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The Giver, the Peace-Keeper and the Savior!

She was born in Skopje, capital of the Republic of Macedonia on 26 August 1910 at 2.25 p.m. At the tender age of 12, she was already convinced that she should commit herself to a religious life. Subsequently at the age of 18, she left her home to join the Sisters of Loreto as a missionary and never see her family again.

In 1929, she arrived in Darjeeling, India, near the Himalayan Mountains to begin her novitiate toward religious life and nun-hood. She took her solemn vows as a nun on 14 May 1937, while teaching in Loreto Covent School in Calcutta.

Disturbed by the poverty that surrounded her in Calcutta, she recognized her true calling on 10 September 1946 and later leaved the convent to begin her missionary work in 1948. Her first year of missionary work was fraught with difficulties and hardship. In her diary she had mentioned that there were times she faces doubts, loneliness and temptation to return to the comfort life of the convent.

On 7 October 1950, she received the permission to start the diocesan congregation that would later become the Missionary of Charity. Its mission was to care for, in her own words, "the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the crippled, the blind, the lepers, and all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for throughout society, people that have become a burden to the society and are shunned by everyone." It was also at this point that a savior was born to the world and she never again looked back to her life in convent. Who was this lady who dedicated his whole life to selfless caring of those in need? She was no other than Agnesë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, better known to the world as "Mother Teresa". Below was her Bazi Chart.

Mother Teresa

Every Bazi Chart tells the life story of a person. In Mother Teresa's life, 1she had offered kindness, selfless-caring and endless sacrifices to those in need. During the course of her work she was very much 2hands on in helping those who faced hardship and suffering. In her life, Mother Teresa will always cross path with those living in despair and at the edge of hopelessness. 3,4She was particularly surrounded by poverty, sick and dying as destine by her Bazi chart. Mother Teresa was only destined to bring some warm, comfort and dignity to those who were sick and dying but were unable to change their life. 4,5It was not in her power to do what some of her critics had said, like David Scott, who wrote that Mother Teresa limited herself to only keeping people alive rather than tackling poverty itself.

Mother Teresa’s Bazi Chart

Mother Teresa has been admired and praise for what she had done. 6Her work also had attracted the like-minded, those who shared her vision and ideal to join her course. 6The nuns and priests were her sisters and brothers and the missionary where she worked was her home.

Mother Teresa

7,8In her life, Mother Teresa also crossed path with those who were powerful, high official as well as autocratic and the corrupt. These people had donated to Mother Teresa's Missionary of Charity.

8Sighting cases that she had been 9criticized e.g. Mother Teresa accepted 10donations from the 8autocratic and corrupt Duvalier family in Haiti, and openly praised them. She also accepted 1.4 million dollars from Charles Keating, involved in the fraud and corruption scheme known as the Keating Five scandal, and supported him before and after his arrest. The Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles, Paul Turley, wrote to Mother Teresa asking her to return the donated money to the people Keating had stolen from, one of whom was "a poor carpenter". The donated money was not accounted for, and Turley did not receive a reply. Mother Teresa had no qualm in accepting charity from those who were corrupted to achieve her course.

7Mother Teresa was globally recognized by the world and honoured by both governments and civilian organizations for her humanitarian services render to the people at large. Pope John XXIII Peace Prize in 1971, Albert Schweitzer International Prize in 1975 and Order of Merit in 1983, just to name a few of the awards that granted to Mother Teresa for her work, charity and efforts of peace. 10,11Through her work she had brought awareness on humanity and peace to the people around the world.

Mother Teresa passed away on 5 September 1997 after stepping down from the head of Missionaries of Charity on 13 March 1997.

12Towards the end of her life, Mother Teresa attracted some negative attention in the Western media. Christopher Hitchens, one of her most active critics, was commissioned to co-write and narrate the documentary Hell's Angel about her for the British Channel 4. He also written a book named "The Missionary Position" criticizing Mother Teresa in 1995. However, the criticism would not overshadow Mother Teresa as an icon of humanity and peace as well as eclipse her work and contribution to the society.


  1. Gui Water nourishing the Jia Wood. Wood element represents kindness, caring and empathy natures.
  2. Jia Wood as an output, Hurting Officer Star shoed that Mother Teresa is a doer rather than a planner or thinker. She was a very hand-on person.
  3. The Jia Wood was sitting on the Shen Monkey and next to it was the Geng Metal on the Year Stem. This indicated wood was weak because it constantly being chopped down. This indicated the people that were helped by Mother Teresa were the weak, helpless and suffering.
  4. There was no Bing Fire, the fire of Sun in Mother Teresa's Bazi chart. The Bing Fire is very much needed by the wood element to growth and prospers. Fire also represents passion, hope and happiness of a person. These mean that Mother Teresa would not be able to change the life or circumstances of those people around her. She can only offered some warm and comfort that was represented by the two little Ding Fires in her chart.
  5. Yi Wood the Eating God Star that represents a thinker and planning ability is also not present in Mother Teresa's chart. That's mean she do things as she went along. It was not in her natures to plan things ahead thus with the money she received she used it to solve the immediate problems at that point of time. It did not occur to her to plan the usage of the donation to solve the core poverty issues. Even she was aware of the need to do so, she was not destine to achieve it. However, she had done whatever in her abilities (Element of Ding Fires, Gui and Ren Waters, and Wu and Ji Earths) bringing awareness to those people who had the power to do what she can't.
  6. Hai Pig, the Rob Wealth was sitting on the Day Branch (Home Palace) contains Jia Wood. Rob Wealth can represent your brothers, sisters, colleagues, friends and admirers. Since the Rob Wealth contains the Hurting Officer Star to Mother Teresa that stand-out on the Stem of the Month Pillar, they shared the same ideology with her.
  7. Xu Dog (Year Branch) and Wei Goat (Hour Branch) are the Direct Officer Star and Seven Killing Star respectively. Direct Officer indicates people who have status, good name or power. These two stars had brought fame and recognition to Mother Teresa's work and contribution.
  8. At the same Seven Killing Star can represent powerful people who corrupted or involved in illegal means.
  9. Seven Killing Stars (Hour Pillar-Ji Earth on the Stem while Wei Goat on the Branch, pure Qi of earth penetrated to the Heaven) are inspiring and charismatic but also attracted petty people.
  10. Ding Fire, wealth element to Gui Day Master are secondary Qi hidden in Xu Dog and Wei Goat. It represented the donation given by those in power to Mother Teresa to help her course. The Ding Fire's natures are the candlelight, showing people the way in the dark and spreading the knowledge.
  11. Water (Gui and Ren Water in the Day Pillar) and earth (Ji Earth and Wei Goat in the Hour Pillar and the Xu Dog in the Year Branch) element together carried the messages to every corner on the earth.
  12. The Ji Wei in the Hour Pillar represented the last period of Mother Teresa's life. The yin earth element represented the Seven Killing Star to Mother Teresa and thus also represented the petty people especially toward the end of her days.
  13. People always say that the eyes are the window of one soul. If you look at Mother Teresa's pair of eye in the photos from young until old, there is always sadness in it.


Lam said...


Mother Teresa have a direct resource chart type.

Although she have heaven virtue in the chart, but still can't category as virtuous women...

The pair of eye that you mention, i think it have to do with the lacking of fire in the chart. (fire in the chart is weak, but lucky the season is not in winter).

there is a shang guan at the stem of the month pillar, i wonder can this denote poor affinity with parent?


Lam said...


left out something,

just make a quick search,...

seems that hurting officer at month stem "unfavorable" denote poor affinity with parent?


Josephine said...

Hi Lam,

Thank you for the info.

Yes, you may be right. If you look at the Hour Pillar, the Seven Killing Star was located there. It was also fairly strong because it was pure Qi of Ji Earth. This indicates that she was capable of doing things that some of her critics say about her. This side of her was rarely seen by anyone as it was hidden at the last Pillar.

Poor affinity with parent was also true. Her father passed away when she was 8 years old and she leaved home to join the missionary at 18 years old.


Lam said...


since you had started Mother Teresa analysis, you don't mind if i put in some analysis as well (as a practice for me lolz).

1979, she won noble prize,
Ding Ji
Chou Wei

1979 year, present of abundant of earth(fame) in Mother Teresa chart. The Chou from LP clash with the wei, (while here i not sure what favorable element might be release, )i guess it is the ji earth is released. And the ji earth at the hour pillar, trigger the transformation of the ji from annual pillar and jia hs of month pillar to earth(fame). Ji and Jia know as merciful transformation, maybe for this particular year, she is exceptionally merciful and nice, and recognize by other people (earth) due to (her) benevolent.


Lam said...


Ding Ren
Chou Xu

In 1982,Mother Teresa rescued 37 children trapped in a front line hospital by brokering a temporary cease-fire between the Israeli army and Palestinian guerrillas.

To me she is very brave.

It is still Chou LP, and Xu earth. Where i believe she recieve the fame from this incident as well.The present of the Ding fire in this LP warm the chart,her smile might be more happier during this LP. In 1982, Ding combine with the ren in the annual pillar and transform into wood (trigger by the jia at the month pillar).Wood (output), ability to rise to a occasion, ability to go against the norm (basically the description is from joey book -.-").Maybe from this transformation give her the strength to stop the cease fire.


btw you seems helping joey advertising his book. he pay you commission ? (lolz, jk).

Lam said...


my last post, some grammer mistake in the last sentence.

"is the ability to create and result the cease fire"-- not stopping it -.-"

Mother Teresa suffered a heart attack
Ding Gui
Chou Hai

Gui Hai Fu Yin with the day pillar, maybe this denote the event.

1989 (2nd heart attack)
Bing Ji
Zi Si

i have no idea how to decode this.

1996 (Mother Teresa fell and broke her collar bone)
Yi Bing
Hai Zi

while,... seems Bing Zi really did play a part in causing injury towards Mother Teresa.In Zi, it is a bi jian. and gui water. Things may get cooler.The different compare to the pass LP is, this LP is more cooler. As the Bing is only a year. and it is the hai instead of the Si. Geng(year pillar), Yi(luck pillar), combine and transform into metal (autumn season). metal, resource to a water, become unfavorable, she might think more negatively, and her eye will become more sad during this 10 LP.Which we all notice from all of her pic, which mostly taken since 1995(i guess).

"In August she suffered from malaria and failure of the left heart ventricle. She had heart surgery, but it was clear that her health was declining."

fire is getting weaker. Fire-heart related illness.It is Bing Shen month, Bing Fire is still there to warmth.

while i think i will stop here...

While in my opinion, we can decode easy the event that had happen based on bazi perspective. But it is hard to forecast the event ahead.


Josephine said...

Hi Lam,

Thank you again for sharing your view on this article. I am sure others will find it enlightening.