Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lunch Talk

An interesting conversation has ensued during our lunch break today. It is about date selection.


A guy colleague of mine says he do all his date selection base on the Chinese Tongshu. He doesn't go to a consultant to find a good date for his marriage because he finds it troublesome. He also mentioned that that in general all of them (referring to the Chinese Metaphysics consultant on date selection) use the same source so the end result will be the same. There is also this argument whether it should be the ceremony date to be selected or the registration date to be selected. For me I will choose the registration date because it is the date your marriage recognized by the law which I think is most important. However some think that the ceremony date is more important because the heaven blessed your marriage on that day with the eye witness of all your relatives and friends. It is so easy to solve this problem, just select two good dates for both of the activities. However, this is where all the excuses come in because everyone prefers convenience more than anything.

I also find out interestingly the one of my colleague who is going to get married this year end does not go through any date selection at all. She base her date on everyone convenient that is all her family and her other half family are on holiday so everyone are around at that point of time. She is a Christian so I am not surprise.

So in these two cases I do not want to preach too much what I think of date selection as I do not want to come across like Ms. Know-it-all and thou are wrong sales person trying to sell you service. Furthermore is all set and done. A few words of mine would not change their mind.

Back to office, a quick glimpse through the Tongshu as well as Dong Gong Date Selection shows that both of them have chosen a good day and an excellent for another, although it is not to the personalization of their Bazi. Chinese has a saying, "错有错处". It means something like "blessing in disguise".

Sometimes your luck will bring you to the place where you should be with the right timing too. But do you want to take the risk? It is up to the individual, I guess. To me if you want to maximize good result, I think you should have a good date selected by the specialist.


Tracy said...

Hi Jo,

It was great to see this posting because I had both dates (ceremony and registration day and time) selected. It was a piece of mind.

But even the selected day's chi or luck cannot change what is in store of the couple's natal chart. That's just from my experience from a person that had dates selected.


Josephine said...

Yeah, sometimes it can only smoothen a bit the road for you. Can't help much but better than nothing, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

Your posting just answered one of my mysteries in life. Again.

Grateful Reader

Josephine said...

Glad I can help. :-)

Tracy said...

Very true!

I can't imagine how things would be like if I was married on a bad day. =P

BaZi said...

I've attended 2 weddings previously.. 1 falls on 'Remove' and the other falls on 'Close'.

and I'm wondering what's the outcome of these 2 couples.. shall monitor them as a real life case study for commencing important personal activities on bad days.

Josephine said...

I will be waiting for your news.:-)
If the date is personalise to the couple then it may be a good date to them even though it falls on the remove or close date.

I have recently attended Master Hung's workshop. He mentioned that the close date can be used if you want to start something new in your life and end the old one. So it is actually not a bad date according to him. It depends on how you use it.