Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Friend’s Son

Recently a friend of mine sends his son's date of birth to me for case study as well as to post on my blog. I met him at the Bazi class in Singapore few years ago. Here is his son's Bazi Chart. He has jokingly says, "I'm not sure should I mould my newly born baby boy to be a future president… haha..." J

Bazi Chart

I guess like many parents, he is also concerned of his son well being as well as his future. As I was penning down the words here, a book keeps flashing to my mind. The book is named Outlier, written by Malcolm Gladwell. I came across it in Joey Yap's fan page in facebook. He has says that the content in the book greatly reflect the Trinity Luck of Heaven, Earth and Man. Half way through the book, I could see why he says that and I couldn't have agreed more.

Another book that comes to minds is an Investment Book with the title "A Gift to My Children: A Father's Lessons for Life and Investing" written by Jim Rogers. It is not as interesting a book as Outlier, but it has its on merits and is also an outlier of sort on its own. You see Jim Rogers has traveled all over the world and looked at each country with his investment experience and vision and he has decided to settle in Singapore. He has says "If you were smart in 1807 you moved to London, if you were smart in 1907 you moved to New York City, and if you are smart in 2007 you move to Asia." Roger's daughter is being tutored in Mandarin. This is to prepare her to take advantage of the Asia especially China's economic boom. Although he says that he will not force his daughter to walk the path he has taken so far and he very much encourage his daughter to pursuing her dream and passion, nevertheless it is better to be where the action or opportunities lie. In this sense, he has created an outlier for her daughter. The Heaven Luck is the Asia and China economic boom which is slowly taking over the West. The Earth Luck refers to Singapore, a business hub where English and Mandarin is widely spoken, with economic and political stability as well as a place with high standard of education system. Lastly, his daughter action is where the Man Luck takes place to form the Trinity Luck of Heaven, Earth and Man.

As a parent then wouldn't it be better to create the outlier through education, exposure and nurturing for our children rather than dictate what they should do? I did not have any children nor am I married yet. Therefore, this question is better left to those who have the experience to give the answer.

Bazi can give you some clues or guidance in what areas as a parent can help your children along. It can let you know what role you should play as a parent. Should you give a full 100% hand-on to your child development or it is better to leave it to your partner to do it?

We can take a look at my friend's son who is born on 6 September 2009 at 9.53 a.m. as an example where we can guide a child.

Yes, his son definitely has the Seven Killing Structure and it is form by the Geng Metal. Of all the 10 stems, the Geng is the most powerful Seven Killing Structure to have. Given his self is rooted in the Yin Tiger, a pure Qi penetrate from Earthly Branch to Heavenly Stem which means although born out of season his Day Master is not weak and very usable. He has just one Seven Killing Star on the Month Branch which makes it just nice. Too much of it you get a power craze personality. To my friend about molding your son to be the future president… I don't think you got the chance and neither is your wife capable of doing it. You have a handful of dealing with this one.

Since the two most important elements in the natal chart are the Day Master and the Month Branch (which form the chart structure), we will concentrate on these two elements in the character analysis.

His son Day Master is the Jia Wood sitting on Yin Tiger. By this you will know that he is very single minded boy and will not stop at anything to achieve his goal or get the thing he want. This can be border to being stubborn. Couple with the Geng Metal you get a very tough kid to deal with. The Geng Metal need to be forged so that it becomes useful. That means he needs to go through some hardship in life first to be able to see his Seven Killings Star to shine like a sharp and powerful sword. Hence, as a father, you should not be pampering your son too much. There is this Indirect Resource of Ren Water beside him, indicates that he has a lot of unconventional ideas. You may feel that his ideas are rebellious to what the norm of the society deems as proper or correct things to do. However, a lot of genius ideas are seen as weird to downright nonsense but with time it has proven otherwise. So be patient with him. What you view as nonsense may not be so.

While all is said, how would you give proper influence to such a tough and stubborn kid? You need to do lot of reasoning with this type of kids followed by a disciplinary action. He must know where he went wrong and because of it he is being punished. With the Eating God, you might get you view or message through.

Sending this type of children to boot camp also helps too. It trains them to be independent and exposes them to other children. It will helps him in his interpersonal skill with others. With the destruction formation of Si Snake ~ Yin Tiger, and a clash with the Shen Monkey whereby indicates the affected palaces are related to his peers, subordinates, colleagues and superior, hence we know that he has weakness dealing with this people around him. Having a forthright personality also didn't help much although it can be view as a virtue. Hence, he needs to polish up his interpersonal skills. Also being away from home will mitigate the clash problem with the parent palace (Shen Monkey on the Month Branch).

At the age of 10 he is going into the Xin Wei 辛未 Luck Pillar. The Direct Officer appearing on the stem and a clash with the Chou Ox~Wei Goat, indicates the possibilities of trouble at school that annoys the teacher and father as well. Again, let me remind you to be patient and have a good talk with your son. Mete out a disciplinary action where necessary but only after you have word with him.

Going into the Luck Pillar of 20, Geng Wu 庚午, is where his break come. The three most important elements in the chart are Geng, Jia and Ding, has come together. These elements always work together to give rise to a great leader.

All the best to my friend in bring up his son. Congratulation Gigg!


Anonymous said...

Good, clear and concise analysis. Thumb’s up!

Josephine said...

Glad you like it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought the analysis was thoughtful and well-written as well. Great job.

Josephine said...

Glad that you like it too. But there are a lot of grammars that need to be corrected. They are staring right back at me now. Hehe... :-))

My office's firewall seems to bar me from updating the blogger. *Sigh* Have to do it tonight.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

You mentioned "Also being away from home will mitigate the clash problem with the parent palace (Shen Monkey on the Month Branch)"...

Does it apply to everyone that has 'Shen' in month branch?

Josephine said...

Not to worry too much. You only have a problem when there is clashed between Yin (Day Branch) and Shen (Month Branch). That is why being away from home will help this person mitigate his relationship with his parents.

BaZi said...

Thanks Jo.. for your detailed analysis.

Glad we have this BaZi knowledge to provide us informed decisions.

am waiting to see whether my Geng can chop this Jia wood. haha..

My the other 2 sons are Gui water (to feed Jia) and Yi wood (to lean against Jia).

All Geng, Yi, Gui and Jia all inter-related.. hope we are dependent on one another in life.. as a team.


Josephine said...

Glad you find it useful.

Anonymous said...


here is my analysis...

This is a weak Day master. Self element siting at spouse palace- inauspicious, will have a lot dispute with wife in future. Ji Chou at year pillar, shows will meet spouse and get married at the very early of age. Another Ji occur at hour pillar indicate another relationship in the later life (which is after married). Although the first wife will have greater influence to self compare to the second one, but the self choose to be with the second wife instead. This guy will have a lot of dilemma with girl in the future.

Josephine said...

Thank you for your contribution.