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Phil Spector, the Songwriter and Music Producer

Just looking at the photos and knowing his work, you will know that there is an Eating God star looming in his Bazi Chart. Phil Spector, born in 26 December 1939 at 2.55 p.m., is now 69-year-old.

Phil SpectorThe amount of eccentricity displayed by the different hair styles is very Eating God indeed. Personally, I think he needs an image consultant. Eating God people may know good foods, the best wines or fabrics but they flopped when it come to their images.

For those who do not know Spector's work, he is a famous songwriter and music producer. In 1965, the song "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'", produced and co-written by Spector for the The Righteous Brothers, is listed by BMI as the song with the most U.S. air play in the 20th century. Eating God people also usually work behind the scene like what Spector do.

He is the originator of the "Wall of Sound" production technique. John Lennon and George Harrison invited Spector to take on the task of turning the Beatles' abandoned "Get Back" recording sessions into a usable album. Using many of his production techniques, making changes to the arrangements and sound of some songs, Spector produces the album, "Let It Be". It was a massive commercial success and topped the US and UK charts. The album also yielded three number one singles: "Get Back", "The Long and Winding Road", and "Let it Be".

Below is Phil Spector's Bazi Chart. The Eating God Star is right at the Year Stem for all to see and rooted on the Wei Goat at the Hour Branch.

His Day Master, Ding Fire, is flanked by the Friend and Rob Wealth Stars side by side indicating the hall of fame in his life.

Phil Spector's Bazi Chart

Born in the winter month of Zi Rat, he has a Seven Killings Structure. It denotes a bold and charismatic personality. On negative side, a Seven Killings Structure are also aggressive, competitive and a sore loser.

The Zi Rat~You Rooster destruction in Spector's Bazi Chart indicated a tendency toward substance abuse like alcoholic or drugs abuses. The Zi~You both also indicates that Spector has bout of emotional breakout from time to time.

Out of the four Peach Blossom Stars, three are present in his Bazi chart that is Mao Rabbit (Year Branch), Zi Rat (Month Branch) and You Rooster (Day Branch). This shows a very attractive man, but a fatal one. This is because of the Zi-You destruction and Zi-Mao uncivilized punishment which mostly related to sex as both the Zi Rat and Mao Rabbit are Peach Blossoms Star.

Combined all this together, you have an emotional man who is an alcoholic or drug addict with a strong sexual desire and very much hate to be spurn by others. This reflects a life that fits the Hollywood circle to the dot. However, it also lurks a dangerous personality that is taken for granted of the celebrities.

On 3 February 2003, Spector was arrested on the suspicion of the murder of the 40-year-old nightclub hostess and actress, Lana Clarkson. The 3 February 2003, it is still considered as the Ren Wu year of the Chinese Solar calendar. He was 67-year-old going through the Luck Pillar of Geng Wu at this point of time.

The Wu Horse in his Luck Pillar is like a time bomb waiting to be triggered. The Wu Horse also spells the arrival of the fourth Peach Blossom Stars in Spector life. This Peach Blossom Star clashed with his Seven Killings Star (Zi Rat) and also is destruction to the Resource Star (Mao Rabbits).

The Wu Horse~Wei Goat also combined to form fire. It is like a fire break-out that burns everything on its path. Although the fire element is his favourable element, it also contributed additional aggressive to his weak nature.

Phil Spector's Bazi Chart

It would not be hard to picture the possibilities of what has happen in the scene present by the Bazi chart above.

Month Pillar of February 2003

On 2 February 2, 2003, Lana Clarkson met Phil Spector at the West Hollywood House of Blues. After her shift ended, Lana was invited by Spector to his home for a drink. Soon after midnight they left House of Blues and headed his home in Alhambra, California. Xin Metal in the Chou Ox represents Lana, a Girlfriend Star to Phil Spector. The Chou Ox Month Pillar of 2003, clashed into the Wei Goat at Hour Branch of Spector's Chart. This indicated a short movement or travel. At this juncture Lana and Spector detoured from House of Blues to Spector's mansion (also indicated by half-combo of Chou Ox~You Rooster at the Day Branch), Pyrenees Castle, in Alhambra, California. The Xin Metal (You Branch) on the Home Palace now represented Lana at Spector's home. The Zi-You destruction also indicated another session of drinking spree in Spector's home. This was followed by Spector sexual advance which Lana may have rejected (Zi-Mao punishment).

The Wu Horses (branches on the Luck Pillar and Annual Pillar) were destruction to Mao Rabbit (Year Branch). This denotes that Spector felt the rejection deeply. His ego and comfort zone has been hurt. In a fit of anger, he gave in to his emotion and killed Lana Clarkson. This is indicated by Wu Horses clashed into Zi Rat on month branch of the Bazi chart. This clash irritated the Seven Killing in Spector and spurred him into aggression.

It is reported that Lana was found dead by a single gunshot (represent by Wu Horse controlling You Rooster) to her mouth in Spector's mansion. Out of the five elements, earth element represents mouth. The Chou ~Wei (Chou Ox on month branch of Feb 2003, Wei Goat on the Hour Branch of the Bazi Chart), both earth element, indicated the gunshot to the mouth.

On 13 April 2009, Spector was convicted of second degree murder. On 29 May 2009, he was sentenced to 19 years of life prison.


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