Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2009

Today, Yi Si 乙巳, is the last day of the year in Gregorian calendar. As the clock tick past 12 p.m., we will begin the year of 2009. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the best in 2009.

It has been satisfying year for me although things did not turn out as expected. Somehow it is a blessing in disguise which I am grateful and happy. I have started this blog hoping to get more people to be interested in the Art of Bazi, the Four Pillar of Destiny. These particular festive and holiday seasons that see my posts dwindling as I am very much in holiday mood. I will try to post more articles in my blog in the coming months. Hope you will find enjoyable and informative.

At the same time, I am working on my website on Chinese Metaphysics. The website will make it easier for people to find information on consultation services. I do hope that I am able to launch it soon.

Today is an excellent day with present of the Year Prosperity Star. Dong Gong Method of date selection site today as an excellent day. There are presences of auspicious stars like the Yellow Spiral 黄羅, Purple Sandalwood 紫檀, Heavenly Emperor 天皇 and Earthly Emperor 地皇 which herald good fortune in activities like burial, positioning a door, groundbreaking, marriage, moving into a new house, travel or opening for business.

According to the Twelve Officer Method of date selection, today is an initiate day. Therefore it is an excellent day to start or commence something like accepting an assignment, starting a new project as well as opening a business.

In addition the Si Snake is the Year Prosperity Star for Wu Earth Annual Heavenly Stem for 2008. It is especially auspicious day for Xin Metal day master person as the personal Heavenly Wealth Star is present at the stem with the Yearly Prosperity Star at the branch.

It would be a great day to start your New Year resolution for 2009 on today. Those who lack the good fortune in the year of Ox which begin in 4 February 2008, may want to take this opportunity to start rolling their projects or begin working on their resolutions to ensure the activities has a good start a head with a good footing.

While we close the chapter of 2008 with such an excellent day, how would it be in the beginning of 2009? The Chinese will always choose a good date to resume work after the Chinese New Year. How about the Gregorian New Year? Some of us will start work on the 2 January 2009 while those who take a longer leave will start work on the 5 January 2009.

According to Dong Gong Method of date selection, 2 February 2008, Ding Wei 丁未, is a very auspicious day suitable for all activities. However, the Twelve Officer Method of date selection sites it as a danger day where the day presence of danger stars, cause much uncertainty. Well where there is danger, opportunities are abound. For those who born in the year of Ox, you have to be extra careful as the Chou Ox clashes with the Wei Goat.

For those who start work on 5 January 2008, Geng Xu 庚戌, it is a Receive Day in the Twelve Officer Method of date selection. Dong Gong Method of date selection site this day only as fair with the presence of Heavenly and Monthly Virtue Stars. It is a day whereby you have to work hard and overcome obstacles to reap the returns. There may be minor good news. For those who born in the year of Chen Dragon, you have to work hard and overcome obstacles. This is especially true to the Chen Dragon clashes with Xu Dog.

A thousand thank you to all my readers. I wish you have a magnicifent Year of Earth Ox in 2009!


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