Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2009 The Earth Ox (2009 己丑 Ji Chou)

I have noticed a lot of people searching for Astrology Outlook for the Ox year. The Year Pillar for 2009 is that of Earth Ox, Ji Chou. The Na Yin for the year is fire from thunder. From the sound of Na Yin, a hot and dryer weather is installs. Natural disasters like bushfire, volcano eruption and earthquake are also possible to happen.

If we look at the Year Pillar alone, the pictorial image will be of a cold and unproductive land.

Let takes a look at the Bazi Chart for Ox Year on 4 February 2009. The chart would look as follow:

The Day Stem reveals the Geng Metal, will be the prominent issue in Ox year. Geng Metal represents the West and also the banking and financial industries. It is rooted only in Chou Ox which means this Geng Metal itself is weak. In addition, it is flanked by two Bing Fires (Hour & Month Stems). In the controlling cycles, the Geng Metal is being controlled by Fire element. This tells us that the financial crisis that we face this year will continue to be the main issue for 2009. The US economy deteriorates further from the current mortgage and financial crisis. It will continue to be bugged down by the property issues.

The Ji Chou Year Pillar contains pure qi of Ji Earth. Although the property markets are bug down by the economy down turn, the Ji Chou year also presents great opportunities for those who can afford. The Ji Chou year provides opportunities to own a cheaper fixed assets and properties. Therefore, those who involved in buying and selling properties may see fair bit of activities in the year 2009 albeit at lower values.

However, this case may not be applicable to the construction sector. The construction industry involved two element that are wood and earth. In order for the wood to be useful for construction, it must be chopped by the Geng Metal. The Geng Metal is weak while the wood represent by the Yin Tiger is in abundance. Therefore, the construction industry is likely to face resource problems and high case of default in 2009. Those who wish to buy property on a construction basis may want to make sure that the company is on sound footing.

The Fire industry (Bing Fire) especially the stock markets will also face high competition and low demand. In the above chart, the two suns (Bing Fire) are competing for the control of the limited incomes, Geng Metal. At this point of writing, many of the analysts (water element) have been axed by the global research houses in view of a bearish market in 2009.

The present of two suns also spell problem for agriculture and plantation industry. It is likely a dry season for next year especially in the summer. Drought may be one of the problems that are going to face by the agriculture industry. It may lead to shortage of food and price hike. While at the same time the opposite may hold true as the Chen Dragon- Zi Rat combo that form water may cause floods which will cause difficulty to cultivate land for agriculture activities in the winter season. Thus, again there will be shortage of foods and result in price hike.

General Trend For 2009: The economy will slide down to a point of stagnation in later part of 2009. Fiscal and monetary policy that are undertaken to stimulate the economy will be slow to show result. Things will only start to pick up in the year of 2010 and turn better 2011. Expect the Earth Ox year to be slow, stagnant and unproductive.



Anonymous said...

Doom and gloom...that's what the Ji Chou year is. You're getting good at this...better watch out Joey, here comes Josephine!

Anonymous said...

Any major natural or man made disaster forthcoming?


Josephine said...

Possible natural disasters like bushfire, volcano eruption and earthquake. Man made, maybe a war...

Anonymous said...

How do you derive to bush fire, volcanic or earth quake?

There two BING. Not stacking of earth, JI is a wet soil?

Keen to learn from your experience.


Josephine said...

1) Two Bing Fires (two suns) will be very hot. Chou will not be wet anymore. In spring there are plenty of wood to burn. Therefore the possibility of bush fire happening is high…
2) Na Yin for Ji Chou is Fire From Thunder. Think in pictorial… think of the sound when there is a volcano eruption and the sound during war
3) Zi-Chen half combo of water denotes movement. Chen-Chou is a destruction formation. Two earths in destruction and movement is involves, therefore, possibility of earthquake, landslide maybe
4) All this is only possibility. It might or might not happen. Furthermore, the flaw is that we cannot pinpoint a location.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your explanation.
Really appreciate that.