Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oops! Where the whole world waited! Sera Monastery...

Just got home from my Tibet trip on the 2nd legged of the China Excursion. No, not going to blog about the Tibet fengshui here. Sorry to disappoint you guys but I am sure you can find other site that have much more information on it.

My little adventurous and recklessness had got the group waited for me for about half an hour or more. Of course, I felt bad but then I know I would be late. Still, I was off to the unbeaten path while the excursion groupee when on to their spiritual tour around the Sera Monastery after sifu Joey explained the fengshui of the surrounding. Not much of a clear view can be seen from the monastery because of the building structure. Sifu suggested we can climb the wall to get to the higher ground for better view or join our tour guide on a spiritual tour of the monastery. After a short tour, I decided to break off from the group and headed on to my little adventure. I have always believed that god is always with me in my heart and need not necessary visit so many god's places to give extra Uhm! to my spirituality… (Of course, if my grandmother was a life she would had say I was just being lazy.) After all, if I remember correctly everyone can be a little Buddha on their own. After few detailed prayers on the 1st day, my mind began to wonder. Wouldn't the prayer below be sufficient?

I pray for World Peace!
I pray for Love All Around!
I pray for Bountiful Food for Everyone!
I pray for Ageless Wisdom! 

I don't mean disrespect to others' believed though but I can't stop my mind from wondering. :P

My little adventure? Climbing the wall? Of course, NOT! Are you nuts?! I just decided to walk (maybe run a bit on my way back) and asked the locals. It made more sense than scaling the wall.

Off the unbeaten path

Up hill

Mid-way view

Hermitage View

The Wall

A 15 minutes walked up to the hill at an almost deserted lane. I think I reached around some hermitage behind of Sera Monastery. The scenery was breath taking. A quick checked with a local passerby said it was going to take about two hours walk from where I was and some rock climbing to do to reach Sera Utsé Hermitage, the peak of Sera. I took some quick photos and quickly made my way back. 

Sera Peak

The Wall Overlooking at Hermitage

Scenery At Mid-Point

Beautiful Mountain

Well, everyone was gone by the time I reached the spot where we were supposed to wait. Okay, what to do?

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