Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chinese Astrology For 2010

"You have to write a year end article update, Jo. You just can't go into the next year without mentioning the twelve animals, you know", so says my friend.

Okay, so here come the twelve animals.

This year stand to be a competitive and challenging year. It is also a year that you prepare and lay the ground work for the future. So hang on for the tough ride. You may not see your fruit of your work this year but it sure coming.

This year is about people management. With good networking skill and diplomacy you will find a lot of helpful people to do you binding. Wealth is also in the cards.

Dragon faces tough work this year. Relationship with co-workers is not so amicable as well. This results mental stress. Stay cool and keep your temper in check. Solve human relations diplomatically.

This is a lucky year for you. You can look forward to better income from work especially related to creativity. People seem to be looking up to you for solutions and advice as well.

Another animal signs that are in good year. Help from all quarters are indicated. Just go out and ask. Wealth is also in the card this year.

Great year for the Goat. Noblemen are around to offer a helping hand. Those who are single are likely to meet someone this year especially lady.

This is a general year for the Monkey with some good and bad moment. So expect some challenges on your way to achieve your goal or project this year. If you are careful and diligent in your work, you may reduce the some of the problem. Money comes and goes this year. Try to safe whatever you can.

This is a general year for the Rooster. However, noblemen are here to smooth the rough patches of road for you. Money may be loss due to carelessness. So take care.

This is an average year for the doggy. Lie low this year. Take some courses to improve yourself and add to your knowledge. Wait for better year to strike ahead.

Generally a better year than last year. Expect better income and relationship wise this year. Things will stabilise from previous rocky year.

Wealth is in the card this year for the Rat. So keep a looks out for money making opportunities but expect too some challenges on your way to increase you income. Be careful of your safety and health this year.

As the Ox year come to end, the tiger will prove much better year for the ox with more opportunities. Relationship with people seems to be better and happier. For those in the service line this will be an easier year with good customer relationship. For the single, meeting someone special is also in the card.

Since the year drew near to the end, it would not be proper for me without sending you simple wishes from the bottom of my heart.

As the clock strikes 12.00

Let the Sweet Memories Stays and Put a Smile on Your Face

Let the unhappy one fade away


Let the New Year Bring On Something Precious to You

Let there be A New Hope, A New Dream & A New Achievement

Let the Fireworks Shine Brightly On You Into Your Heart

Let there be Joy, Happiness and Love for All Round




Abby said...

Hi Josephine,

And happy new year to you too ! A very wonderful greeting you have there, I wish the same back to you. :)

I was just wondering, you know how we say that the 12 animals is only 12.5% because it is only 1/8 of the bazi. So, can we use the forecast for all 4 animals in the bazi chart in order to get a "more accurate" picture of the luck for the year? Would there be any difference if the said animal were to be in the month, day or hour pillar?

Hehe sorry for such a long winded question on the first day of new year... Hope you have a good holiday this long weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too! :)


Josephine said...

Hi Abby,
Happy New Year!

Yes, you are right about the 12.5% of bazi and using the 4 animal signs in the bazi gives you a more accurate picture. Yes, the year and month pillar mostly affect social or work related issue. The day is about the home and personal issue.

Jo :)

Josephine said...

Happy New Year!


Lina said...

Happy New Year to you ,Jo!
I'm female Sheep 1967 with Yin Fire Day Master and Yin Fire year With Yin Wood month.Would 2010 be a good year for me work wise? I'm unemployed at the moment.

Josephine said...

Hi Lina,

It would be hard to judge from the info you give me. But fire is needed in the Tiger year 2010. Hence, you do have chances to land a job this year. Work hard to look for one.