar) and Wu Horse (Day Pillar) ..". I believe you mean Xu Dog (Day Pillar). :)

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Very good article. The Dragon Dog eathly branches in the chart called the gate of heaven and hell accounts for the strange spooky experiences Bruce Lee encountered during his life. Even his death was strange;

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