Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can Your Character Differ From Your Bazi Chart

Recently we have a group discussion on Bazi with some of my classmates. The topic of character cropped-up. It seems that some of the people they know do not reflect what their Bazi shows.

It has also makes me wonder? Can a character differ that much from the Bazi Chart? Well, a Bazi Chart will not lie, people will.

However, people can also consciously improve their selves in term of character, personality and how they deal with people. With a constant and persistence changes and improvement, they can imprint certain personality traits into their life that they may lack or improve their personality. This conscious action taken cannot be read by Bazi. Does this mean that a person whole character will be totally different from the Bazi if they consciously change it? Probably not! In such cases, I guess you will see more of the positive side of each element or the Ten Gods it represents in the person's Bazi Chart rather than the bad one. That is why upbringing, education, training and constant nurturing are very important to a child from young.

Again there are people who carry a superficial character when dealing with others. In such case, this person does not show his true character or partially reveal a small side of himself to others. This does not necessary mean they are bad as most of us do this often enough to strangers or acquaintances. As we grow older we tend to protect ourselves more and show less of our true nature. This is because our society dictates certain behaviors are acceptable while others are not.

However, when a person deliberately hide his true nature in the hope to cheat or gain something out of others then it is bad. The Yi Wood together with Xin Metal has these abilities. We automatically like to use the word "cunning" to describe this two stems. However, this does not mean all the people with Yi Wood or Xin Metal elements in their chart are doom to be bad guys on the block or this two stems is a bad element to have in a person chart. There are still others elements to factor in a person's Bazi Chart. Well, I also agree with Ailing that "cunning" is negative choice of word to describe the two stems some times.

Yi Wood & Xin Metal
Politician also uses the Yi and Xin often enough. Cunning, scheming and calculating are some of the best choice of words for them. Ironically, the politicians here lack the best nature of the Yi plus the Xin, which is communication skill. With this two stems in a person Bazi, he or she has way with words. In a positive aspect, this person can tone down unpleasant news or make something simple and common sound wonderfully interesting. Unlike Jia Wood people who are blunt and straightforward, they have the ability to deliver a criticism across and yet, without making others lose face, feel embarrass or hurt. You will always find them nice to talk to.

A businessman too needs to be shrewd and astute in their business dealing. Again, this is the ability of the Yi and Xin. We also want some of the Yi and Xin natures as they have better discerning skill then other stems. Hence, they are able to judge other people character better.

I think the last explanation of why a person character differs from his Bazi is that the date of birth he provided is simply not his and hence, the Bazi Chart does not show the person's character.

In my conclusion, a person's natures will not differ far from his Bazi. It is how much he chooses to reveals his inherent abilities or natures (the elements in his Bazi) to others.

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