Sunday, December 7, 2008

Disaster strike at home

At the wee hour of 3.30 a.m., Wu Zi strikes again. This morning when I read The Star, the headline spelled Buried Alive – another landslide tragedy and a message from my classmate and friend, Chris Chan, prompted me to note down this event. I also noticed he has put up a similar article. Better still he has chart out the Highland Tower tragedy in year 1993 as well. You can drop by his blog to have more info and different view.
Bukit Antarabangsa Landslide
What does the chart on 6 December 2008 revealed?

Bazi Chart of Bukit Antarabangsa Landslide

  1. The Zi Rat and Hai Pig was half winter combo. The Zi Rat and Chen Dragon was also half combo that formed water. This indicates a very strong water element. When water is too strong the Wu Earth is not able to barricade or control the water. Again combo, clash and destruction mean movement. The land and soil from high hills (two Wu Earth on the Hour and Year Stems) were being flushed away by water a.k.a. landslide.

  2. The landslide was also trigger off by the heavy rain fall indicated by the Gui Water (Month Stem) with the continuously supply from Geng Metal (Day Stem).

  3. The Gui Water (Month Stem) and Wu Earth (Year Stem) also formed a merciless combination. This indicated the situation will be bad. Why do I say that? There are not many disasters in our country, Malaysia. We are pretty safe from most of the natural disaster so far. However, this was more to a man-made disaster than a natural one. The housing developer mercilessly cut down trees regardless of its environmental impact. Thus, the nature reciprocates to what we have done.

  4. The Hai Pig-Yin Tiger was also a combine-destruction formation. As I was writing this, the disaster already claimed 4 persons live and left many homeless.

  5. The Geng Metal (Day Stem) and Wu Earth (Hour & Year Stems and Chen Dragon on Day Branch) were 7 Killing and Wealth Stars respectively to the Yin Tiger. This point out that most of the victims were rich or with reasonable wealth, position and power. If you read the newspaper, most of them were professionals and businessmen. Datuk Thajuddeen Abdul Wahab, the principal private secretary to Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, was also one of the victims. Datuk Siti Nurhaliza is also living nearby and her cousin's house was crumble by the landslide.

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Chris Chan said...

Superb. If there's only a way that we can get 'alerted' on a future/possible catastrophe. Think of it like a tsunami alert system! :-)