Thursday, March 19, 2009

What business are you in Bazi wise?

In today world, there are many new fields or industries emerged that are very different from the olden days of my grandma and grandpa or even my mom and dad time. It is not as clear-cut as it used to be where the element of a field is easily recognised. For example, a smelter is easily classified into the metal and fire elements while the barber or more commonly known now as hairstylist, is working in elements of wood and metal. Compare it back to ancient China history, the hairstylist job does not even exist. People then are not allowed to cut, trim or shave their body hairs. In the Confucius teaching, it was disrespect to the parents to remove even a strand of hair from your body.

Today, it would seem difficult to classify some of these new industries or field of works into the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Things are more complex now.

So are Bazi out-dated? Will it be able to help you find the right career in this constant evolving world of today?

Of course, I will say YES! If not then a lot of Chinese Metaphysics consultant will be out of job. ^_^ LOL J

You just need to refine your thinking and keep yourself inform and keep-up with the ever changing world. This sound tough, isn't it? You have to know a lot of things if not everything but not to worry you do not have to be the expert in them. Well you just have to know enough that help you to make the analysis. Now you out there, do know why it is not an easy job being a Bazi consultant. It involves a lot of brain-works. You do not have any text books or reference books to refer to that will tell you point-blank that this is equivalent to this or that. It all depends on the consultant knowledge and experience in interpretation. This explains why a lot people prefer an older consultant as the added ages hopefully correspond with his years of experience. You never know, he may just join the industry recently. (No offense intended) Its also explain why to be a Bazi or Feng Shui consultant, you need the Indirect Resource Star in your Bazi chart because there isn't any DIRECT way of getting answers or information. Even if you dig out all the classical text it will not give you a direct answer. You still need to do your own interpretation. So creative thinking is important. That is why some times you may meet one of the nutty and superstitious consultants out there because they are overdose with creative thinking.

The Business of Stem Cell

Basically the field of medicine is broadly classified under the metal element for the Western medication while the Chinese medication is of wood element.

In recent years, there are break through of science and medical industry in using stem cell to cure diseases like foot ulcers, heart-disease, blood-disorder and also to treat cancer. The possibility of stem cell curing more sickness and incurable diseases in the future seems boundless with today scientific research with the help of biotechnology. What more! It has been recently announced that researcher has been successfully using stem cells to treat AIDS.

It first comes through our shore, brought in by StemLife Berhad.

What are stem cells? Briefly, stem cells refer to the body's "master" cells because they create all other tissues, organs and systems in the body.

Stem Cells
The stem cells found in cord blood are the building blocks of your blood and immune system and most readily reproduce into:

Red Blood Cells - which carry oxygen to all the cells in the body.

White Blood Cells – which fight infection.

Platelets – which aid in clotting in the event of injury.

Stem cells are most readily found in cord blood, peripheral blood and bone marrow in our body. While the adult stem cells can be found in brain, bone marrow, peripheral blood, blood vessels, skeletal muscle, skin and liver.

With this knowledge, a new business is evolved. The business of stem cell or to be more precise the stem cell bank. The business involved the collection, processing, and the most important the storage of stem cells.

So how do you classify this business in Bazi term?

To classified the stem cell business in one of the 60 Jia Zi (Pillar), lets take a closer look into the business. Since the business involved storage of stem cell, it will not run away from the Four Graveyards that are Chen Dragon, Wei Goat, Xu Dog and Chou Ox which is of earth element. The Four Graveyard store excess Qi. Beside when you sell a trust, you are considered in the earth business. Selling stem cell is a business that involved trust. People believe or trust that they are able to use the stem cell in the future where the need arises. It is like insurance and protection to a better health in the future.

So which Branches best represent the stem cell business and how about the element on Heavenly Stems?

The storage of stem cell requires it to be cool to low sub-zero temperatures where the stem cell at this environment is preserved in good condition. The stem cell should be kept in a dormant stage. Out of the Four Graveyards branches the Xu Dog and the Chou Ox are in the seasons where the weather is cool that are autumn and winter respectively. The Chen Dragon is in the spring season. At this environment most of the living organisms are at their most active growing stage. This condition is not suitable for the stem cell to be kept in. The Wei Goat is in the summer seasons where the weather is hot which can easily kill the fragile stem cell. Thus these two Branches are eliminated as the possible pillar for the stem cell bank industry.

Four Graveyards Stem cell is collected from your bloodstream for storage and in Bazi, blood is represents by Xin Metal. The Xu Dog and Chou Ox contained the secondary qi of Xin Metal. However, the Xu Dog is the graveyard of Xin Metal while the Chou Ox is the storage of of Xin Metal. Hence, it is more suitable to to use Chou Ox as the branch for the pillar of stem cell banking industry. Apart from this, the Xu Dog branch is dry and hard which does not provide the proper condition for the stem cell. Ding Chou

In contrast the Chou Ox, contains the Gui Water and is at the end of winter which is moist but not too wet environment for a proper storage of stem cell. The Pillar need a little warm as the Chou Ox in winter season therefore the Heavenly Stem on the Pillar should sit the Ding Fire. The Ding Fire also represents hope as its gives light in the darkness. Since the main purpose for people to store stem cell is a hope that the stem cell may help them to cure diseases in the future.

So my conclusion for the Pillar of Stem Cell Bank business is Ding Chou.



budianto said...

geng ji geng jia
wu hai wu zi

I think I do too much consulting, now I learn by myself. Many bazi master told me that job suits me well is water element since that element is my usefull god.

but In my opinion, I think we must see my talent. my geng metal is the best element in my bazi. that geng element got wealth (jia wood), resource (ji earth) and fire to make geng metal become usefull.

but geng metal bussines I know always need a lot of money (example : make a macchine), or a high political person (police, military) which for me that's almost impossible.

I need your opinion about what I am thinking, is that right? and what job suit for me in your opinion?

Josephine said...

Yes, being a consultant does suit you. Water besides being your useful god and couple with the Geng Metal, Eating God, shows that you have good analytical skills and a intelligent person. You are indeed a very good consultant. May I know what type of consulting service you give? Just in case, I need your advice.

budianto said...

I am not fullworker, just a freelance, but I help a lot of my friend making a lot decision.

I am still trying to find fulltime work. What I mean about this "I think I do too much consulting, now I learn by myself. Many bazi master told me that job suits me well is water element since that element is my usefull god." is methaphysics consulting, but I do it for free (just for my friend), but you can ask me if you want to.

"May I know what type of consulting service you give? Just in case, I need your advice."

now I do freelance as frachise business consultant, and some interior consulting (with my friend), methaphysics consultant (for free).

budianto said...

Oh yeah I forgot. for methaphysics, I Ain't an expert yet, just helping as hard as I can.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Josephine. You said, "So my conclusion for the Pillar of Stem Cell Bank business is Ding Chou." Does it mean that anyone with Ding Chou as a Day Pillar should be in a "BANK" business?