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2002-03 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Epidemic (2003 癸未 Gu Wei)

Years of Turbulence (Part III)

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Gui Wei Year was a controlling year where the Ji Earth in the Wei Goat controlled the Heavenly Stem of Gui Water. Water mixed with soil become murky, unclean and muddy. It was a year that people easily infected with disease and fell sick. Epidemic easily happened. Disease was easily transmitted and spread to place as the water nature travel to every part of the world. The year 2003 was the year that SARS news broke out. The SARS epidemic also spread very fast from one infected person to another and from one country to another.

SARS affected countries

Water also represents thought, mind and wisdom. In the Gui Wei year, people were easily confuse, irrational, emotional and depress. Actions were also powered by greed or personal agenda. During this period, the China local government try to down played the situation to cover up their short coming as well as preserve their status. This caused many deaths and unreported SARS cases. In turn, it caused the SARS epidemic to spread rapidly as ignorance and no proper information were given on how take precaution. [Not a really wise thing to do]

SARSAs a result, the SARS epidemic became worst. Those living in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam were in constant fear as it became clear that they were living in the danger zone. Schools were being shut down and people were advised not to leave the houses unnecessarily. Hospital, banks and many other businesses were under minimal staff operations. The tourism industry was badly affected.

It was also the year where the famous Canton Pop Star, Leslie Cheung committed suicide by jumping out from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, after suffering for a long depression. [Thoughts are clouded, irrational emotion and depression] He died in 1 April 2003. Despite the risk of SARS infection and the WHO's warning, many of his fans from every corner of the world such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States and Canada, still travelled to Hong Kong to bid final farewell to their beloved icon on the public memorial service held on 7 April 2008. [It was not a rational action as the SARS was a serious threat]

At the end of the year, Anita Mui lost her battle to cervical cancer passed away on 30 December2003. Again I would say due to irrational thinking, she opted not to have an earlier treatment that might safe her life.

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