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2001 World Trade Centre under Attack (2001 辛巳 Xin Si) (Part II)

Years of Turbulence (Part II)

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World Trade Centre Under Attack

On 11 September 2001, 19 islamist terrorists on a suicide mission hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners. Two crashed into the Twin Tower, World Trade Centre (WTC), one crashed into Pentagon and the last into a field near Shanksville in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania. It was believed that the target of the last plain was either United States Capitol or White House.

I specifically extracted out that day bazi charts, one at 8.46 a.m. and another at 9.37 a.m. to see in detail.

World Trade Centre’s ChartWorld Trade Centre's Bazi ChartWhat does the chart says?

  1. The 9/11’s chart showed two Ding Fires in the sky or on high-rise.
  2. Hidden combo of Bing-Xin formed water was found in the Year and Month Branch. Water denotes travel, movement & transport.
  3. What type of transport? Bing-Xin combo showed transport made of metal and powered by fire or energy. Bing Fire, the sun @ 8.46 a.m. was high in the sky. This denotes transport in the sky likes helicopter, airplane, airship etc. While Xin Metal born You Rooster month is the most common type of metal. This indicated airplane, the most common mode of transport for people to travel by air. It also reveal four airplane involved in the 9/11 incident as represented by the metal elements.
  4. Chen Dragon & Chou Ox (Earth) represents the twin tower, WTC. Chen-Chou was in destruction formation. Hence, it indicated WTC was being destroyed. There was another Wu Earth hidden secondary qi in Si Snake so another building was affected.
  5. Wood feeds the fire denotes sacrifices. The wood is also not rooted in the chart, therefore, there was no survival in the planes crash. Though you may see the Yi Wood in the Chen Dragon, it was not the pure qi of Jia Wood and it explained a different situation where survivors were from the building (on the ground).
  • The Islamist terrorist (bunch of idiots) who sacrificed their life for the Al-Qaeda’s missions (an act of barbarian).
  • The innocent people who died in the incident. Total of 2,974 people died in the attacks excluding the 19 hijackers while 24 are missing and presumed dead. Estimated death toll reach to 6,000 people weeks after the attack.
  • The rescue teams (411 emergency workers, 341 firefighter, 10 paramedics and 60 police officers) who were unable to evacuate on time when the building collapse.
  • Friends & families who loss their love ones.
Pentagon's Chart
Pentagon's Bazi Chart

This chart was the same chart of WTC except the hour was changed to 9.47 a.m. It was the time when the third and fourth planes crashed into Pentagon and a field near Shanksville respectively.

  1. Although there was still two Ding Fires in the sky but only showed one building was on fire.
  2. There was also no destruction formation in the chart. The third plane crashed into Pentagon, and only one portion of the Pentagon was severely damaged by the fire and a section was of the building collapse.
  3. Again the wood element appeared on stem of the hour pillar. However, this time it was Yi Wood instead of Jia Wood. Although the Yi Wood still feed the fire but now it also clashed with the Xin Metal. The Ding Fire also controlled the Xin Metal. According to Wikipedia, the black box recordings of United Airlines Flight 93, revealed the crew and passengers attempted to regain control of the plane as they got to know of the similar hijacked plane that crashed into buildings. As it became evidence to the hijackers that they were losing controlled, they ordered to roll the plane and later on it crashed into a field near Shanksville in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania.
  4. The chart only showed one Earth appearing on the branch while the other two were hidden. Therefore, the last plane was crashed into the flat land. The chart also showed two Wu Earth hidden in Si Snake. The hidden earth elements showed the other two possible targets which were either the United States Capitol or White House that did not materialize.

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