Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow – A Banking Thoroughbred

Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Teh Hong Piow, Chairman of Public Bank in Malaysia, was born in Singapore on 14 March 1930. He was listed No.4 in Malaysia's 40 Riches People by Forbes with a net worth of US$3.5 billion at age 78 in 2008. Below is Tan Sri Teh's Bazi Chart.

Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow's Bazi Chart

Tan Sri Teh was not born in a privilege family. His family was very traditional and conservative. His father was a strict disciplinarian. All this was indicated in the Luck Pillar of Geng Chen. Chen contains the main Qi of Wu Earth which is the Officer Star of Gui Water Day Master. Also sitting in his Father Palace is the Seven Killing Star.

At the age of 6, Tan Sri Teh's mother passed away indicated by the harm Chen Dragon in the Luck Pillar harming the Mao Rabbit in the Month Branch.

Unable to afford schooling, he only studied up to Cambridge Overseas School Certificate and started working at a very young age.

He joined OCBC in 1950 as a clerk at the age of 20 in Luck Pillar of Xin Si. The metal element which represents the banking industry is his favourable element. Later on he joined Malayan Banking which was also in the metal industry. During this period incubation in Malayan Banking supplied the learning curve he needed to start his own bank.

Tan Sri Teh, a Gui Water Day Master person, is born in spring. To make his Bazi chart balance, the element of wood and earth is needed. These two elements are exactly located in the Month Pillar in his Bazi chart. The element which makes the Bazi chart balance is called useful god.

In the year 1966 which was on the Luck Pillar of Gui Wei, that he made the break. He used the gain from a property deal as capital to start his own bank. In this case, the Wei Goat which contains the earth element is the useful god for him. The earth element represents the property deal which was the seed capital of his success.

Again the Wei Goat formed a combo with the Mao Rabbit and Hai Pig in his chart that produced the wood element, his second useful god. When you have the three combo formation it usually represents networking or partnership. It at this point that he decided to strike out on his own taking ten of the Malayan Banking staff as his first team to start Public Bank. Public Bank commenced business on the 6 August 1966. Public Bank was so named as a bank for "for the people". This aptly showed the Hai-Mao-Wei combo. At this point, by doing the right thing at the right time and right place, Tan Sri Teh has embarked through a journey of success.

Doing the right thing – Using the gain to start his owns bank. (Action-Man Luck)

At the right timing – Striking out in the Luck Pillar of Gui Wei where his useful god of wood and earth was present at the same time giving him added synergy for success. It was also a high priority of that time to develop Malaysian oriented bank by Bank Negara and Malaysian Government.(Timing – Heaven Luck)

At the right place – Banking industry which is a favourable element to him. (Place – Earth Luck)

It is the work of the Trinity Luck of Heaven, Man and Earth.

Tan Sri Teh Now & Then

A look at the picture of now and then show that Tan Sri Teh has grown from a cheeky good looking boy (though not in term of Chinese Miang Xiang wise) to a prosperous and noble looking man.

Fast forward to present, Public Bank is a household name in Malaysia. The bank is rated as the strongest bank in Malaysia by Asia Money. An "Ordinary man" created an "Extraordinary Bank", Tan Sri Teh is a "Living Legend". He is a true self-made billionaire.



Durian Edge said...


My I know this Gui Water Day Master is weak in spring, so Wood & Earth is Unfavourable Element why this two element will help balance up the bazi chart.


Josephine said...

If you look at his Bazi chart, his Day Master is sitting on Rob Wealth Star means he is supported. You can also see the Geng Metal at the Year Stem which is his Resource Star. The thing is his chart is quite balance with all the elements and his Day Master is not weak. Therefore, the wood and the earth can be use.

Durian Edge said...

Thanks for your info.It will help me to understand more.

Anonymous said...

I also noticed that he has a Gen metal sitting on Wu fire. On your blog Warren Buffet has the Gen/Fire configuration as well. On Joey Yap's 2nd bazi book, pg. 229, Mr. Dan Brown, the author of De Vinci code, Mr. Brown also has Geng/Wu configuration as well. Joey said that the Ding fire found in Wu forges and makes useful the Geng metal. Your blog is very helpful for learning bazi. Thanks.

Josephine said...


Very interesting discovery. Now that I have look at the charts again, you are indeed correct. Even Li Ka-shing, the HK tycoon has the Geng Wu configuration. Thank you for the info.

Lam said...


I am norvice in bazi.

IMHO, this chart useful god is water as the geng metal is weak.

hai mao wei combo form water, if there is clash, combo won't be form. and the hour pillar is unknow to us.(i deduce hs god gui is weak can't transform the frame)

he is rich and sucessful mainly becuase the qi flowing is smooth , water --> wood---> fire---> wield metal.

if the hour pillar have strong wood or fire, then will result in difference of useful god to this DM.

and the interpretation of his achievement will be different.


Josephine said...

Hi Lam,

Thank you for your interest in my blog.

FYI, his chart is not that weak. There is a Hai Pig supporting his Day Master.

And yes, I agreed with you if there is a clash, combo will not be formed but there isn’t any in his chart. For the Hai-Mao-Wei combo you mentioned actually formed wood element. If you read his book, “A Banking of Thoroughbred”, you will notice that he has made a lot of connection with the powerful people at the point of time as well as the formation of Public Bank which are exactly what the Hai-Mao-Wei combo represented.

The smooth flowing Qi in his chart is also one of the criteria that contributed to his success.


Lam said...

ops ,my mistake -.-"

Josephine said...

It has been really a sad news that the Chairman is not well for quite some time already.

Looking at his chart, the Chou Ox 丑 on the branch of this year Annual Pillar clashes with his Year Pillar of Wu Horse 午. Further exaggerated the problem is the Hai Pig 亥 Self-Punishment at the Day Branches with the Ding Hai 丁亥 Luck Pillar of age 77. The Ding on the Stem of the Luck Pillar reveal possibility of health problem related to the heart.

The month of Sep 2009 is Gui You 癸酉 . The Xin 辛 in the You cuts away the Yi 乙 in the Mao 卯 indicates an operation. The You is also a destruction to Wu.

Although the Gui You month seems to support the Day Master, but in actual fact it cut away the resources that feed the heart. Doesn't sound that optimistic at this point.

Pray with all my heart for his recovery.