Sunday, August 2, 2009

Simon Cowell and IL Divo

The Il Divo group composed of four singers that are Sébastien Izambard, Carlos Marin, David Miller and Urs Buhler. Il Divo means "Star" or "Celebrity" in Italian. The man behind the creation of Il Divo is no other than Simon Cowell. He is a famous music manager, executive and reality TV star.

What has brings these four persons together to work in a group? The most obvious, of course is fame and celebrity status. The other accompanied reason is likely wealth. It can be view as a business partnership as well. So we are likely to look into the Rob Wealth Star or the least, Friend Star of each individual natal chart.

Below is the creator of Il Divo, Simon Cowell's Bazi Chart, the guy that brings the Il Divo together. He has the most interesting Bazi Chart. He is born in 7 October 1959, time of birth unknown. Take a look at below. There is not output star in his up to the Day Pillar. Although there is possibility that the Output Star may be located at the Hour Pillar but in my opinion even if there is an Output Star it will be a minor one hidden in one of the branches.

Simon Cowell's Bazi ChartSo what is an Output Star? The Output Star is an expression star. It is the thing the thing you produce. The star represents creativity, bright and quick mindedness, and abilities to perform and rise to the occasion to achieve the extraordinary. So does a less than ideal or completely missing Output Star doom you to the inability to work and hence make a living? Simon Cowell's natal Chart has shown us otherwise. Despite the Output Star seems to be no existence, he still achieve greatness. This is because the other element that come to play an important role in his life or you can say that he has uses his other star wisely.

He is not known because he of performing skill like singing or dancing. He is also not a designer that created brands like Prada, Hugo Boss or Armani. He is more of an entrepreneur. He uses his Rob Wealth and Friends Star to cut deals, venture into partnership and to pull together a group of talented people to work for him. All was not rosy at his early part of his career. He is doing menial jobs here and there. He father's connection helped him into an assistant to an A&R man. From there he work his way up.

Practically he didn't do anything. Yeah, you may say he stills need to talk when he was a judge in Pop Idol, American Idol, The X Factor, and Britain's Got Talent that gives him fame. Isn't it one form of output? He talks more like a 7 Killings, Wu Earth inside the Xu Dog, rather than a favourable Output Star. Cowell is well known for his notorious judgement, for his blunt and often controversial criticisms, insults and wisecracks about contestants and their abilities, or lack thereof. The Times journalist Minette Marrin described him as the "heartless, thoughtless and superficial – the flotsam and jetsam of the polluted seas of celebrity that is likely to sink without trace into toxic foam". In American Idol he is also know for his bitingly critical comments and attitude. His co-judges, Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson, tend to cut him off very quickly as well. His signature phrase, "I don't mean to be rude, but …" will always follow by a string of harsh criticism that sometimes makes audience boo him off.

He is so famous for his notoriety that each country's version of the Idol had attempted to come up with its own "Simon Cowell" type personality. Can you see his 7 Killings Star is helping his Direct Officer Star, Ji Earth on the stem of the Year Pillar. Rare occasions, indeed. His notoriety is giving him a good name and recognition in the industry.

Many of the reality shows that created by his company, Syco like The Idol, The X-Factor, Got Talent, American Investor, Celebrity Duets, Grease is the Word and Rock Rivals are nothing new or lack originality as well. It is the same idea that when through different packaging and repackaging. Even the idea to form Il Divo group is from listening to Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman's rendition of Con te partirò. Aware of this new appreciation for lyrical voices and classical music, Simon Cowell decided to form a multinational quartet that tried to recreate the style of The Three Tenor. All this indicated the influence of Direct Resource Star, Xin Metal inside the You Rooster.

So never fret what you don't have. "Success comes from taking the hand you were dealt and using it to the very best of your ability" by Ty Boyd.

Below are each individual of Il Divo's Bazi Charts. The Rob Wealth and Friends Star are circled. It is the stars that bring fame and the sharing of limelight by others. Their fame is like a candle light in the dark. When it is completely burn-off, they will walk their own way.

From left: Sebastien Izambard, David Miller, Urs Buhler & Carlos MarinIl Divo's Bazi Chart


Sue said...

Please explain the Divos Bazi.

Josephine said...

Hi Sue,

Doesn't find any interesting stuff to share on the Divos Bazi.

If not for Simon Conwell, I would think they will stil be an ordinary guy next door except for Carlos. He is quite well known in his own country.