Friday, August 7, 2009

David Tao, Songwriter & Singer

David Tao is another Taiwanese's popular singer cum songwriter. He is born in 11 July 1969, time of birth unknown.

David Tao's Bazi ChartBeing born in summer, his chart needs the water to cool it. Thus the favourable element is water. You would know by now if you have read some of the previous articles that travelling (water element) will bring him luck. His family came from Shanghai to Hong Kong and later travelled to Taiwan, and migrated to United States. His parents return to Taiwan when his father pursued a career in singing.

David Tao

David Tao who followed his parents to United States stayed on until he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Psychology. He only returns to Taiwan when he is offered a job by the reputable Taiwanese producer, Wang Zhi Ping.

Being born in the month of Wei Goat, he has an Eating God Structure. Hence, he is more of a songwriter than a performer. It is not surprising that David Tao is considered as a prolific composer and songwriter. He has written popular songs for many popular artists.

In early days in Taiwan, he has started writing, and later producing songs which is the work of an Eating God. At the age of 28 in 1997, Ding Chou Ox year, he released his first album David Tao (陶喆). At that point of time he is going through a Wu Chen Luck Pillar. Wu Chen is a strong Hurting Officer Star because it is a pure Qi that penetrates to heaven. In the year of Ding Chou, it clashed the Wei Goat in the Month Branch on his natal chart. It has a destruction relationship with Wu Chen Luck Pillar as well. You may think that all this clash and destruction will be bad, but it proved to be otherwise. The earth element is not a favourable element to David Tao. During this Luck Pillar, David Tao went through a 360º of change from a songwriter who works behind the scene to become a singer, a performer and a star. The clashes of Chou~Wei also released the Ding Fire too, a friend star to David Tao. It indicates that his works have influenced many singers (Friend Stars). They have acknowledged his works more than the normal listener in the market. Singers that actually listen to David Tao include Eason Chan, Jay Chou, Wang Lee-Hom, JJ Lin, Tank, Bibi Zhou and the list go on.

His subsequent released of albums like I'm OK, Black Tangerine (黑色柳丁), Ultrasound (十一號), Ultrasound 1997-2003 (樂之路), Soul Power Live (陶喆現場原音專輯), Soul Power Live @ Hong Kong (陶喆香港演唱會實況), The Great Leap 2005 (太平盛世) and Beautiful (太美麗) are successful too.

Therefore, if you want to kick-off some bad habits or want to have a complete change to your personality but doesn't seem to be successful may be going through a destruction period is not bad after all. However, this greatly depend on your Bazi Chart so don't do something funny, ya. :D

By this time you have finished reading this article, I think I have enough blogging about artists. I am going to blog about something else or on other profession. :P


BaziNerd said...

Good Afternoon Josephine,

I got some questions.
1st Question: if say you have like 3-4 wealth element in your chart, but your, does that mean you will be rich someday?

2nd Question: What makes someone a billionaire? what is it in bazi that can tell if that someone can be that status?

3rd Question: my self element is Yang Fire, hour is yin water (HS), Yang Earth on both Month and Year (Heavenly stems = HS)

But all Fire in the btm (all earth branches are fire element, Yang Fire.

- Can be rich ar?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jo! May I suggest Nicol Ann David then? :)


Josephine said...

Hi BaziNerd,

Q1: It is hard to tell. Have to look at the overall picture of the natal chart.

Q2: Special charts like Donald Trump. However Bill Gates and Warren Buffets, have ordianry Bazi. They are billionaire too.

Q3: I would advise you to seek a full consultation. My email is

Josephine said...

Hi Boon,

Will look in Nicol Ann's Bazi to see if anything interesting to write.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jo,

It's just a suggestion only, no obligation to read her chart if you don't feel like it ya. Was just suggesting only, you shouldn't have done DT's chart if you got bored with artistes' charts already. Really appreaciate it and looking forward to learning more fr your blog :)


Josephine said...

Hi Boon,

No idea to write anything at the moment. Have not decide to write anything yet. No worries. :D