Sunday, June 28, 2009

The House of Horror ~ Amstetten, Austria

Somewhere middle of June, I had a request to look into the infamous Fritzl case that rocked the small town of Amstetten, Austria. If you haven't heard about the case, it was about an Austrian man who locked his daughter in the basement for 24 years. He had physically assaulted, sexually abused, and raped her numerous times during her imprisonment.

Left: Josef Fritzl & Elizabeth Fritzl

The Austrian man is Josef Fritzl. He is born in 9 April 1935. His time of birth is unknown but in my opinion he is likely to be born in the Zi Rat or Wu Horse hour. I have chosen the Bing Zi pillar. Below is his Bazi Chart.

Is Josef Fritzl insane?

To confirm whether a person is insane or not, there are two points to notes:

  • The person has too much and or too strong Resource Stars.
  • The person has too many Eating God Stars that it becomes negative.

Josef Fritzl's Bazi Chart

In Josef Fritzl's Bazi Chart, he is Yi Wood Day Master born in spring on the month of Chen Dragon. The Yi Wood is strong. Resource Star for a Yi Wood Day Master is water element.

Being a strong Yi Wood Day Master, the water element which is the Resource Star becomes an unfavourable element to him. In Josef Fritzl's Bazi Chart, the Resource Stars are present in the Hai Pig and Zi Rat. I have chosen Zi Rat hour for Josef Fritzl because it punished the Mao Rabbit and also is Resource Star to him. The Zi~Mao Punishment involved cases like incest, rape, ungratefulness and betrayal of trust. Furthermore, there is a harm relationship between the Mao Rabbit~Chen Dragon indicated a trouble relationship at home.

His Day Master, Yi Wood, also combines with Geng Metal which forms another metal element. The month of his birth and the Luck Pillar that he when through is not conducive for the Yi~Geng combo to transform. Geng Metal to him is a Direct Officer Star which represents children. It is an indication of excessive attachment to his daughter, Elizabeth Fritzl. Metal and water always equates to an emotional issues.

All this is an indication of possible things to come. It is like a time bomb in the chart waiting to blow up. Why do I use the word "possible"? Although the Josef Fritzl's Bazi Chart does have all terms for notoriety, he still has a choice of his action and is able to differentiate what is right or wrong. He had in many times during the trials as well as through the media acknowledges that what he do is wrong but he feels somehow it became okay and normal to do what he did during that period. It is definitely a Resource Star talking and a Resource Star problem. It is an indication that he has chosen to give into his licentious desire.

He began losing his better judgement and chose to follow his desire when going through the Water Luck Pillar. During this period the Resource Star in his chart becomes excessively strong.

It was reported that he has began sexually abusing his daughter, Elizabeth Fritzl, at the age of 11 around the year of 1977 which mean he was at the age of 42 going through Luck Pillar of Yi Hai. However, in my opinion the sexual abuse may have taken place earlier in the Bing Zi Luck Pillar. It is also an indication why Elizabeth became rebellious and ran-away from home during her teenage year. In this Luck Pillar, Zi Rat again is a punishment to the Mao Rabbit (Day Branch) and form a half-combo of water with the Chen Dragon (Month Branch). If you take a look at Elizabeth Fritzl's Bazi Chart below, it will be in the Luck Pillar of Xin Mao.

In the Luck Pillar of Xin Mao, the Mao Rabbit has a destruction relationship with the Wu Horse. It also has a harm relationship with Chen Dragon. The Xin Metal clashed the Yi Wood Day Master and also combined with the Bing Fire. The combo that forms water which feed the Yi Wood does not really take place. Bing and Xin is a also lustful combination. This means that there is hidden agenda that are not seen from the outside world and it hurts the Yi Wood Day Master.

Elizabeth Fritzl’s Bazi Chart
Josef Fritzl’s Family Tree

Back to Josef Fritzl's Bazi Chart, the Geng Metal is also trying to combine with another Yi Wood. It shows in the teenage years, Elizabeth Fritzl tried to run away with friends to get away from the grip of his father but were unsuccessful. Josef Fritzl saw this as a threat to his full control of his daughter, as strong Yi Wood see another Yi Wood as competitor. This may be the reason that spured him to plan and imprison his daughter which took place in the year 29 August 1984.

The Geng~Yi combination is supposed to form metal represents the children element to Josef Fritzl. However the metal does not transform indicated the children born by Josef Fritzl and his daughter (Geng Metal) are hidden or undisclosed to others as well as the children themselves.

Below are the Bazi Charts of the faithful day.

Josef Fritzl’s Bazi Chart & 29 August 1984

Josef Fritzl: There is a punishment of Zi~Mao in the Annual Branch and Josef Firtzl's Bazi Day Branch. Then there is a hidden combo of Geng in Shen Monkey (Month Branch) and Yi in Mao Rabbit (Josef Firtzl's Bazi Day Branch). A complete Three Harmony Combination of Shen~Zi~Chen is formed with the Shen Monkey and Zi Rat from the Branches of August 1984 and Chen Dragon from (Josef Fritzl's Bazi Month Branch). Hence, Josef Fritzl's Bazi Chart becomes imbalanced with too much water or Resource Star. Josef Fritzl was in the Luck Pillar of Yi Hai when he imprisoned his daughter in the basement. Yi Hai Luck Pillar is the Fu Yin to the Year Pillar and punishment to the Hai Pig of his Bazi Chart. This means that he know what he is going to do is wrong but he did it anyway.

Elizabeth Fritzl’s Bazi Chart & 29 August 1984

Elizabeth Fritzl: Again we see a complete Three Harmony combination of Shen~Zi~Chen indication of an emotional problem. The Zi Rat (Annual Branch) also clashed with Wu Horse in her Bazi Year Branch. The Day Pillar on 29 August 1984 is a Fu Yin with her Bazi Day Pillar. It indicated she loosed her freedom for 24 years and is forced under sadism act of his father, the person who is supposed to protect and care for her. She is in the Luck Pillar of Geng Yin when this happened. The Geng~Yi combo denotes her disappearance from the other views. However, the Yi Wood still can be found in the Wei Goat and Chen Dragon indicates that she is still in her home. The Shen Monkey in the Month Branch of August 1984 also clashed with the Yin Tiger of the Luck Pillar which is supposed to acts as a filter to Elizabeth Fritzl's Bazi. Again it indicated an emotional trauma.

Josef Fritzl’s House & CellarLuck Pillar & 26 April 2008

It took-up another Three Harmony Combination and almost the same annual luck cycle to shake-up the situation and exposes the truth. It was another emotion event in her life. In Chinese saying "Where there is danger, opportunity is also around." In Elizabeth's Bazi Chart there is no longer a Fu Yin situation. She is also going through a different luck cycle of Ding Hai. The Ding Fire represents the candle shining in the darkness of her dungeon giving hope. With the two suns (Bing Fires) shining brightly on the 26 April 2008 chart, she is able to escape the dungeon and see the day light again.


Chris Chan said...

Incredible insightful analysis. Keep up the great work.

Josephine said...

tQ. ;)


Anonymous said...

It's absolutely horrible what this man did to her, his own daughter.

i truly hope that elisabeth has lived through all of the hardships of her life and not have any more hardships in her life.

Josephine said...

Elisabeth is a survival. Usually Yi Wood people do.

Anonymous said...

How abt having too many Hurting Officers? Does it hve same effect as too many Eating Gods?

Josephine said...

You should go to the link here,, to see the effect of too many Hurting Officers(HO) or the HO is exceedingly strong. Scroll to the youtube below. Too many HO it-self is a problem.

Too many HO will not turn you into an crazy Eating God (EG) but too many EGs definitely turn you one hell of a drama HO beside being nuts.


Anonymous said...

My husband has 2 EGs in the day & hour pillars (hidden stems) and one EG in the hour stem (heaven) but he is not eccentric

Josephine said...

Is the EGs -ve in his BaZi? Why don't you ask your friends what they think of your husband's character? :)

Anonymous said...

Um, how to see whether -ve?
Hr Pillar is Wu-Xu
Day: Bing-Xu
Mth: Ji-Hai
I think almost all people/friends, relatives find him level headed and down-to-earth. He is also not a collector of fine arts, not a womaniser. Loves food though. Need your advise on how to interprete this.. thanks

Josephine said...

Your husband EGs is +ve because he has the 7K structure. :)

Anonymous said...

When you mention +ve, you mean earth is a positive metal for a fire person? but he has weak DM. Or you mean with 7K, earth is needed? Does this mean that he is not a nutty EG?

Josephine said...

Yes, because of 7K the EG is needed. Hence, it exert the good qualities of the EG natures.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I thought my husband has split personalities like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.

Jop said...

I just noticed that Elisabeth was born in 1966. A fire horse...
and you know what they say about female fire horses in japan. [poor thing this girl.)

Anonymous said...

I have... Depending on the hour, between 4-5 EGs, all of them being chou (and ji earth in the month pillar). I don't think I'm crazy... Although I know I have quirks. If I am crazy, it must not come out because my EG is all earth. Don't really have dramas either, but I do get involved if they're close people and I care for them (mainly to solve, not to get involved). I had drama as a teenager, but nothing too crazy, I think. I blame that on the mao rabbit luck pillar and living in another country. Now I was bullied by classmates (nothing too serous), but I didn't do anything to them, it seems my existence alone grated on their nerves. I do have a tendency to build castles in the sky, but as a weak ding fire EG chat (going through Ren Chen luck pillar), it's not like I can build a real castle in the sky, ya know?