Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jay Chou (Initial D)

"Jay Chou in Initial D", this is how I remember him. Although I know that he is a songwriter cum singer of his own rights, I have taken very little notice of him. I only try to dig out some facts about him due to the recent request. My view is written as follow.

Jay Chou is born on 18 January 1979, time of birth is unknown. He has been described by my reader, who requested an analysis of his Bazi, as being a recluse but a very filial son. Below is his Bazi Chart.

Jay Chou's Bazi Chart

He is a 乙 Yi Wood person born in winter. His Day Master is sitting on 酉 You Rooster, the Xin Metal, showing him to have sharp and strategic mind. It is a person that should not be underestimate or taken lightly. Born on the month of 丑 Chou Ox, that gives him an Indirect Wealth Structure, he is very business-minded and one that has a hard-working nature too.

His Bazi natal chart which is cold needed the fire to warm him. Although the 丙 Bing Fire is not found in any of the natal chart pillar up to the Day Pillar and hence, makes it less ideal, he still has the 丁 Ding Fire inside the 午 Wu Horse (Year Branch). The Ding Fire represents his Eating God star. Looking at the natal chart, you will notice that the Wu Horse and Chou Ox is harm relationship. The Chou Ox that represents his Wealth Star as well as his Father Star which is also sitting in the parent palace. It is harmed by the Wu Horse. It is reported that his father had leaved him at the age of 14. This has greatly influence his nature, making him an introvert, quiet and shy person. It is also this reason that he is very protective of his mother. The harm has also influenced some of the songs he composed which touched the society and family issues. Some of these examples are songs like "Coward" which discussed societal ills such as drug addiction, "Dad, I am back" that touch on domestic violence, and "Maternal Grandmother" and "Listen to your Mother" that voice in regard of family values.

By looking at his natal chart, the present of another Yi Wood side by side indicates a very acute competition in his life. As a person he also has a very competitive nature. It also means that there are other as good and as popular as him. He has won numerous Awards as a singer, song-writer and producer. However, failure to win "Best Album" for three consecutive years in Taiwan has left him disheartened. It has been reported that although he has won the Favorite Male Artist of the 20th Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan, he did not attend the event. This has caused a lot of negative criticism.

Many faces of Jay Chou

As being a reclusive, you may liken this attitude to the Chou Ox which is one of the four graveyards as well as the Lonely Stars. However, I would say that even a person with an extrovert and highly enthusiastic nature will become a recluse and seek solitude because of the constant attack from paparazzi and attention from the media.


Anonymous said...

What u mean Jay bazi chart don't have fire? What about the Yang Fire

Josephine said...

Bing Fire=Yang Fire
Ding Fire=Yin Fire

Read the fourth paragraph...

Anonymous said...

Is this a follow chart? There is no water.

Josephine said...


Chou Ox is in winter. Hence, water is strong although its main Qi is Ji Earth. Further there is a secondary Qi in the Chou that is Gui Water. Wood is consider stong in winter. Beacuse there is a resource star & friend star in the chart it does not fit follow chart.