Sunday, September 5, 2010

Small… Very very small… Miniscule… How Great Can It Be?

Nanotechnology or in short "Nanotech" maybe the next wave that will spur the economic growth and push up the stock market. It may be the impetus for the next bull-run just like every period of technology advancement did for past few decades or so. For example, the period of invention and production of electricity followed by the industrialization and mass production of goods. The recent tech cycle which we are still in, is the information technology cycle which covers telecommunication, computer, World Wide Web, internet and the dot com era which bring communication and sharing of information to an advance level that we yet seen before.

So what is Nanotech about?
The basic of definition of Nanotech is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. It deals with structures sized between 1 to 100 nanometers in at least one dimension, and involves developing materials or devices within that size.

What can Nanotechnology do or use for?
Most of the application of nanotechnology involves electronic product, however, there is no limit of what nanotechnology can do. Some of the nanotechnology application includes sensors, biomedical devices, medicine, materials science, agriculture, power generation and much more. It is going to have a significant impact on almost every industries and every level of society in the world which makes the invention and development of nanotechnology so exciting.

In the Chinese Metaphysics studies, which Jia Zi represents the Nanotech then, out of the 60 Jia Zi? 
Nanotechnology involves a very small and minutes atomic and molecular particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Hence, it is likely yin in natures with a yin Stem and Branch. For this reason, we can scale the down our analysis to Yi Wood, Ding Fire, Ji Earth, Xin Metal and Gui Water as the possible stem for the Jia Zi. Out of the five yin stems, Gui Water is the only element that cannot be seen by the naked eye when it is at its most active form, H2O. In nature it can exists in liquid, solid, and gas states depending on the temperature and pressure of the surrounding. In addition, futuristic and scientific technology always involves the fire element. Thus, it scaled down our analysis further. There are only two branches with fire element as the main Qi that are the Wu Horse and Si Snake. With the Gui Water on the stem, the Wu Horse Branch is automatic eliminated. In comparison, the Si Snake Branch is also more suitable because it is a yin branch encompassing a yang element. Like the nanotech which is minuscule and yet it can do things larger than life that we cannot ever imagine.

Gui Si 癸巳
However, the Gui Si Jia Zi as representative of nanotech is still subject to further development and changes of the nanotechnology itself and the industries involve and materials use to make it.

Implications of nanotechnology in the studies of Chinese Metaphysic
In term of health, nanotechnology helps enhancing the progress of medical advancements and inventions which offers a better medical treatment. In the future it may help to eliminate or reduce those incurable diseases like cancer, leukemia, heart disease and HIV/AIDS. With the increase in living standard and better health treatment by nanotechnology, it is likely to drive the life expectancy to higher level from the current world average age of 69.

Nano Stem-Cell

For example, stem cell is already used to treat heart disease and cancer at the moment. With the combine technology of nano, it may revolutionise the used of stem cell in curing heart disease and cancer treatment. It also may reduce the cost of medication further, thus, making it affordable to the masses.

Hence, the age range between each pillar of the Bazi may need to be adjusted especially the Day and Hour Pillars. Below shows current and possible future age ranges for the Four Pillars:

Age Range

Secondly, in the studies of BaZi when we see a the Resource element on the Child Palace we already know that the lady may faces problem giving birth or the possibility of having children with health problem like dyslexia or down syndrome.

Given the development of nanotechnology, this problem may be greatly reduced. Hence, we may not see the so much of resource element on the Child Palace anymore. We may even need to adjust our BaZi reading in the future when the Resource element located on the Child Palace because the above problem may not be relevant anymore.

Nanorobot Sperm Sorter

For example, the above is a computer artwork of a medical nanorobot holding a sperm cell. Microscopic robot technology could be developed in the future to treat disorders, such as infertility, in new ways. This machine has identified a suitable and healthy sperm cell (male reproductive cell) and is guiding it towards the egg (female reproductive cell, not seen) where fertilisation will occur.

Nano Cosmetic
The development in nanotechnology in the cosmetic and beauty industry couple with a good living standard makes people look younger in the next generation too. In the study of "Miang Xiang", "Fa Ling" known as the laughter line which extend from the nose down to side of the mouth and the chin is a prerequisite at the age of 45 because it indicates good health and longevity. Hence, I wonder does a person need to worry if he or she does not develop a "Fa Ling" by the age of 45 given the development of nanotech? Maybe the next generation may not have so much of the "Fa Ling" line but developed a better round and fleshy earlobe because of general better quality of life.

All the above is still debatable at the moment and depends very much of future development of nanotech. Who knows what the future will hold? However, we know for the fact that things will change indefinitely.

"When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened." by John M. Richardson, Jr. Josephine


Lynn said...


You mentioned if there is resource element located in the child palace, there might be complications to birth or down sydrome etc?

You mean that anyone's chart (be it male or female) who has resource on the child palace will definitely go through this???

Josephine said...

High possibility for female chart only. :-)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...cannot be what.

My mom has DR in her hour pillar, stem and branch...i came out fine what.

Josephine said...

I only says high possibility. Doesn't mean definitely happen in that way. Sometimes, it can be some complication that lead to cesarean birth. Sometime it may be stillborn baby... :-)

Dudette said...

Hi Josephine,
I'm wondering whether you do any personal bazi reading.

Josephine said...


Yes, I do for a fee. You can email me at for further enquiry.