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Back to Basic ~ Day Master

The Day Master in Bazi is the chore value of your-self. While the strength of each element in Bazi is governed by the seasons of birth, the Day Master governs the relationship and effect of other elements that come in contact with your Day Master.

Basically there are five elements in Bazi study that are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each of these elements is further divided to yin and yang polarity. Therefore there are 10 types of Day Master all together.

The characteristic of each of elements are:

Wood Element

Yang Wood ~ JiaJia Wood
Jia Wood person appears to be straight forward, stubborn and inflexible like a tree growing slowly and surely straight upward to reach the sunlight while the root is firmly rooted on the ground growing downwards to reach for water and nourishment in the earth. Therefore, Jia Wood people have strong will power. In the face of adversity they will not give up easily. They are also people who will develop and plan their action carefully moving toward their goal.

Yin Wood ~ YiYi Wood
Yi Wood also growth upwards to reach for the sun but they depend on other people to reach the top like creepers that curl around the tree to reach upwards for the sunlight. They appear flexible like the small plants tend to sway with the winds but they are also stubborn though not many people may know it like the Jia Wood they are also rooted to the earth for water and nourishment. Due to this reason, Yi wood people are more adaptable and shrewd in their dealing. At times they may look fickle minded but they do know clearly what they want as surely as all the wood are growing up towards the sunlight. Of all the Day Master, they make a good CEO and formidable enemy.

Both Jia and Yi Wood are generally good at networking skills.

Fire Element

Yang Fire ~ BingBing Fire
Bing Fire people are generous, vivacious and passionate like the sun that shines through every corner of the earth. They are people who have no hidden agenda and do not hold grudges. They are upright and noble in their action. At times, they can be proud and self-center like the sun ~ everything are center around it. Sometimes, this characteristic can grates on people.

Yin Fire ~ DingDing Fire
Ding Fire is a soft and calm illuminating, and warmth fire in the dark. Ding Fire people are natural leader who can motive those around him. They are also meticulous and detail oriented. Due to their helpful nature, they can easily depress and de-motivated as they light the way for others and forget about themselves thus burn itself out.

Earth Element

Yang Earth ~ WuWu Earth
Wu Earth people are simple and down to earth people. Like the mountain they are solid, immovable and unwavering on their stance. Thus, they make are trustworthy, loyal and dependable friends. As a person they also appear to be quiet, prefer their own solitude and can be stubborn as hell when they have made their decision.

Yin Earth ~JiJi Earth
Ji Earth is soft soil that nourishes everything on earth. Thus, they have a very nurturing, tolerant, productive and resourceful nature. They are more understanding of others weakness compares to Wu Earth. They are also more flexible and greedier.

Both Earth people can be secretive due to earth ability to hide many things inside. This is why earth people can be a confidant.

Yang Metal ~ Geng
Geng MetalGeng Metal is the metal of swords and axes. As a person, they are tough and unyielding thus they are able to endure hardship. They are sharp, determined, straightforward, strong-willed and do not admit to failure easily. They also have strong sense of justice and fairness.

Yin Metal ~ Xin

Xin MetalYin Metal is the metal that you find in jewellry store like ring, gold chain and bangles. Therefore, Xin Metal people usually are glamorous and good-looking lots. Wherever they go they attract attention. Face value is very important to them. Shower them with praises and they will be very agreeable to you. This is their major weakness. They can be sharp and cutting as well like needle and scissor. Again like Yi wood, Xin Metal make a formidable enemy and is worst as metal people have good memory thus they hold a grudges for a very long time.

Yang Water ~ RenRen Water
Ren Water is the water of the ocean. Hence, Ren Water people are always on the move. They are extrovert, robust and intelligent. Like the Ocean that contain many things inside, Ren Water make a good resourceful businessman. Independent in nature, they can be rebellious when they are made to conform to rules and regulations.

Yin Water ~ GuiGui Water
Gui Water is water of the mist, dew and rain. Like the Ren Water, Gui water also are always on the move. However, they are introvert and lack the staying power of the Ren Water. Like the rain and dew on the leave that help plants to growth, Gui Water people make an imaginative and creative as well as good teacher.

Wealthy Day Master

Each Day Master has its own pros and cons which make it difficult to judge who is better or who will be more successful. The Day Master interaction of other elements in the Bazi chart and the effect of the Luck Pillar also reveal a person success and journey in life. Since today success is superficially measure in term of wealth that one can acquire, let us looks at the list of Forbes Top 20 Billionaire to see which Day Master dominated the list.

  1. Bill Gates (U.S.)

    Business: Microsoft (Software)

    Day Master: Ren Water

    Date of Birth: 28 October 1955 10:00 PM

  2. Warren Buffett (U.S.)

    Business: Berkshire Hathaway (Investment)

    Day Master: Ren Water

    Date of Birth: 30 August 1930

  3. Carlos Slim Helu (Mexico)

    Business: America Movil (Telecom)

    Day Master: Geng Metal

    Date of Birth: 28 January 1940

  4. Larry Ellison (U.S.)

    Business: Oracle (Database Software)

    Day Master: Gui Water

    Date of Birth: 17 August 1944

  5. Ingvar Kamprad (Sweden)

    Business: Ikea (Furniture)

    Day Master: Wu Earth

    Date of Birth: 30 March 1926

  6. Karl Albrecht (Germany)

    Business: Aldi Sud (Supermarket)

    Day Master: Wu Earth

    Date of Birth: 20 February 1920

  7. Mukesh Ambani (India)

    Business: Reliance Industries (Oil Refining)

    Day Master: Xin Metal

    Date of Birth: 19 April 1957

  8. Lakshmi Mittal (India)

    Business: ArcelorMittal (Steel)

    Day Master: Xin Metal

    Date of Birth: 15 June 1950

  9. Theo Albrecht (Germany)

    Business: Trader Joe's (Gourmet Grocery Store)

    Day Master: Yi Wood

    Date of Birth: 28 March 1922

  10. Amancio Ortega (Spain)

    Business: Zara (Clothing Retailer)

    Day Master: Ji Earth

    Date of Birth: 28 March 1936

  11. Jim C. Walton (U.S.)

    Business: Wal-mart (Hypermarket)

    Day Master: Not available

    Date of Birth: 1948

  12. S. Robson Walton (U.S.)

    Business: Wal-mart (Hypermarket)

    Day Master: Not available

    Date of Birth: 1945

  13. Alice Walton (U.S.)

    Business: First Solar (Energy)

    Day Master: Geng Metal

    Date of Birth: 7 October 1949

  14. Christy Walton (U.S.)

    Business: Wal-mart (Hypermarket)

    Day Master: Not available

    Date of Birth: Not available

  15. Bernard Arnault (France)

    Business: LVMH (Luxury Goods Vendor)

    Day Master: Jia Wood

    Date of Birth: 5 March 1949

  16. Li Ka-shing (Hong Kong)

    Business: Cheung Kong & Hutchison Whampoa (Construction & Property)

    Day Master: Geng Metal

    Date of Birth: 23 July 1928

  17. Michael Bloomberg (U.S.)

    Business: Bloomberg (Financial Information & Media)

    Day Master: Wu Earth

    Date of Birth: 14 February 1942

  18. Stefan Persson (Sweden)

    Business: Hennes & Mauritz (Clothing Retailer)

    Day Master: Bing Fire

    Date of Birth: 4 October 1947

  19. Charles Koch (U.S.)

    Business: Koch Industries (Oil-Field Services)

    Day Master: Xin Metal

    Date of Birth: 1 November 1935

  20. David Koch (U.S.)

    Business: Koch Industries (Oil-Field Services)

    Day Master: Ding Fire

    Date of Birth: 5 March 1940

Measure of success in term of wealth, Ren Water dominated the list of Billionaire as well as topped the list follow by Wu Earth and Xin Metal. Both the Ren Water and Wu Earth contain thousands of things therefore the ability to amass a lot of wealth. However, Wu Earth is less steadfast in grabbing opportunities and taking action compares to Ren Water.

Ren Water's wealth element is represents by Bing Fire which means the amount is limitless. Imagine the sunlight that shine through every corner of the earth, as a source of life to the woods and plants, and bring up the spark in the Xin Metal and together with Ding Fire forge the Geng Metal. It is like a Midas touch that turns everything into gold.

Wu Earth's wealth element is the Ren Water that hides and contains thousands of things in them. Like the Ocean that particularly covers two third of the planet earth, its amount is tremendous.

Xin Metal has the ability to snap and cut its wealth element easily that is Yi Wood which means they acquire wealth easily. Thus they are able to acquire wealth much faster than any other Day Master. In addition, Yi Wood has the ability to use other to attain their goal, thus the power of leverages a.k.a. borrow money.


Glenn said...

Dear Ms Josephine,
I read your blog with interest and would like to give you my five cents worth.

Under Xin Metal, you mentioned 'Again like Yi wood, Xin Metal make a formidable enemy and is worst as metal people have good memory thus they hold a grudges for a very long time.'

I beg to differ. Assuming you are referring to an 'active' enemy where it involves a duel then I must pick the Yi over Xin as the victor.

Considering the core characteristic of Yi Wood, you must surey agree that they make top manipulators and schemers, that if it's but their nature to be makng use of other elements to achieve their goals, then let's not forget that they are capable of using 'Fire' to melt out the challenge of Xin.

Yi Woods are chameleonic anyway, and they are capable of using any facets to, yes, achieve their goals at any costs. I agree the Xins are more than capable in plotting, but so are the Yi(s) but the latter packs more of a punch and have capabilities far exceeding the Xins to not atop.

History also tell a thousand tales, if you would be directed to Empress Cixi and Saddam Hussein. We can never underestimate the Yi capabilities, apparent or not. But for the Xins, since they like to 'show' there's nothing that the enemy could never know and escape those cuts in time.



Josephine said...

Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your knowledgeable info. Although our thought defers, I am always happy to listen to new suggestion. I am sure those who read your comments will become more enlighten as well. Please feel free to leave your ideas and views from time to time. Its definitely worth more than five cents.

Glenn said...

Hi Ms Josephine,
Thank you for the kind reception!

I have indeed reinforce a lot of my concepts through your blog indeed, please keep those entries coming in. ;D


Chris Chan said...

I agree with Glenn. Don't like the Yi woods. :-) But that's obvious for a weak ren water person like me.

BTW. I think Carlos is born in January. Geng metal billionaire.



Josephine said...


Yes, your're right. Carlos is a Geng Metal billionaire.

That mean the billionaire list will be Ren Water still on top follow by Geng Metal, Wu Earth and lastly Xin Metal.

Anonymous said...

Think u got the incorrect birthdate of Stefan Perrson. His Bday is 4 Oct 1947 according to Wikipedia and a few other sites, making him a Bing day master :)

Josephine said...

Oops!Will cahnge it. Thanks for the info. The Ren water Day Master still top the list though.


Anonymous said...

Hi Josephine! Hope you are well and happy,

I have one question, i did some bazi reading etc, and i notice that some of the billionaires do not have wealth element at all in their chart, but still they are billionaires, how is that possible?
Here's two of the billionaires
Donald Trump
Paul Allen (microsoft)

Could you explain this? many thanks in advance

Josephine said...


Donald Trump Bazi belong to a Special Chart which is called Super vibrant Earth Structure. I am not sure about Paul Allen as I do not have his birth date and time. If you have the info. please let me know so I can take a look at his Bazi.


Tim said...

Hi Josephine,
Paul Allen's DOB is Jan 21 , 1953

Could you elaborate on his bazi? Many Thanks once again for your fruitful thoughts.

Josephine said...

Hi Tim,

Since I do not have the hour of birth, it is quite difficult to decide his actual type of structure. I can only judge it as Indirect Resource Structure. However if you look at his chart, the Direct Wealth is located in the branch (Yin Tiger)of the Year Pillar. Further more, he is born in winter that mean this Yin Tiger is strong, no bad for a wealth star.


budianto said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mantis said...

hi. Nice article. I just wanted to ask something..maybe unrelated. What does it mean when you have a lot of 7 killings in your chart? I am a woman, Day Master is Xin Metal, and I have Yin Fire in my Month, Day and Hour Pillars, and Yang Fire in the Year Pillar.

Josephine said...

It can have many meanings. One of it is that you have an extrovert nature.

mantis said...

extroverted nature? really? I thought Yin Fire is introverted.And I feel really introverted.
I have mostly Yin elements in my chart. And one free report I had done said I have an excess of Fire and absence of Water..the rest of the elements are in balanced quantities.
Could you tell me what it means in terms of professional life or love life?
I read somewhere that if you have a lot of your Day Master's controlling element, you are too dependent on your spouse, or that the spouse will have a huge influence on you think that's true?
I also read somewhere about Steve Iwrin.."The Crocodile Hunter", that him being a Yin Metal Day Master with lots of Ren Water it showed his abilities with handling crocodiles and large water animals.
I used to want to become a marine that not a good idea, since I have no Water, and too much fire?
Sorry about all these questions, but I've been looking everywhere for answers, and haven't found any, so far.

Josephine said...

7Killings usually having a charming and outgoing personality.
As for your question, I really can't tell from just a bit info. here and there. May be you want a consult. I know you must feel that my fee is expensive but you can drop by to see me during MA Seminar. I'm usually there to give 15 minutes consult at RM30. Bring along your profile chart.

mantis said...

hi. Thank you for your input,but, unfortunately, can't pass by any seminar..I'm in Europe. Plus, in financial difficulty.

mantis said...

PS To Glenn

I am a Xin Metal Goat and I knew this girl in high school who was Yi Wood Ox, and she was the most unscrupulous person I've met..she was completely hypocritical, and, for some reason, was very threatened by me from the first day, and we actually became "friends" after a while, when in fact we were constantly competing..she could never handle the fact that I was more intelligent and the prettier one, and the shit she pulled to make me look bad was unbelievable.
Still think she is probably the only person I can say I truly despised in my life.

Josephine said...

Hi Mantis,

You can send your DOB to my email The friend you mentioned, better ignore her. Not worth the trouble.


HIM said...

Dear Josephine,
I was much enlightened reading your billionaires list. I am a Xin Yin Metal person, born in 1963. According to that year I am supposed to be a Water Rabbit.
Anyway, your observation of a Xin Yin Metal is almost perfect: Everything you say about the character of a Xin Yin Metal person seems spot on, when I compare myself to your notes.
Even the way one earns money. Somehow, I have come to expect earning money the easy way, while certain friends toil very hard to earn their livelihood. I almost feel guilty of my good fortune. God be praised.
Josephine, I would like to know your expert view on what I am about to ask you, if you don't mind.
I am now going on 48 next year.
My 10 year charts show that from 48 to 78, the elements are Yang Metal, Yang Earth, Yin Metal, Yin Earth, Yang Metal, Yang Earth.
Is this good for me. I do hope so, I remember I had a very, very difficult childhood from age 1 to 18, and those were Wood years. Why is that? Then there was a turn in my life when there was a Yin Earth year, followed by water years. And now, at the turn of next year it would be all metal and earth years.
I hope you have good news for me. I would also like to share; not sure if it is a coincidence or not, but I just received quite a generous amount of funds this year. Wonder if it has anything to do with, again, the 10 year luck chart. Also, I have been approached by someone to invest in a business relating to metal part exports. Is there a something happening here? I know that xin yin metal needs metal and earth to strengthen it's self element, right? So, josephine, can you help me out here. Thank you so much!

Josephine said...


I suggest you do a proper BaZi consult on your Luck Cycle from me or any other consultant. My email is

mantis said...

hi, again.

Just wanted to you take Daylight Savings time into consideration?

Josephine said...

No, I don't think it is necessary.

Aloysius said...

Re: Glenn

My sister is Yi Wood while I am Xin and competition is waged in every aspect you can imagine. One thing I found useful in Bazi is its correlation to nature or even, to things in life.

Xin Metal cuts Yi Wood - a relationship that any ingenuine argument cannot deny. And it is very subjective to claim that Yi Wood can 'use' fire simply because firstly, you have to consider the Bazi chart as a whole and secondly, the very basic is still Xin cuts Yi.

Yis may be chameleonic but the Xins have acting skills that can claim them Oscars. :P

And lastly, I think the Xins are smart enough to not trumpet before a battle's won simply because, and as you've acknowledged, we're apex plotters.

Xin will always cut Yi - Period.


Aloysius said...

if I am a Xin Metal (Xin Chou) born in Dog month, with abundant earth in my Bazi chart, does it explain why I like to take short-cuts (laziness?), have a domineering mum and can be rather anti-social?

I find myself too far away from the model Xin Metal in Lady Gaga! :P


Josephine said...

Hmmn... your earth element make you a bit anti-social & short-cuts (laziness) but your relationship with your mom also depends on the Parent Palace.

Aloysius said...

Hi Jo,
Thanks for your reply. :) Could i simply ask another general question and perhaps the last I'll trouble you with.

That is if in my chart, there's a total absence of my Hurting Officer (HO), which is Ren Water as I'm Xin, and only presence of Gui Water (EG), are there any implications to note of?



Josephine said...

No implication at all. It is very good which mean you have no confusion in term of character too. Because HO is extrovert while EG is introvert.

mantis said...

Hi. I have another it bad to have predominantly yin elements in your chart? Does that make you weak?
Also, if you have a lot of an element that doesn't coincide with your Day Master, should you read the description for that personality, as well?

Josephine said...


Not really. Its just that those who have more yin than yang in a Bazi Chart are thinker. They are less active or action pack. Yang element people are more action pack or active. They are the executor.

Yes, the other elements beside your DM contribute to your character as well especially if it is quite dominant in your chart.

mantis said...

Thanks again, Ms. Josephine.
So, I guess I am more Fire than Metal personality, then.
At least, according to this calculator:

Would you say it is an accurate calculator? It doesn't say how much of an element is Yin and how much is Yang, though.

So, if you are mostly Yin, does that mean you are bad at being active, or unlucky when you take the initiative?
Or should you try to balance your lack of Yang by being active even when you don't feel comfortable doing so?

Josephine said...

It would not be proper for me to comment on other people calculation method, so I leave it there.

Having more yin doesn't necessary mean you a bad or unlucky. It just that you like to think more than doing things. Yes, you can balance your chart by initiative to do something that you have plan out or participating in other people project.

Deborah Robinson said...

I am yin metal day yin metal year 1971 born in November so 3 pigs. I get you totally about the wood element. Corrupting influence of wood is competition they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Deborah Robinson said...

Didn't realise it was so long ago the last post hope you guys are still about I love Bazi system and wound love to learn more thank you