Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ding Hai (Novemerber 2010)

Just had my lunch with some good friends from a far and BaZi enthusiast. The method of imagery BaZi was being discussed. Imagery or pictorial of the Jia Zi Pillar is very subjective to each person imagination and interpretation.

This month is Ding Hai. I posted two images which I think represents a nice Ding Hai Pillar.

Light House
                    Source: PCWorld

Starry Night



Zenda said...


Josephine said...

The 2nd photo does gave a mysterious feeling... :)

Chung Ling said...

Thank you for such a great imaging. The lighthouse (Ding) illuminating the ocean (Hai) captures the essence.

Josephine said...

You're most welcome. :D

Wen said...

Gosh ! Awesome =) totally beautiful and mysterious at the same time...reflecting hope in some ways !

Thanks for sharin Jo !

Anonymous said...

Nice photo.


Josephine said...

Hi Misty,

Thanks! But the pic is not mine. Source it out. How are you? I have long time never heard from you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

I'm fine, just a bit busy lately.Hey,
seems I need to catch up with your posts but may agree to disagree in some points.
Take care,ya


Anonymous said...

very beautiful (I'm a DING HAI day pillar myself)
waiting for other JIA ZI in images.

Josephine said...

Thank u. Sometimes very hard to find the pictures that I have in my mind.