Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Law of Attraction

Attractive! Charismatic! Magnetic! Captivating! Alluring! You name it. Relationship and interaction with people is part and parcel of our life. It cannot be denied that up to certain level of our success and happiness in life depends on it. In fact, some research says that 85% of our success and happiness count on our attractiveness. 

Attractiveness here does not equate to beauty alone. As they says, “Beauty is only skin deep”. It is more about having a personality that everyone gravitates to.

You are like a living magnet that constantly radiating thought waves and energy that are intensified by your emotions. This waves and energy are then picked up by other people who are in tuned with the same wavelength. Thus, you attract into your life, the people, ideas, opportunities, resources and circumstances that are consistent with your frame of mind. Take a look around, happy people attract happiness around them.

In the Law of Attraction, it basically says what you attract into your life, the people and events that synchronize with your thoughts.

While in Chinese Metaphysics, we associate charismatic with the Rob Wealth or Seven Killing structures. People with this structure naturally exude a charming personality. Peach Blossom star can helps a person radiate attractiveness too. In the assumption that all these stars are positive, success are then not far away or at least, it is easier to get things done if people like you.

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Suppose the stars are not present in your natal chart or they are negative. What can you do then?

1) Charisma is largely based on the perception from others. It is based on what people think and perceive of you. For example, one person can create charisma in another person by speaking radiantly and appreciatively of that person’s goodness to another party. If someone told you that he was going to introduce you to an outstanding, self-made millionaire who was humble about his success and down-to-earth, that person naturally had charisma effect on you when you met him. Charisma starts from a person’s thoughts and perception.

Hence, your thought and perception is the key. Change it, you change your world. When you look for ways to improve other's perceptions of you, you are already on your way to creating and building an influential and charismatic personality.

Think good things about people and show your appreciations to others. Consciously keep your mind and thought positive. You must be clear on the messages that you send, whether verbally or mentally, and the perceptions you create so that it is consistent with the impressions you want to project.

2) Visualize yourself every day as the important, influential and charming person you want to be. Treat others the way as if you were already the powerful, charming and likeable person. In other word, fake it until you make it! As Albert Einstein put it “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

3) Contribute to the society. Influence adds to your charisma. Every influential person has in his life done something for the society one way or another. Mother Teresa’s influence and charm came from her selfless act to the poor. Tony Fernandes’ fame and charisma does not come from being a successful entrepreneur but from making his motto “Now Everyone Can Fly” true. When people say about “Star Power” neither Paris Hilton nor Britney Spear come to mind but it is Oprah Winfrey’s philanthropist persona that stand-out. Even Angelina Jolie cited as one of the world's most attractive people, constantly promotes humanitarian causes, and is noted for her work with refugees.

The Chinese saying a man fortune depend on “First destiny, second luck, third fengshui, fourth knowledge or education and last charity”.

Knowledge and education open-up your mind to possibility and make you see the potentials and opportunities. In the old days, the Chinese practice high standard of morality and placed great importance on education. When you look closely, these two factors actually were an impetus to change the mind as well as the status of a person. In the ancient China, education was the key to escape the life of a poor farmer and joined the high ranking officer of the imperial government.

The idea behind the above saying, “…fourth knowledge and education…”, and the Law of Attraction is very similar. It is about opening-up your mind, changed your thought and perception so you are able grabs or creates opportunities in your life. The former is through education and acquiring knowledge so it can leads to better lifestyle while the later is to maintain positive thoughts and improve the perception of other on you so it can pave the way to your success by having a good relationship with people. As per se, people tend to look up more to a highly educate person than other wise. In other word, a highly educated person especially if he is successful has more charismatic effect on you than uneducated person.

The fact that most of the famous and charismatic people around the world are contributing to the society coincide exactly to the above saying, “…last charity” should make you take note.

You should know what to do by now.

Charismatic begin with the right frame of mind! 

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