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Ultimate Reality TV Star

I am never a big fan of those reality shows likes those American Idol, The Bachelorette, Joe Millionaire and Survival of the Richest just to name a few. The name Jade Goody caught my attention when I was reading The Economist, the 28th March 2009 issue.

I have always wondered how a person can bare her or his life through the camera and let the world see them in action. I cannot imagine myself doing this kind of things but then I am a very private and relatively shy person. So when I saw the line Jade Goody, a reality TV star died on 22nd March at the age of 27, it prompted me to check out her Bazi chart. At the age of 27, she was too young to die.

I guess to be able to standout in a reality show or any other show for that matter your Xin Metal element must be very prominent. You know, one of the natures of Xin Metal is show business. So the Xin Metal will be in her Bazi Chart, right? Below was Jade Goody's Bazi Chart.

Jade Goody was born on 5 June 1981 in London. I have estimated her hour of birth at around 7 a.m. to 8.59 a.m. that was the Chen Dragon hour based on the news of her health and also her passion of making money. Her Bazi Chart below clearly showed the Xin Metal on the Year Pillar and what more? It was a pure Qi of Xin Metal that penetrated from the Branch to the Heavenly Stem. Among the Xin Metal Pillars, the Xin You Pillar is the most common type of Xin Metal.

2002 Ren Wu 壬午Her fame began at the year 2002, Ren Wu which featured her Hurting Officer Stars, when she appeared on the Big Brother 3 in United Kingdom. The Big Brother TV showed was about a group of ordinary people living in a house, isolated from the outside world but continuously watched by television cameras. This can be analyzed to see how people react when forced into close confinement with people who lie outside their comfort zone. Each housemate will be voted out until the last one will be declared a winner. It was a show business of common people exactly the Xin You natures. It was at this reality TV showed that Jade Goody's Xin You Pillar shined through.

The year 2002 was also the year that she entered the Luck Pillar (LP) of Bing Shen (20 LP). This Pillar brought her tremendous popularity. The Bing Fire (Stem of 20 LP) shined on the Direct Officer. The Shen Monkey (Branch of 20 LP) chopped the Jia Wood making it useful. Thus, Jade Goody stand out among all the contestants.

Jade Goody's Bazi Chart
Although the Bing Shen brought her fame and wealth, it was also a difficult pillar to cross. The Shen Monkey itself clashed with the Yin Tiger (Day Branch). It was also a combo and destruction formation with the Si Snake (Month Branch). The Shen Monkey supposes to combine with the Snake monkey to form water, her resource element. However since the chart does not support the combination, the destruction take place.

Jade Goody had a number of health scares throughout the Bing Shen Pillar. In 2002, she had a cervical smear test which revealed abnormal cells, a possible indicator of cancer. She was later tested for ovarian cancer in 2004 and bowel cancer in 2006, but was given the all-clear on each occasion.

2007 Ding Hai 丁亥

In 2007, Ding Hai Year, she got into bad publicity. The Hai Pig was a harm to her Officer Star, Shen Monkey and also a destruction to the Yin Tiger. Furthermore, the Hai Pig also clashed with her Output Star, Si Snake. It meant that her status and good name was affected as a result of her own action. The year stem reveal Ding Fire which was a Hurting Officer Star to her which indicated her outspoken remark that got her into the mess. She was accused of making derogatory and racist comments to her housemate Shilpa Shetty which caused her eviction from the Big Brother Show.

In 2008, Wu Zi year, she returned to public eye on the India version of the Big Brother show. The year, see the three heavenly combination of Shen-Zi-Chen formed the water, her resource element, an indication of health issue. She was told that she had cervical cancer during the show in India. She subsequently withdrew from the show and return to England.

Shen-Zi-Chen combo also saw her many plans become reality as water meet wood (Day Pillar) indicates ideas become objective. Source from Wikipedia showed that during 2008, she released a new autobiography, Jade: Catch A Falling Star. In Christmas 2008, she played the role of the Wicked Queen in a pantomime version of Snow White at the Theatre Royal, Lincoln and was praised for her strength and determination in doing so. Later she withdrew from the production due to health reasons. A reality television documentary, Living with Jade Goody was shown in September as a one off special, as part of the Living With . . . series on Living TV. A one off film "Jade's cancer battle" was aired on 11 December. She also opened her second beauty salon named "Homme Fatel", catering exclusively for men.

In 2009, the Si-You-Chou combo saw her marriage Jack Tweed. The Si-You-Chou combo formed the metal element which was her Officer Star a.k.a. Husband Star. This combo also saw her bring two sons from her relationship with Jeff Brazier into the marriage indicated Si Snake in the combo. She never stopped from making use of the opportunity to make money even from her wedding ceremony or her dying. She and Jake Tweed signed an exclusive £700,000 deal with OK! magazine for photographs of the wedding ceremony. All the money making opportunity that Jade Goody get into was to make sure that her two sons are well taken care off in the future (wealth element in the children palace, Hour Pillar).

Jade Goody
When news broke that Goody's cancer was terminal, medical authorities in the UK began reporting a surge in requests from younger women. This reversed a trend which had seen demand for screening decline overall in the past decade. As a result of the publicity surrounding Goody's illness, on 13 March 2009 government health ministers agreed to review the NHS's policy of not offering screening for cervical cancer until the age of 25 in England. Goody issued a press release the same day, saying that she was "immensely proud" that she had helped prompt the review.

In April 2009, Goody was named the "ultimate reality TV star" by Digital Spy. Sir Michael Parkinson wrote that Goody had become property of the media "to be manipulated and exploited till the day she died". This aptly described her destiny as Jia Wood person (Wood should be chopped to become useful).



bazizen said...

Hi Jo,
Great analysis! You mentioned she brought two sons represented by Si snake into her second marriage. Isn't Ding supposed to be the son and Bing the daughter for a female Jia? Hope to hear your clarification on this. Thanks.

Josephine said...

Hi Bazizen,

Yes, you can say Ding represents the son while Bing represents the daughter to a Jia Wood female. However, you can also say Ding represents the younger child and Bing represents the older child to a Jia Wood female in a different situation. Or you can go back to basic which say Yang element represents male while Yin elements represents female. But does all male are born as Yang Day Master and all female are born as Yin Day Master? I guess you already got the answer, which is no. If you check back the 12 animal signs Si Snake is actually Yin Fire Snake but it contained the Bing Fire element. So sometimes I guess that reading a Bazi chart requires some flexibility.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
Indeed! Thanks for your sharing and I look forward to your next article :)