Thursday, June 11, 2009

Accidental Rob Wealth

On 17 June last year, if you remember one of my post which mentioned that I have been mugged by snatch thief. My Rob Wealth Star was working against me at that point. Below is the chart of the faithful day.

The Chen Dragon ~ Zi Rat (Hour and Day Branches) is a half-combo of water. The Zi Rats (Year and Day Branches) clashes with the Wu Horse (Month Branch). The Rob Wealth (Ji Earth) inside the Wu Horse saw abundance of wealth, hence forcefully took it.

17 June 2008

Except for a great scared, my insurance has paid all my losses with extra to spare.

Fast forward to 6 June 2009, the Wu Horse month again, something happened. I have become the accidental Rob Wealth to someone else. What has taken place exactly? Well, I have the fortune to pick up a gold chain during my shopping trip on last Saturday. Someone has dropped it. I have waited for quite some time at the spot whereby I picked the gold chain but no one makes a claim on it. Below is the chart for that Saturday.

6 June 2009
Xin Metal

The Wu Horses (Month and Day Branches) is a punishment. The Chou Oxus (on the Year and Hour Branch) and Wu Horses is harm. The Chou Oxus also clashes into the Wei Goat in my Bazi Chart. At the Hour Pillar the stem reveal the Xin Metal. Xin Metal represents jewellry. The Chou ~ Wei clashes has forced the Chou Ox (Hour Branch) to drop the Xin Metal store inside it.

In these two cases, the Ding Fire inside the Wu Horses is my Resource Stars which also represent helper or nobleman. Hence, the Ding Fire has in a way given me a small fortune. Fire element is not my favourable element. So I am going through good luck or bad luck or both? ;-)


Shi Xiang said...

I still think you are a weak Day Master. :-) . if you not mind if i analyze your incident base on weak day master perspective in my blog ?

Josephine said...

Ha! you are very persistent. Sure, you can analyze my incident as the way you like it. But I am telling you this, my Day Master is prosperous DM. May be you also like to know the Wei Goat in my chart and the Chou Ox this year is my Nobleman Stars.


Shi Xiang said...

ok. my apologize if i had sound persistent to you. I will stop here, good luck.

Josephine said...

You don't have to apologize. Actually being persistent is a good habit to cultivate but make sure you presist in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

i suggest you change your blog's fond to ariel. so hard to read...

Josephine said...

Already changed to Georgia on my new posts.