Friday, July 24, 2009

Artists: Jacky Cheung & Wang Lee-Hom

I am a fan of these two artists, Jacky Cheung and Wang Lee-Hom. What have they in common that make me luv them? Yeah, basically I like their songs and their style of singing but they are so many singers out there. You wonder why them? Why do I attract to these two guys? Let see what Bazi can tell. Yes! Bazi can tell why you attracted to certain people and not others.Jacky Cheung & Wang Lee-Hom's Bazi Charts

Before I jump into the attraction parts, let me briefly explain the Bazi of Jacky & Lee-Hom.

Jacky Cheung is born in summer, 10 July 1961, the birth hour is unknown. His Day Master is a Jia Wood. Hence, his Hurting Officer Star is the Ding Fire which is prosperous in the summer month. Hurting Officer is very good for artistic showmanship and creative performance which is exactly what Jacky is doing.

As we all know that to be a famous, you need the Rob Wealth Star and if not, the least is the Peach Blossom Star. If you have both, then it is even better. You will notice that Jacky and Lee-Hom do not have even one of Peach Blossom Star in the three Pillar of their Natal Chart. They depend on the Rob Wealth Star alone to bring them to fame and fortune.

Jacky has it on the stem of the Month Pillar in his natal chart. It is the Yi Wood. However it also means acute competition for him. He did not rise to immediate supremacy in the Hong Kong singing industry after wining the Amateur 18-Hong Kong district national singing contest. It is well known in the 80s, the industry is dominated by a few that are Leslie Cheung, Alan Tam, Anita Mui and Danny Chan.

He started to gain fame during the 90s when his song "Loving You More Every Day" (每天爱你多一些) become a massive hits and attracted many fans. His subsequently released albums like True Love Expression (真情流露) and Love Sparks (爱火花) pave way for him to become superstar. However, he still need to shares the limelight with other three namely, Andy Lau, Leon Lai and Aaron Kwok as the Cantopop Four Heavenly Kings (四大天王).

Lee-Hom is born in summer 17 May 1976, birth hour is also unknown. His Day Master is Ji Earth. There is the Geng Metal in his natal chart represents the Hurting Officer Star. The Geng Hurting Officer is hard-working, rough and altruist. Lee-Hom is known to write his own songs. He also coined his music "chinked-out" due to the heavily influenced by traditional Chinese music in many of his work, a sign of loyalty or altruism toward his ancestry.

In 1995, he has signed a professional recording contract. Since then, Lee-Hom has become one of the new songwriters and musicians revolutionizing the Chinese language music industry. He is active in all areas of music production, from composing to producing, music arrangement, lyric writing and directing his own music videos. All this is exactly a hard-working Geng Metal guy. But then songwriting and all the active involvement in the backroom music production is actually more of an Eating God Star's activities. Hence, I believe that there may be a Xin Metal located in the Hour Pillar. He also plays many musical instruments like the piano, violin, drums, guitar, bass/electric guitar, erhu, vibraphone, harmonica and Chinese flutes. Hurting Officer usually is multi-talented. As you can see in the case of Lee-Hom, the Geng Metal is more hands-on compare to others element of Hurting Officer in the sense that he is willing to take the initiative to learn all the musical instruments. His Rob Wealth star, Chen Dragon is sitting on the Branch of the Year Pillar. It does not penetrate to the Heaven. Hence, he can enjoy his fame without sharing it with others.

Different Element of Hurting Officers

From left:Jacky Cheung & Wang Lee-Hom
Looking at the two performers above, Jacky Cheung, the Ding Fire Hurting Officer and Lee-Hom, the Geng Metal Hurting Officer, you will notice their difference. In concert, Jacky looks more flamboyant, sharp and attractive compare to Lee-Hom which is more down to earth. Jacky choice of dressing in a shimmering suit also highlighted his sense of showmanship. Lee-Hom dress sense is simpler and more sedate, opting for a rough rocker style image.

Back to why I like them?

Before I go further, I must briefly introduce my natal chart so that my explanation will make sense. My Day Master is Wu Earth and my favourable elements are wood, metal and water. When you find a person to your liking usually this person has the element that is favourable to you in his natal chart.

In Jacky Cheung natal chart, the wood and metal elements are easily seen on the stem. The wood element is Jacky himself and his Rob Wealth while the metal especially the Xin Metal is his Influence Star. This mean his Jia Wood personality and charm, his fame as well as his good name are what I liked in him. Since it is all on the stems, this is the first impression of him that I notice and like.

For Lee-Hom although it has been some time that he breaks into the music industry, it takes me a while to growth in favour of his work which is represented by the Hurting Officer, Geng Metal. The Geng Metal is found in the secondary stems of the two Si Snakes. I think I will growth to luv his performance more. The Gui Water on the stem in his natal chart is a combo for Wu Earth. Gui Water represents his Indirect Wealth Star. Yes, you can say I am attracted to his wealth. It is an admirable quality in the sense that a person so young can be successful and able to make his own fortune through his hard work and performing talent. It is a quality that I think we should emulate.


Anonymous said...

Hi.. i am Lee-Hom fan too. Let talk more about his love life. Let see who is the lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

Hi.. i am Lee-Hom fan too. Let talk more about his love life. Let see who is the lucky girl.

Josephine said...

I sure your are and I know a lot of Lee-Hom fans luv to know about the lucky girl.

I will consider your request.


Anonymous said...

Very insightful Jo....I'm Jacky & LH fan too, but a diehard fan of David Tao :) Can I make a request to interpret his chart too :) He's born on 11th July 1969. Keep up the good work!


Josephine said...

Hi Boon... a lot of requests nowaday. I will try to fulfill them one by one. Will come to David Tao later, be patient ya.

Anonymous said...


I am also the fan of Wang Lee-Hom. Keep it up with ur good work.
Cheerz. =)