Sunday, August 23, 2009

Marrying A Rich Husband, Anyone!

Recently my friend, Jessie, has posted an article titled, "What should I do to marry a rich guy?". You guys just have to read the answer, it is really hilarious.

Fairy Tales

However with today influence from romance movies and luv dramas especially from Taiwan and Korea, it is not surprising that many young girls would dream of marrying a rich handsome young man and live happily ever after. Welcome, to the fantasy world for those who love fairy tales.

In Bazi wise do you have what it takes to be able to marry into a rich family? Are you born with the kind of Bazi that you will eventually end up with a guy that has deep pocket?

Traditionally, there are few criteria to look in the Bazi of the lady with grace. Or you can say the gal who snatches a rich husband. Firstly the self (Day Master) of lady in question must be strong but not until it become domineering. Secondly, her Output Star must be of the Eating God Star because the other Output Star, Hurting Officer, will hurt the Spouse Star. Her Spouse Star must also be strong, of good quality and must not be clash, harm or touch in any way in Bazi wise. It should be the Direct officer Star and not the Seven Killings. Preferably, herself element is the yin polarity and the Spouse Star sits on the Spouse Palace. This would be perfect. Hence, her husband will need and love her. Lastly, the Resource Star must also be present because it represents helper or nobleman. It also represents your comfort in life. Hence, with it you basically would not have to work much. This conforms to traditional thinking of what a lady with grace's Bazi should be.

In today reality, the theory above is very much debatable. Take for instance the Eating God and the Hurting Officer Stars. The Eating God Star's natures are of good temperamental, will not be too showy and a bit shy. This is what the olden day's society wants in a wife. They were to stay at home, keep the home organize and take care of children, elder the in-laws. However, today the demand of a wife is much higher. You actually needed both the Eating God and Hurting Officer.

Wedding RingBasically, wealthy men are usually businessmen, entrepreneurs, go-getters who love the thrill of the hunt. They are tops in their field. They are often active, aggressive and competitive in their personal lives as well as their business lives. They are hard working. At the same time they play harder too. They expect the best because they give their best. And that is exactly what you will have to be to get a rich man to marry you: The BEST. You must be perfect that is you have to be fit, perfectly groomed from head to toe. Yes! You must have the look of those girls that pop-out from the Regency novels with the nails done, white teeth, hips wide and tiny waistline. If you read those kinds of novels, you will know what I mean. In short, you must epitomized grace and beauty. Hence, you needed the Hurting Officer to look slim and pretty and the Direct Officer as well as the Resource Star to give you some form of grace. Eating God usually will fall on the plum side because of their habitual good food and tasteful life style.

Grace KellyGrace Kelly is one of the good examples of grace and beauty. With beauty alone, she could have landed anyone. However, it was the ability to set people at ease, to manage events, to network on behalf of their husbands that made them valuable marriage material. If you want a wealthy husband, you have to be comfortable both in the spotlight (that is Hurting Officer) and on the sidelines (Eating God). There will be times when you will be thrust into the background while your husband is working through a deal or weathering a publicity storm. You will sometimes need to be your husband's digital memory card that is discreetly whispering to him who are the people approaching. Why he should pay attention to them. Other times, you need to deflect certain attention so that he can avoid someone making a nuisance of themselves, but it must always be in a nice way so that nobody feels insulted.

At times, you need to be thick skin too. You never know when he will need to be on good terms with someone, so you will have to be the one who are on good terms with everyone all the times. There are people who will call you gold digger or fortune hunter especially you were not born to a certain amount of wealth to begin with, or are uncomfortable with wealth. Hence, you will face even more resistance and criticism.

You need to be street smart and on your guard most of the time because you will learn a great deal about your man's holdings and business dealings, which could be turned against him if you are unwary. There are people who want to befriend you just for the purpose of getting information that will help them bring his empire down.

With the long list of functions above, I think it is hard work all the way. Where would the Resource Star come in to play the role of "you do not need to lift a finger to work" in the event that you marry a rich husband, I truly wonder. However you do need the Resource Star to act as Nobleman Star to you, given that many people you have to deal with. Since, the rich man that you wish to marry is working hard most of the time, finding a Spouse Star sitting at the Spouse Place is hard nowadays. With the amount of time these guys spend in the office and loving his work like all that is left to life, you may probably be getting a Seven Killing Star as the Spouse Star rather than the Direct Officer.

Ugly Betty

By the time I get to here, some of you may have come to realize that why some of those rich guys out there just married their personal assistant. Wouldn't you think it is much easier that way.

Still want to marry a rich husband? Well, I do wish you the best of luck if you say yes. However, I very much agree to the reply sign off by JP Morgan that it is easier to earn your own wealth than married into one. If by any chance you are already married to a rich husband and you do not in any way resemble a beautiful immaculate personal assistant, I guess you just have to employ one big fat good old-fashion nanny type of personal assistant for your husband. "Ugly Betty" is good! It will save you a lot of headache from the gold digger out there. J


Anonymous said...

hi Jo

so what happens when u get seven killing instead of the direct officer?

From Joey's calculator how do one determine the structure?


Josephine said...


Read paragraph 10, last sentence. One of the features of 7K as a Husband Star.

Basically, the structure is derived on the month branch. Although certain cases we will look at the stems as well.


Jason said...

This was a very nice article indeed. My question now is, What about the guy? what is it in his Bazi, that shows he can be a RICH person?

Josephine said...

Hi Jason,

Not much is says about guys who married to a rich wife because I think the olden days, the guys are supposedly make it to the top on their own.

But you can look for the Golden Carriage Star as an indication. It must be your Direct Wealth and resides on the Spouse Palace.


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Chloe said...

is golden carriage star the same as the golden lock star?

please clarify.

p.s. I like your articles too!..very interesting and keeps me clicking your site for updates :)

Josephine said...

Hi Chloe,

No, it is different. Golden Lock is another good star tat usher in good luck. Golden Carriage is more to marrying a rich guy or girl.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

Nothing to do with Bazi...just wanted to say I loved that movie with Sammi! Haha.

Tracy said...

Sorry...forgot to use my ID..that was me!

Josephine said...

Hahaha... Luv that movie too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Josephine,

So what if a lady has everything you mentioned on her chart, is she bound to meet Mr. Perfect one day?

Josephine said...

That depends how you define the Mr Perfect.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Perfect as the "rich husband"...who needs you for his social and business interactions, and probably be faithful and loving...

Josephine said...

Then you will have a lon wait. No one is perfect in this world. But most probably if you see your Husband element in the Luck Cycle or Annual Pillar you will meet someone.

Anonymous said...

thanks for answering my questions.

really enjoy reading your blog.

Josephine said...

You're most welcome. Glad that you like my blog.

mantis said...

interesting article..personally, I never even thought of getting money through marriage..maybe because I don't have Eating God, or Hurting Officer, in my chart.

Which brings me to my mentioned you need Hurting Officer to be slim and pretty? Should I understand that, without it, I am bound to be an old maid? lol.
But it is funny that you put the "slim" part in because I don't have the Hurting Officer, and I have struggled with weight issues all my life. However, I have been told I am beautiful, even with the extra weight.

Josephine said...

Hahaha... I think not. Beauty is always on the rye of the beholder. However, with all the model in the magazine and the stage, slim seem to be the trend. Usually HO people tend to have slimmer side.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jo for the nice article.

May I know if the golden carriage sit inside in hidden stems and hurting officer in heavenly stems, what this could be?


Unknown said...

Im just wondering if i have 3 7ks in my hidden stems with also 3 EGs in month day and hour and 1 Do hidden stem in year pillar, which is my true husband star then?

K.M said...

Im just wondering if i have 3 7ks in my hidden stems with also 3 EGs in month day and hour and 1 Do hidden stem in year pillar, which is my true husband star then? said...

For my experience and knowledge told me, Super rich guy are lazy and love to enjoy all the times. They just work 8Hours a day 5days a week. Only people who want to start their own businesses need to work 14Hours and 7days a week. People who work as a managerial position like Managers, they work like a "shit" to served their Chairman and CEO of the company and their CEO enjoy night life while promoting their product in a piece of paper. Rich not equal to hardworking. Manager can look "rich" with "company car" but they have a lot of dept. Without working they don't even can survive.