Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Law of Attraction (Part II)

After publishing Lee-Hom Bazi recently, my email is filled with request to write about Lee-Hom luv life, and others celebrities like David Tao, IL DIVO and Jay Chou. You might wonder what this title has to do with those requests and why it is a Part II version. It is actually a request from a reader and my friend, Chris, from has actually written about him under the title of "The Law of Attraction". Hence, I will not go into details here. I only one to highlight a few points that I think make these two persons charts different.

Again I will call this guy, "Joker." His is also in an entertainment industry but his career is a bit different from Lee-Hom. He is a magician. There is some similarity in both of these guy charts. As you see below, both of them have the same Day Master and same structure. Both have the Rob Wealth Star at the branch and thier Hurting Officer Star are also a secondary Qi in the Si snake. It is from here on that the charts begun to differ.

The point that I want to highlight is Useful God. It is a very important element that makes the Bazi Chart of a person balance. I will not elaborate on how the Useful God is derived in detail because it is very technical. I believe you really need to study this in an academy to know the details. I will just let you know that both of them have the same Useful God that is water. How theirs differ is the polarity of the water element and this has makes Lee-Hom a superstar while Joker still searching for his route to success.

Both of these guys are born in summer month so their charts are considered hot. They need the water to cool the charts. The water element cans categories into yang, Ren Water, and yin, Gui Water. One is water of the ocean (Ren Water) and the other is the rain, mist or dew water (Gui Water). To cool a hot chart we prefer to use the Gui Water. Hence, we know that the quality of the Useful God for Joker, Ren Water is less ideal compare to Lee-Hom.

In the traditional bazi reading, these two guys have actually chosen the wrong scope of job to work in. This is because traditionally, you are always advice to work in the Useful God element to be able to achieve success. Preferably both Joker and Lee-Hom should work in a water industry like shipping, transportation or tourism industry. I am sure if these two guys were to seek Bazi consultation with me and given the career advice above, I can imagine that they both will be freaked-out.

So if not a career choice, how is the Useful God useful then? In my view, besides using Useful God as a guide to career choices, it can also show how opportunities are present to you in your life.

A brief history of Lee-Hom, he is born in New York and studied in Pittsford. Lee-Hom has signed a professional recording contract while visiting his grandparents in Taiwan at the age of 19. It is in the Luck Pillar of 乙未Yi Wei. This has set his career in the music industry for life. As you know Lee-Hom's Useful God is water. Water denotes movement or travel. His Useful God has presented the opportunity to him while he travelled from New York to Taiwan to visit his grandparents. In the Luck Pillar of Yi Wei, the Yi wood, Seven Killings Star, jut-out on the stem. It is the Seven Killing that gave him the guts to take the offered at such a young age and also it is this Seven Killing that would not let the top shot in music industry to pressure him into pursuing fulltime singing career in Taiwan. Hence, he was able to finish his studies in music. The Wei Goat, Friend Star, on the branch of the Luck Pillar brings along the Hai Pig which is Wealth Star to Lee-Hom. Therefore, we can see that this Friend Star has brought Lee-Hom opportunities in making a steady income from the age of 19. It also bring good name to him.

At the same age of Lee-Hom, Joker has travelled away from his home country too. Again Useful God is present. He was in the Luck Pillar of 丁未 Ding Wei. The Wei Goat, Friend Star, formed a three harmony combination of wood. However, this combination is not a favourable one. Somehow during this period, opportunity that present was slipped out of his hand to someone else who was more reputable. This may due to the Ding on the stem of the Luck Pillar which represents comfort zone or health matter. In the the Luck Pillar of 戊申Wu Shen, he has actually move back to his home country. According to him, he is applying a job in Japan and preparing to further his studies in the art of magic. This will be a much positive change to his current situation. I would suggest that he heads west to USA. I think it will present more opportunities to him than Canada or Australia.

One more point that I wish to highlight is the fact that the core value of both Joker and Lee-Hom are different too. This can be seen by the home branch below the Day Master. Lee-Hom's Day Master is sitting on the Si Snake that is the Direct Resource Star with the two secondary stars that are Hurting Officer and Rob Wealth. For Lee-Hom, he valued creativity, his work as well as his friends and fans in his life. The Direct Resource also represent comfort zone to Lee-Hom. Hence as a person he chilled or easy going.

Joker's Day Master is sitting on the Hai Pig which contains the Ren Water and Jia Wood. This is the Wealth Star and Direct Officer Star respectively. Hence, Joker valued stable and steady income in life. A more serious fellow compared to Lee-Hom. Hai Pig is also the Useful God to Joker which means opportunities abound so don't lose faith.


Anonymous said...

I not agree that job/industry shld go according to useful god instead Useful god shld go according the role in their industry. Like Lee Hom and Joker, its very obviously month branch is fire & strong fire chart. Attraction alr there from young & the passion alr in built. As you are a consultant for bazi, pls or never ever try to change people alr in that industry esp those alr work for more than 10 years. Anyway you can play with their useful god and other element in their chart. I believe Lee Hom has metal in hour pillar.

Josephine said...

Thank you for your advice. I am really glad too that you have taken the time to read my blogging. 

I do agree with you that the job/industry should not go according to useful god. If the Useful God goes with the role in the industry as well as the job and industry itself, wouldn't it be perfect. However, we do not live in a perfect world so I guess you have to use your Useful God in a more flexible manner.

A point to ponder on! If a person has been stuck in a dead end job for 10 years and isn't going anywhere in the future, as a bazi consultant will you still ask him to remain in his job? Or will you ask this person to suffer a bit initially while changing to a better job?

When come to consultation, I feel that it is a responsibility of the consultant to let the person know what options he has, what kind of situation he is going to face and offer guidance accordingly. It is his choice to take the necessary action. I don’t think anyone has the power to change a person or his choice of job, if he doesn’t want the change himself in the first place. When you are talking about a change whether a job change or even a minor eating habit, it immediately relates to the character of a person. It is like trying to move a mountain when you try to change a person’s character. Even if you have a bulldozer to move that mountain, you may not get the end result you have wanted. It is a very tedious work.

I always wish the best for all those who come for consult with me but I don’t think anyone of them would let me bulldoze them in to what I think is the perfection. Everyone has a different standard of life and what they think is perfect. I always respect their individualism. :D

By the way, I think the advice, “never ever”, is a very long time frame to be given out.


Anonymous said...

Great to read your lengthy reply.

Mostly people seek & pay for consultation when they have doubts or dead end job problem. As I said its how you play with the useful god and other element in the chart. Make use all the element in his chart & -ve element also can be useful. In this world nothing is perfect even you look at your palm, all the fingers are not equal lenght. We are not living in Utopia. How many percentage can you find this perfection even the richest man in this world have his setback. If you want to advise to change the industries, please look at his chart, will he has this ability. Willing to change doesn't mean he has the ability. Why can't you advise or give options base on his ability instead of make him change to the point that he has to restart all over again. Example, like Lee hom seek your advise, you can't said please change your industry to water industries(option) such as shipping etc while he still keen in entertainment industry. Said is easier than done.

Have u ever heard a chinese said, move the mountain is easier than change a human behaviour.Its not easy as its said, sometimes its ridiculous to advise the person
to change esp to those has been in this industry for more than 10 years. What if this guy alr has family and somebody to depend on him esp. in financial wise. Those with dead end job, sure you can see how its derive as it is. Example he is in construction indsutries & not happy being a technical support instead UG is water. Can he change to be sale or marketing? ( of course he can change to other company which is same industries) All this while he has technical background with enhance his communication skill etc & I don't think he has problem to bring back some project to his company & happy with it. Its will be his advantage instead of asking him to change to shipping industries which are totally alien to him.
Another solution for dead end job, you can see the feng shui from the bazi chart. What obstruction he may encounter in his hse? can it be fix?

Changing better job doesn't mean has to jump from the industries he alr keen to another job which is industry is totally he not familiar. He can change a job role other company as well in same industry. Even I do agree even in banking consist of few industries like property, financing, trading etc. Sorry to make you confuse what I mean between industry and job role.

I do agree with you that along the advise, guidance is needed in order your client to make a decision. What I mean is 'never ever' try to change those people alr in that industries as they alr use to it esp more than 10 years(less than that depend on client cos more than 10 years alr more or less stabilize in the experience of their industries). Please bear in mind its industries but not company.

I forgot to add with condition if they asking & eager to start from fresh, but not from the consultant advise.

Don't you think when you advice your client & he follow & take the advise, its also mean a change?

Josephine said...

Glad to see you take the time to give me your view as well…

I see that we have different opinion on the type of advise we give in the area of career. :D

So you thing after 10 years, when a person not happy of what he is doing, he still should stay on to that role or that job? Yes, I understand what is role. You can work in many different roles like an executive, manager or sales in an industry. I see people change their roles and the industries together even after they have work in the industries for more than 10 years. They are happier and do even better after the change. Yes, you are right too. I see people who make the changes in the roles of their work do better too as well even they have worked for a long time in a specialize area.

Yes, you are right too. Not many people have the ability to change because they already set the limit to themselves. Further seeing a consultant that also give limited advise as they already per see that they are right in their view doesn’t help either. I presume you are a consultant, since you are so concern of the type of advise I should give away. Well, let me assure you I don’t simply ask people to change industry or their job. I only offer the possible options that the person has. At the end of the day they are the person who will take the action and make the walk. We only give the talk. I believe that people will change only if they want to and choose to.

There are people who come to consult to look for fresh start and they are people who come to consult to feel assure that they already at their best and cannot go further. Which one are you seeing? So far I have only seen people who looking from a fresh start. They wanted the change and needed it. They are willing to make the big jump and do whatever it takes. They are willing to re-educate everything from zero. This people are now in their mid-thirties to late thirties, they easily have at least 10 years of working experiences in an area. They are great people and I believe they will be very successful. Of course, I don’t advise them to make a 360 degree change instantly. It takes time. And not many want to give this time to their own selves to make their life better. That is why they are so many mediocre people who are not happy. They are doing a lousy job and blaming their life is not fair. They consult to feel assure that it is the best of their life can offer.

So what type of customer comes to you?

By the way may I ask, do you have this 7K as well as DO in your Bazi?

Anonymous said...

Great to read your reply.
Yes, you are right that some of them are willing to change and success. Even some of them retired & wish to do business that none related to their previous job industries. No doubt to understand the situation of your clients will help in order to advise & guide in your consultation. Since you said they are happy after change their industries then its good, but how bout after they change let said after 3 years? Do you get feedback after 1-3 years consultation when you relate them to change job? For me, if they ask for change the industries, I would look in their chart & LP as well to validate as they has such urge.

huh, why do you asking if I have 7k & DO? DO you mean confusing in chart.:D. Having 7k & DO in chart is not wrong. Ok, I have 5 complete element in my chart. I do have pure chart( I think that what is call as alr decade for the class) as according to JY, in M3 if not mistaken. Pure chart by mean, I only have DO but not 7k, EG but no HO, DR without IR, & its ok to have IW & DW.

Josephine said...

Nice to see your reply again.

To be very truthful, so far I have never advice any of my change a job or an industry. When they came to seek my consultation, they are already head on into it. They just want to know whether they are heading the right direction. Looking at their chart, they seem to have a hunch of finding the suitable thing to do so I advice them to continue with what they have started. I still keep in contact with them. So far they are quite okay although I do not have a track record for 3 years of all my customers. Once in awhile they will pop me a question or two when they face some problem.

I am very curious as to why you are so abhor to changes, and you also sound very authoritative in your comments. So I make a wild guess that maybe you have both the DO & 7K in your Bazi. Nope, I do not think you are a confuse person but you seem very set on your opinion of making changes. So I guess, my wild guess have flopped.

I haven’t heard of “Pure Chart” term before. But JY did says it is good to have DO but not 7k, EG but no HO, DR without IR in a Bazi instead of a mix. So you also a student of JY? Wonder if you would drop me an email to let me know who you are? My email: