Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When You Walk the Same Path

My best friend, Beak Ling, ask me to look into the Bazi Chart of Richard Li Tzar Kai, youngest son of Asia's richest man Li Ka-Shing. So here his Bazi Chart without the birth hour.

Richard Li's Bazi Chart In this article, I will mainly touch relationship matter. However if you do not know who is Richard Li, I have included a brief introduction. Richard Li is a Chinese Canadian businessman based in Hong Kong. He is chairman and executive director of PCCW Limited and Pacific Century Group in Hong Kong, chairman of Singapore-based Pacific Century Regional Developments Limited, and a nonexecutive director of the Bank of East Asia. He is the younger son of successful entrepreneur Li Ka-Shing and brother of Victor Li.

There have been many rumours about Richard Li's private life. He has been linked to many intelligent and independent ladies from Singapore lawyer, Japanese reporter, Portuguese judge and the list goes on. His romantic life has always attracted constant attention from the paparazzi but remain secondary to his business dealing.The latest woman in his life is Isabella Leong, a 21-years old Hong-Kong actress. The headline in the news ran that she has given birth to his son on 26 April 2009.

At the same time it is rumoured that Richard Li is still going-out with his girlfriend of two years, Rachel, who is of mixed Chinese-British descent.

Isabella Leong Inset: Richard Li
So how do all this can be seen in the Bazi Chart?

Richard Li's Day Master is a Xin Metal. The Star that represents the girlfriends in his Bazi Chart is the Yi Wood. It is also known as Indirect Wealth Star. The star can be found hidden in Wei Goat. If this star represents Rachel then where does Isabella Leong stands.

In the Richard Bazi Chart, there is a half combo of Wei~Hai that jut the Mao Rabbit. Hence, there is another woman invisible in the scene that will come into Richard's life. This invisible Mao Rabbit very much described Isabella situation. The half-combo is complete in the Luck Pillar of Gui Mao. At the age of 42 that is during March 2008, Richard met Isabella through the introduction by Michelle Yeoh.

However, in the Hai Pig, there is this secondary Qi of Jia Wood which is the Direct Wealth Star to Richard Li. It is also represent the Wife Star. The Wife Star will only become apparent in Richard life in the next Luck Pillar of Jia Chen.

Will Isabella become his wife?

Let take a look at Isabella's Bazi Chart below. She is born in 23 June 1988, the hour of birth is unknown.

Isabella's Bazi Chart At the age of 21, she is still in the Luck Pillar of Bing Chen. In her Bazi Chart, from the Year Pillar up to the Day Pillar there is no true Husband Star that is Jia Wood, the Direct Officer so the secondary star, Seven Killings is taken into account. It is the boyfriend star, Yi Wood that is found inside the Chen Dragon.

The Chen Dragon in the Luck Pillar and Year Pillar is a self-punishment which involved the boyfriend star, Yi Wood, and also the Gui Water, Wealth Star to Isabella. The Chen Dragon in the Luck Pillar is also a combo with You Rooster in the Day Pillar, suppose to form Metal. However, the Luck Pillar is not conducive for to form the Metal. What does it mean that the Luck Pillar is not conducive for to form the Metal? In this case, metal is the Output Star which represents the children element. She gave birth to a son which is born out of wedlock. In the olden day, this son will not be recognized in the eye of the family and also the law as the true heir.

Richard Li, Isabella & new born son, Ethan Li
Her relationship luck will only begin in the Luck Pillar of Yi Mao. Hence, the possibility of her getting married in this Luck Pillar, Bing Chen, is quite low. There will be a slim chance for her to get married in 2010, Geng Yin year. If she passes this chance present by Geng Yin year, most probably the wife of Richard Li, represent by the Jia Wood in the Hai Pig is not Isabella.

What they see in each other? Or what is their affinity with each other?

Richard Li is born in winter. Here we can deduce his chart is cold and need fire to warm it and also the earth element to control the strong water as well as produce the metal element.

In Isabella's Bazi chart, she is born in summer and she is also a Ji Earth person surrounded by Rob Wealth star another earth element which is exactly what Richard Li likes. This is where the attraction begins. Rob Wealth Star is also a type of Peach Blossom Star bring fame to a person. The nature of Rob Wealth is charming and friendly.

Isabella's Bazi chart is hot so she needed water and also the metal element to weaken the strong earth element. Richard's Day Master is already the Xin Metal. In addition, he is born in winter can cool off Isabella's hot chart. Xin Metal represents showmanship while the Hurting Officer Star (Hai Pig) represents good communication skill and a charming boyish personality. These are what Isabella found attractive about Richard Li. The half combo of Wei~Hai that form wood in Richard Li's chart. The wood element represents the wealth to Richard Li which is also another factor of what Isabella wanted as the wood can control the strong earth element in her chart.

So these are the attraction that's pull them together. Bazi can also explain why two people like each other by looking at their element and Ten Gods.


Anonymous said...

2010 is an ideal time for her to get married, and in fact should happen, but will not last. Her current 10y is the right year for , but unfortunately the next 10 are going to be very challenging.

the dragon combines with the rooster, and her luck period as she enters a fu-yin yi/mao will just probably mean a messy divorce. Usually these types of charts has a crappy husband luck, and without any husband stars in the current 3 pillars, it should be very hard for her to settle down.

In my very humble opinion of course.

love the site.

Josephine said...

If she did married in 2010, then your forecast scenario might happen. Actually you are very good.

However, I see that the current 10Y LP is in self-punishment. Chances are thing will not be so easy for her even though she may have the chance next year.

Anonymous said...

I had doubts on their prediction especially in this richard/isabella case where all these hongkong fortune-tellers couldn't foresee a baby out of wedlock came calling. dun mean to knock on destiny/fortune-telling but disappointed at their over-sight, perhaps.

Josephine said...

Well, they are also human being. They are not god. If they can see everything that will happen in the future and it is all written in the stone, then what is the need to work in term of relationship, career or health? Might as well sit down and wait for it to happen.

As a Bazi Consultant, we only can forecast the possibility of certain things that might happen. A person own action may very alter the forecasted situation.

If you put to much hope on certain people or situation, you are bound to be disappointed. Bazi Consultant can only give you a rough guide on your life, all others matter is up to your action and yourself to make it happen.


Anonymous said...

Wow! sorry, dun mean to put you in a defensive mode. i m sure we can use some guidance at times.

Josephine said...

You don’t have to apologise. Everyone is free to voice their own view here especially in this borderless world. No hard feeling what-so-ever.

Ericka said...

Nah, she wont marry in geng yin, it is divorce year for her ji you dm.

Due to this geng yin pilllar their marriage had failed forever.